Sunday, May 20, 2012




FOR THE MAJORITY OF SOULS ON THIS physical plane, life is an ongoing struggle. If you already understand your true identity as a spirit in matter, the struggle can be very distracting and disappointing if we are not continually reminded as to why we are on earth and what we need to do to keep sane and move forward.

Lack of understanding and the forgetting of spirit identity are caused by a veil of protection we wear when entering physical form. The veil is gradually removed through effort and maturity. Glamour was created through the influence of swindlers.  The swindlers are people who selfishly desire and deliberately attempt to corrupt the innate goodness of man.  Corruption has come easily for the most part during the last ten thousand years because influential people behind the scenes and sometimes openly have deliberately focused on hypnotizing humanity.  It is common for people to be distracted by everyday concerns.  Distractions do not allow for any kind of contemplation.  It is when we lose jobs, illness strikes and the many other forms of loss occur that we must stay focused and remember the inner essence and why we are here.  The tendency is to give in to the negative energy and subsequently lose a sense of peace. To heal the harm caused, a tremendous amount of love is required by us to correct the damage brought about through denial, resistance, lack of understanding and other forms of abuse.

Why does life have to be so hard?  It is a constant challenge whether you are already an enlightened being or struggling to reach a higher level of consciousness.  Living in the density of matter is extremely different from the lightness and freedom we experience in the invisible realms.  It is also a shabby imitation of what we once knew as our original pure selves here on earth. When we choose to descend and experience density, scientifically we are further away from the Center.  The earth as well as individual and collective consciousness passes rhythmically through stages of awareness from the very dull to the brightest splendor.  We are coming to the end of a dark phase that has been mainly accepted by the soul until recently.  Earlier, there were always souls quietly hidden away who understood the cycles of consciousness and how the earth responds in kind. These souls know about the decrease in Light and in future cycles the Light returning.  During this particularly space/time, we are beginning to experience an influx of Celestial Light. Souls are awakening to their plight, the rape of the earth, the robotic thinking and an increasing desire to return to the original pureness and wholeness.

A terrorist to me is any intelligence who attempts to corrupt goodness and beauty. We can and have been a terrorist to our own bodies and families through choices that we make.   Additional Light as unconditional love and power is available during an upswing in consciousness. Radiant Light is slowly occurring in the hearts of humankind as well as exposing that which must be removed for peace and happiness to reign.  The hidden is showing its face.  Duality exists not only in matter but also within the invisible astral-emotional states of mind as well as the lower mental field of consciousness.  To be strong in the midst of duality, stop resisting truth and change, denial will not make it go away.  Stay with your deep thinking, meditating, serving and loving.  It is possible to be free in density if you persistently try, dare and Be.

We earn the right to break the illusion.  Clean up your own pollution. Recognize, listen, honor and love your inner spirit. Allow it to come out as the brightness of the Sun.  This is the time we have been waiting for. Be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented, without tampering with the desire of the inner Beloved. Learn to surrender the body and its concerns to the power of Good.  Because of the strength of faith, acceptance and love, we will transform into the wonder and goodness that we innately are. Be happy! We must act!  Learn to accept the state of grace. It is similar to reaching the top of a Sacred Mountain.  Learn to surrender to the grace of the universe and be at one with all planes of consciousness. Trust in God’s protection.  When we accept and surrender to the power of the One, healing and self-transformation occurs.  We chose to be here. Let us do it right!

In hope and harmony,


Sunday, May 13, 2012




Alternate 9 breaths, stay breathing in peace and stillness, exhaling any tensions as you relax your body…calm your emotions…still your mind.

Focus your attention in your heart, visualizing your heart center as a golden lotus that slowly opens, revealing a brilliant point of light and love within.

Know that this Light is the presence of God within you…your inner divinity;
This is your deepest essence…your inner soul…your true identity;

Then visualize this point of Light slowly expanding, growing brighter…radiating its love and warmth until this fills your chest and stomach area…and then flows out into your entire body…your emotions…your mind;

Feel yourself becoming lighter…more joyful and at peace…
Visualize this inner radiance, the inner divinity; within each person you know…your family…your friends…colleagues…neighbors…and then out to the whole human family..          Give them time

And then see this radiance, the inner divinity, within all forms of life that share the earth with us.

