Sunday, May 13, 2012




Alternate 9 breaths, stay breathing in peace and stillness, exhaling any tensions as you relax your body…calm your emotions…still your mind.

Focus your attention in your heart, visualizing your heart center as a golden lotus that slowly opens, revealing a brilliant point of light and love within.

Know that this Light is the presence of God within you…your inner divinity;
This is your deepest essence…your inner soul…your true identity;

Then visualize this point of Light slowly expanding, growing brighter…radiating its love and warmth until this fills your chest and stomach area…and then flows out into your entire body…your emotions…your mind;

Feel yourself becoming lighter…more joyful and at peace…
Visualize this inner radiance, the inner divinity; within each person you know…your family…your friends…colleagues…neighbors…and then out to the whole human family..          Give them time

And then see this radiance, the inner divinity, within all forms of life that share the earth with us.

With understanding and love align with your soul, your highest Self and ask that your Spirit guide you on an inner journey right now.

See yourself as a brilliant Light.  You are standing in front of a vast cave, which looks very intriguing and inviting…Enter the cave, and follow the passage that leads ever downward, deep into the womb of the earth…Notice how it feels warm and nurturing…Go deeper still, until you find yourself in the very core, the heart of the earth…Become aware that you are expected, that a powerful being awaits you here in the center of the earth.

Now, enter in to the veiled and mysterious presence of the Divine Mother/Goddess, Sri Lalita, Sa has ra na ma, known by many names in many spiritual traditions…A sense of awe fills you…Notice how she appears to you…Allow yourself to be embraced by the beautiful, loving energy radiating from her heart…Feel your own heart open and expand as your consciousness blends with hers, releasing any barriers or blockages…

Feel this sacred heart energy healing and renewing you, filling every part of you…Experience the generative, form-giving energy of Her essence, matter itself, as Light released…Feel the Divine Mother supporting you, the energy of matter and the earth itself supporting you…

Now see the veil that is covering her beautiful face, the veil of Mysteries, the veil of matter itself, being lifted…Before you now is the radiant face of the Queen of Heaven, illumined through the light of your human understanding and love.  You now know directly that heaven and earth, spirit and matter, are one…one energy vibrating at higher and lower frequencies…

Then slowly as you’re ready, carry the radiant love of the Divine Mother who lives as you in your own heart… Begin the return journey from the core of the earth, through the cave and out into this room.  Take some time in silence to review your feelings, thoughts and experiences.

Shirlee Hall

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