Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hold On~


Hold on, dear ones, hold on.
This is the time of alignment.
This is the time when the lazy fall back.
This is the time when the camps are separated.

Do not grieve over your loved ones. It is their choice.
Only grieve for self if you have chosen unwisely.
The ears of the many are deaf.
The eyes remain blind.
And the tongues speak of nonsense.

You are the ones who must 'save self.
You are the ones who must care for all life.
You are the ones who must tend the planet.
You are the ones, not us.

We are always near.



Saturday, February 6, 2010



This is a pep talk. Many of us need it right now. I am suggesting that you take time out from worrying over financial, health, relationship issues, job loss, environment challenges, natural catastrophes or any of the other problems that people are facing today. I am asking this for your benefit. To receive the higher benefits of who you are and to allow the greatness of which you are to smoothly enter your cells and activities as Radiant Light, you cannot be in a state of extreme or ongoing stress. Everyone I speak to is going through challenges that do not seem to go away. Believe me, they eventually will. They will disappear more quickly if you use a combination of commonsense and sustain an attitude of trust. In other words, exercise the spiritual growth and confidence you have already gained.

How can you alter your situation if you go down the route of darkness and despair? If some of you do not know what I am talking about you are obviously not in tune with what is happening in the appearance world. It is not the rich who are spared or the famous. Everyone is being touched in a very uncomfortable way in some area of his or her personal life. If you have been spared so far, it is time for you to reach out and help your brother or sister in whatever way that is needed.

Although more Celestial Light is bathing the Earth and life with its stunning power, the rays are upsetting what we have considered normal in a way that causes great consternation for many. This consternation is felt by good people and people you may judge as bad. Many are being tapped on the shoulder to play a new role. It is time to be responsible, reflect on what they have done with their lives and try to figure out where they are going. When we lost things on any level, it usually forces us to pay attention and hopefully, think deeply. Whenever darkness is in control, as it has been for thousands of years producing war, hate, fear, crime, falsity, greed and negativity in every shape and form, the power of the Divine Light available to us diminishes and humanity subsequently lives in an unbalanced state of mind. The same hold true when the power of Radiant Light begins to emerge in its attempt to bring balance on earth and to all creatures. Eruptions on every level occur. Nothing can be taken for granted. People ask for change but usually resist it.

The grief, lack and limitation that are occurring in so many dear souls lives are temporary and will disappear like everything else. It is not always easy to humanly see the end of the travail. People fail to imagine as to how they will pull out of the deep hole. Surprisingly, this shocking material scene will work as leverage. By exposing weakness, dark thought and actions, losing material things and all the other upsets, the world is turned upside down. Soon, people will be able to discern what is real and important and what is not. The end of this shift will bring Goodness. If you hold strongly onto your faith and try to see how the current crisis is performing as a divine vacuum cleaner both collectively and individually, it is better understood.

There are some people not experiencing trouble but that does not mean they will not. Energy is being leveled. This must be for the soul, memory bank, to continue its progress, its evolution toward a full maturity. Good people are being stricken and you may wonder why. This is a karmic move that is necessary for the majority of the souls who are on the planet during this time period to finally awaken from the dream, which in many ways is a repetitive nightmare. the unreal has lulled them into what is kindly referred to as spiritual ignorance. Spiritual ignorance has nothing to do with how educated you are, church attendance, donation to charities, helping a neighbor and so forth. It has to do with a lack of a stable awareness regarding person individuality as a spirit in form.

If you would accept this simple truth, your focus and the events happening will not be of a traumatic nature. Help will appear from unusual sources. an opening will occur whereby the Light of Goodness will come in and as the bible so succinctly states, "Make the crooked places straight". Some will argue that belief alone will not change dire situations. Not true! You must believe in a Higher Intelligence, a Power of Infinite Love. Use your strong belief to visualize conditions, family, friends, health, environment and whatever else requiring adjustment restructured. This is an opportunity to live your faith.

You have a mind that is intended for a higher use. Use the mind to create peace and plenty. Stop being in denial. Stop pretending that everything nasty will go away by itself. It will go away much easier and faster if you visualize and do not give in to darkness. The measure of your strength is staying on course. Usually, when people are very upset they forget all about what they have studied and regress back to an emotional state of mind that is filled with corrupted thought. Corruption is the best description for not being who you really are. Forgetting that you are spirit in form is negligence and insults the inner essence that you are. As a consequence, the Grace of the Sacred Light is pushed aside and you are left bereft, crying, doubtful and confused.

You can stop negative effects by ending any doubt in your own mind about how deeply you are loved by God. Do you really believe for one moment that the Creator of all life desires for the creatures to suffer? No, it is our thoughts, fears and ego-personality, which attract nastiness.
There is no God that punishes us. We create energy that is impure and it eventually returns to us.

Breathe in the Light of God through the center of your heart. Open your heart allowing the Light of Healing and Grace to penetrate and balance your mind, emotions and body. In gratitude, accept the higher Power into your life asking It to make you whole again. There is nothing to be afraid of if you believe...

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From my heart to yours~