Saturday, July 31, 2010


The following is an excerpt from one of hundreds of  my blog articles.  Since everything first manifested as God's Light, I have been writing and speaking about the profound importance of understanding and expanding our own  inner Radiance  ever since I can remember~

"... Spiritual Light is the only real power that will effectively combat all forms of suffering, weakness and illness.  I have humbly witnessed this truth daily since young adulthood.  If you desire to develop spiritual senses and virtues, think constantly of Radiant Light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in Light and soon you will be given frequent visions of Light. One day you will observe the Light behind all created things animate and inanimate. 

Why not develop the habit of periodically visualizing yourself, others, situations and your country bathed in White Light?  You will not only find the true meaning of life, you will be increasing the vibrations on earth.  As you work on this, you will discover interesting personal changes.  If you desire to be in control of your life, health and evolution, be disciplined, trust, patient and develop a selfless love and comprehend who you really are...a being of light.

As we purify the mind and body and understand what it means to work with Divine Light, we gradually become a conscious conduit of Sacred Light.  Book learning is great and serves its purpose but there are greater actions we can take.  We must do things that are concrete and put all the knowledge into practice.  The living manner of the circulation of Heavenly Light has one live mingling with the world and yet in harmony and loving the Light.

This is our return journey~"

May the blessings of Light fall upon you,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Do It


We Are Trees


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


This feeling of wonder
The knowing that fills my consciousness
When did She embrace my heart and make me her own?

Bursting with a quiet joy, life renewed
I feel young again with dancing feet
and cosmic music fills my heart.

Where did She come from...this mysterious friend
Oh, sweet companion long awaited for
What joy to realize your presence!

Free and yet not desiring to speak
Requires a space of quiet absorption
A period of silent laughter before I give thee away.

Can this joyful knowing be given to others?
I think not for they who sleep already have thy presence
One day they will discover a laughing heart and peaceful mind.

To be peaceful, full of love and sunshine
What has taken you so long?
Your presence is a welcome quiet and yet a thunderous awakening.

The quiet transcends all time, all space and all consciousness
It is not the workings of the mind
It is the awakening of the intuitive heart.

Spirit waits within, patiently opening into full flower
As I grow in the perfume of Her familir scent
I expand and touch those who yearn to swoon in unity

Where did She come from this Goddess of Light?
Embracing me with her radiant warmth and vitality
She came from nowhere but the SELF.

All rights reserved by Shirlee Hall  Copy write 9-16-77

Friday, July 9, 2010


An interview was posted today covering my journey.  Visit:

Enjoy!   I also invite you to view the new look of my web site.  Additions will be made this weekend.  One, is the inclusion of an private email request to Archangel Raphael, the great healer and knowledge giver.  My first video will be also running in the next week.

In the meantime, live life to the fullest and know that you are loved...


Thursday, July 1, 2010



Wonderful news! 1) My website has been totally transformed. You are invited to visit, linger and enjoy the playful and healing energy. 2) A new book has just been published. It's name is My Own Tree.  Everyone who has seen it. loves it! It is a winner!  More information on the healing workbook can be found on the magical website. 3) The following article written for all of us is a passionate issue.


What is occurring all over the world in the environment, all life forms including the horror that many people are facing in loss of families and income is not to be ignored by those of the Light.  People need to get the reality of what is actually happening through their heads and no longer stay stuck in denial, enabling, excuses, greed and the attitude of what is in it for me.  Selfishness is on its way out.  Of course, greed is putting up an enormous struggle.  For 2800 years people on this planet have been controlled primarily by the lower sense and not by Light, the spirit within.

Great and wise teachers have come and gone and what do their followers do for the most part...corrupt the teachings.  In all this shame, the collectivity stubbornly hang on to the old and obsolete ways.  Believe it or not, we are also moving forward but as a snail's pace.  Either we get off our butts and take action and do everything in our power to lift the vibration of this planet from one of war and ugliness to peace and integrity or we are in for very sad times.

I wrote a poem last week stating that we must take action and do what we have been talking about.  All the good things we've bee saying for thirty years need to be grounded into what we call matter.  We are the tree that will no longer bear fruit if we do not purify our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  Peace begins with us.  Stop waiting for someone else to save you.  We must do it!

We do it by being responsible.  How low must we fall as a collective consciousness before a real transformation occurs?
How many followers of the different religions and philosophies actually live the wise teachings of the founders they worship? Individual consciousness merging as one is the determiner of our future.

We must remain connected to the child within and honor it by living Its principles.  I cannot bear to dwell on the Gulf Coast and the murder of the innocent life forms in the sea and on the land.  I cannot bear to think of the suffering of the people not only in that area but all over the world.  Suffering does not need to continue.  It continues because of greed.

In the midst of the nightmare of darkness, there is Light, a steady flow of Radiant Light descending to earth and touching the pure in heart.  As the Light expands, exposes and heals do do the snares and lies of darkness attempt to further corrupt.  There are also earthbound entities that love the darkness and delight n the weaknesses of man.  They will do anything and everything to make humanity fall lower.  Remember to place a protective, invisible fence of Light around yourself, loved ones and environment.

I understand that for the new to come in and be established here on earth, the old must be destroyed.  This does not imply that we are to sit, lament and do nothing.  We who deeply care and feel from the heart must become warriors of the Light. Sweet and melodious words will not suffice any more.  Concrete action must be taken in some positive form.  Find a way to make a difference.  Do something for God's sake to save the planet and her amazing life forms~