Sunday, April 20, 2014



Why do we have rule and exercises given to us through master teachers?    If we daily use them, we can recover our primordial force.  Before we ever entered matter, intelligence possessed a powerful force.   It was later lost when souls descended into the weight of matter.  It only makes sense when you think about it.   If we began in the center or core of a circle and moved out to the periphery, duality is created and our energy drastically weakens.  Density is not the same as purity and light.

Souls descended, explored and as a result lost their original lightness, purity and immortality.  When we forget our true nature, we are subject to illness and death.   People often ask as to why God allows suffering.  God doesn't have anything to do with suffering.  Humans will continue to suffer as a result of memories until they reintegrate the physical, emotional and mental with the spiritual.

The further the soul slips into materiality the more difficult it is to experience light.  Light, liberty and even beauty diminishes.  True power and strength are found in the spirit, the divine principle within you.  It is your responsibility to keep the light active.  The external things cannot set you free or return you to your original self.    Suffering is separation from the true identity of the original Self.  True Strength is to be found in spirit.  The qualities of the spirit offer and support the strength you need.

To free yourself of the prison that confines, you can start with overcoming all your negative states.  This in itself is a full time job.  You cannot be free and unite love and wisdom within you if you are neglecting love and wisdom and remain focused on materiality all the time.  People have forgotten how to live. Because they have ignored their inner spirit, I will do what others have done and are doing now...create a simple science of the spirit.  The science will help assist straightening out something amiss inside of you.  The solution is not somewhere outside of yourself.

True strength comes from the center.  Everything far from the source is tainted.  Not only does the collective soul need to be purified, physical bodies and conscious thinking must be inwardly cleansed.  The goal is to actually live an authentic spiritual life. To choose this life, you must be a scientist, use analytical thinking, be responsible for your choices and give spirit full rein.  You must seek true strength within yourselves.  To enroll in this school of science and remove the negative forces, you must be vigilant, energetic, courageous and passionate.  It is time more humans get a move on and make a serious effort to purify and awaken.  Instead of ignoring your spirit and pampering the ego, find true strength in the awareness and infinite potential of your spirit.

Shirlee Hall