With understanding and love align with your soul, your highest Self and ask that your Spirit guide you on an inner journey right now.

See yourself as a brilliant Light.  You are standing in front of a vast cave, which looks very intriguing and inviting…Enter the cave, and follow the passage that leads ever downward, deep into the womb of the earth…Notice how it feels warm and nurturing…Go deeper still, until you find yourself in the very core, the heart of the earth…Become aware that you are expected, that a powerful being awaits you here in the center of the earth.

Now, enter in to the veiled and mysterious presence of the Divine Mother/Goddess, Sri Lalita, Sa has ra na ma, known by many names in many spiritual traditions…A sense of awe fills you…Notice how she appears to you…Allow yourself to be embraced by the beautiful, loving energy radiating from her heart…Feel your own heart open and expand as your consciousness blends with hers, releasing any barriers or blockages…

Feel this sacred heart energy healing and renewing you, filling every part of you…Experience the generative, form-giving energy of Her essence, matter itself, as Light released…Feel the Divine Mother supporting you, the energy of matter and the earth itself supporting you…

Now see the veil that is covering her beautiful face, the veil of Mysteries, the veil of matter itself, being lifted…Before you now is the radiant face of the Queen of Heaven, illumined through the light of your human understanding and love.  You now know directly that heaven and earth, spirit and matter, are one…one energy vibrating at higher and lower frequencies…

Then slowly as you’re ready, carry the radiant love of the Divine Mother who lives as you in your own heart… Begin the return journey from the core of the earth, through the cave and out into this room.  Take some time in silence to review your feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, May 12, 2012



The unutterable Name of God expresses a duality in the Godhead, consisting of a male and a female aspect.  The second female aspect of God is known as Shekinah and can be equated with the concept of the Holy Spirit.  This is the Divine Presence that offers true illumination.  The inflow of the force of the Holy Spirit will then serve to take a sincere seeker forward and upward towards his or her next personal level of conscious achievement, whatever that may be at any time.   It is this supra-natural energy that has been a constant comforting, guiding, protecting and healing companion all my life.

We are currently living in a cycle when humanity will have a long needed opportunity to attain awareness of God as Mother and experience the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Mother is the ‘nurturing force’ referred to as the feminine polarity of the Godhead.  She is the “other side” of the Father.  In physical form, she is known by many names depending on your belief system.  Being multi-faceted, the Divine Mother has a thousand and one faces and names and her reflection is constantly changing.  The concept of Divine Mother transcends all religions.

The safest way to experience the purifying action of the Mother in form is through prayer and devotion.  Her creative and healing energy is our great teacher and comforter.  The blessings we receive from the Mother are endless.  One of Her primary attributes is to awaken seekers.

The Divine Mother or Shekinah experience is not to be equated directly with the djed pillar phenomenon of Egyptian origin or with the Kundalini experience of the Indian mystical system. Shekinah, Divine Mother-Holy Spirit unfoldment concerns radiant energy entering the biophysical system from a higher level of beingness.  It comes to us from Above in contrast to the other two mentioned which relate to energy already present, but lying dormant within the existing physical and/or psychical framework of the individual.

The energy, pillar of light or fire descending from Divine Mother represents the downward flow of the “Gifts of the Spirit”. As the Mother energy becomes active within us, our consciousness begins to undergo a profound change.  Divine Mother brings harmony within and order without.  We are liberated and restored to wholeness through the Cosmic Mother and Her human representatives.

I reverently work with Cosmic Mother and the Holy Spirit together.  From personal experience, I see no difference.  They are my closest companions.  The Holy Spirit is very mystical. The action of the Holy Spirit manifests in a variety of ways.  From years of witnessing the power and presence of the Divine Feminine, I know Her compassion is   responsible for healing on every level.  The Holy Spirit is known as the Holy Ghost, Holy Comforter or Heavenly Comforter.  The Cosmic Mother helps us to pass our initiations and teaches us not only to cultivate the gifts of the Creative Spirit but also how to be a just steward of these gifts.

