Sunday, February 22, 2015




Come and find out...
We will meet in a private home
in Naperville, IL. 60540
1PM   $35

class, healing and meditation

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Sunday, February 8th, we meet in Woodridge, IL for a class/meditation on Ascension.

Following that gathering will be a 'Flower of Life' Sacred Healing Breath Workshop in Downers Grove, IL at the Sohmar Massage School, Friday, February 20th, 7 PM,  to help you expand your vehicle of ascension.

Everyone has his or her own chariot or as some refer to the energy, Throne of God.  It is our responsibility to expand the primal pattern called the Mer-Ka-Ba and experience the Reality of its existence and become consciously aware of our personal Flower of Life.

I used a pink Flower of Life pattern  because this is the particular vehicle I experience as my own.  At times, I walk consciously within it.  It is a natural experience, never contrived, simply happens.

Our focus at the Sacred Healing Breath Workshop is a return/reminder of  an important aspect of awareness that the Circle of Light has studied at length and experienced in the past.  As for the reality of Ascension, it involves a process where the human body is transformed into light.   Expanding our Light has been my 'teaching-demonstration' theme for thirty-five years.

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Love, Light and Harmony,

Shirlee Hall

Have you read my newly released novel, "Trapped - Visitor from Heaven" ?
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Sunday, February 1, 2015



Some years back, I had a vision of a cross being thrust high in the air dropping down into the ocean and disappearing.  I interpreted the words and action to mean that suffering was not a prerequisite to actually be fully awakened, peaceful and enjoying life as love incarnate.

The vision definitely expanded my energy with a more concrete confidence, peace and understanding; I accepted with a certainty that the Sound, Light and Presence of God is our indwelling Power.  Humanity has a strong need to consciously connect with the Inner Spirit, heal and receive the joy and truth, beauty and love that we already are.

I offer the ancient wisdom teachings, healing of body, mind and soul, spiritual guidance and public speaking opportunities to people who are ready to take responsibility, learn and apply mastery of self and matter.  Firsthand experience is an intuitive knowing process that provides the guiding authority discovered within the five books I have written, the countless classes and workshops.  It is a healing power that all of us already own.  Realizing and using the divine energy without hindrances, helps us break all bonds and misconceptions, regardless of our history.

We are not designed to be limited to a life of survival.  We are here on earth to grow and evolve through remembering and being our true spiritual identity.  Cosmic wisdom, natural laws and the higher realms of light and love are available to those who vibrate pure intent.

A supportive suggestion:  Visit a Barnes & Noble Book Store and order "Trapped: Visitor from Heaven".  If you live in the western suburbs of Chicago, visit the Anderson Book Shop.  For those of you who resonate to technology, use the tools of Amazon, Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble and lift your vibration from the artificial polarities, fragmentation, distortion and illusion that so many souls assume is reality.

Too many people on this planet are trapped in a low vibrational reality.  There is a way out.  The below paragraph is a simple description of the first half of my life disguised as a novel.  If you choose to read a few comments from reader reviews released last week, visit the Internet, take a moment and enjoy.  The novel is a different type of offering recorded just for you.

"A redemptive story narrated by Archangel Ramiel. It is a woman's firsthand experience rising from the depths of abusive power leading to a successful search for truth, psychic phenomena, complete surrender and an authentic daily embrace with Radiant Light. The narrative is a healing miracle, a modern day resurrection. Through the power of faith and love, hope and healing is clearly demonstrated confirming the availability of the Divine Presence in all of us."

Blessings of love and light,
Shirlee Hall