Wednesday, June 26, 2013


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There are many cultures with myths of human-like gods that came out of the heavens to create, destroy and recreate humans. Are we really any different from them? Every time we make a choice to remember who we are, we create the living truth in our body, mind and soul.

We know very little about the beginning of time and the divine birth of humanity. What we do know is that the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed the existence of the shocking reality of 400 billion galaxies and growing. Each galaxy usually has tens of billions of stars. The logic of our mind tells us that there must be inhabited planets. Where it matters, humanity is underdeveloped. How many humans accept that they already have a shining, translucent, transparent, intangible essence keeping them alive? The essence is the super hero part. All the rest is a covering.

It took a great effort, mismanagement and the programming of untruths to get us to believe we are limited. When we are controlled, we are weak and limited. This is one reason that we must transform the subconscious which hangs onto generational patterns and false programming. The subconscious is like a hidden boss. It doesn't want the real you, the higher mind and spirit to gain control. It certainly seems to be doing its best to discourage humanity from making spiritual progress. We can make progress by deliberately opening another door and choosing to embrace our light and transform ourselves. It is okay to break patterns and jar the subconscious.
We are on a long journey to another Kingdom. To make it, we must walk through the door. If we gain wisdom, we can find the door and open it. Why not strive to be a cosmic emissary, the embodiment of the Divine Word? Imagine how life would be if we allowed the Great Wisdom to use us for creating and promoting life?

What we also need is a brighter language...a language of light. More of us must awaken to the transcendental Light and use it to physically live as illumined beings here in matter. Be an example. Expand and use both your mind and heart. Lack and limitation is our experience when we choose to ignore the mysterious light of our essence. Not using it is a serious mistake. There is a heavenly language. If more of us would decide to awaken, positive transformation and sharing the cosmic language as living lights will be our reality.
In love,
Shirlee Hall

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Monday, June 3, 2013


You are far grander than you let on. You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality. It is your responsibility to open your mind and heart and make a persistent effort to wipe away all falsity. To move forward may require being an outlaw and going outside your safety zone.   Light is expanding. Do you feel it? A positive shift is taking place. Social networking and the endless possibilities born out of scientific discoveries are working toward self and social evolution. Souls who fully understand are now speaking with one voice, a voice that is open to multidimensional awareness as a divine being.

The spirit within must be set free. It is the real you. Accept it as your true identity and you will experience a heightened sense of comfort, abundance and healing. Be joyful! You are not separated from the Source. Separation is a false belief. Invite your inner Love and Wisdom to be in charge. Fall in love with the real you. We can lift the frequency of planet earth and all life. Compassion rules those who realize oneness.

Anything is possible. The goal is to proceed in a logical, orderly fashion and be able to verify what we share. At the same time, be conscious and choose to create harmony.. If we remain steadfast in our realization, a permanent conscious state of awareness will actualize. I have a deep faith in our inherent love, beauty and light. We are here for the purpose of raising life to a higher level of expression.

To be our true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. The more we inspire and share with others, the more we are all blessed.  A sense of separation disappears and a genuine healing takes its place.  A new consciousness is emerging and wholeness is the norm. The awakened energy is a personality who is willing to allow the God Self to be in charge.  It is up to us to unleash the power within and be the healing we seek.  To fall in love is to be who we inwardly are. To be who we are is beyond mere words. It is an aliveness, an energy and a consciousness that heals and inspires. You are already home.  It is you~

Love, Light and Laughter
Shirlee Hall