May the Mother of All enter humanities heart~

Shirlee Hall

Thursday, May 10, 2012











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Saturday, May 5, 2012




We automatically bring in distorted views at birth.  A baby judges itself by the reactions of the parents and the reactions of everyone else.  A child naturally accepts reactions to family, peers, and authority figures.  Now, how many of us actually had balanced or even loving parents?  What about the teachers who were so important as influences in our lives?  How many of us have generous, nonjudging friends and relatives?  

We were born judged before we arrived in the flesh. Not only that, if our father was unable to demonstrate affection toward us, his weakness transfers to our mind as a low sense of self esteem.  The father's attitude toward his wife and her pregnancy and child has a very strong effect that can go either way.  Any clash between the family will usually carry over into the child's adulthood.

The feelings we inherited can become a destructive form of behavior.  Why? The child will constantly attempt to prove something to the parents.  It is a carryover.  More often than not, problems are never resolved in a healthy way.  We unconditionally try to breach angry feelings between parent and child and stay in the stage of adolescent.  We do need a closure regarding the feelings.

It may take years to realize the above statements as an influence that could work against our sense of worthiness and peace.  This is why it is extremely important to learn how to genuinely forgive on the emotional level.  This is not easy for everyone to do.  There are tools you can use such as mentally going back to unpleasant scenes and writing them down in a journal as a rewrite.  This means that you recreate the past and record it on paper or simply as an event in your mind as to how you wish it to be.   Another powerful form of removing past hurtful emotions is to regularly perform the 'Cutting the Cord Ceremony'.  This is powerful.

A proven method in healing the tags that came with prebirth, birth and early life experiences is to deliberately seek to create a conscious connection with your inner God Self.  As good as therapy often is, it doesn't always work.  Surrender of the pain that you are carrying in your mind, cumbersome baggage and allowing your self to go beyond the intellectual level will eventually heal what stands between your feelings and genuinely being able to release the accumulated nonsense that has become a false reality.

You will be able to survive without too much damage once you make a conscious connection with your inner truth, the God part.    If you really desire to end the world of suffering, you must learn to be undivided.  Nondivision is the effect of awakening.

The thinking mind is a powerful and useful tool.  It is a tool that Reality, nondivision, can use.  If you only perceive through your mind, you can't tap into any Reality.  You must go beyond your thoughts.  You see, the thinking mind has created the emotions. What you will need to do to be free is to destroy your world of illusion.  This is all about being aware.  It requires many awareness's to remove destructive patterning.  Eventually, you will experience enlightenment but that is only the first of multiple enlightenment's.  You are on a mission to chip away at untruths.

Emotions do not clearly tell us who and what we are.  They tell us what we feel.  To finally be free, conflicted feelings must be removed.  Emotional upsets are indicators that we have unconscious beliefs supporting turmoil and the horrible sense of separation many souls have from their holy Source.

I obviously cannot cover enough points in a short article to help remove you from the illusion, but as a reminder, you can begin to ask, 'What would my emotion say if it could speak?'  What belief pattern does it have?  What is it judging?  Our emotional life is a clear and dependable indicator of when we perceive things from a point I call division. We are mentally and emotionally divided from our true Nature.

Stop arguing with Reality.  Arguments are part of the dream state.  Wake up! Look into your emotional life and do your best to bring into awareness anything that has the power to cause you to experience division.  Examine your emotions.  Question everything.  What is truthfulness?  Meditate in Silence and allow the deeper truths to reveal themselves.

Be willing to see what is true and that it is you who is putting yourself into conflict.  Open yourself to greater possibilities.  Allow Light to come into your mind and emotions and purify, purify and purify some more.  The goal is not to feel division between your sacred inner self and the outer package.  The ideal is to be awakened and experience the whole body, mind and soul as a visible and tangible means to express the grace and beauty of your Absolute Unified Self.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall