Saturday, December 22, 2012


For the collective soul to evolve, a new relationship to the purpose of life is necessary.  Today, resistance is very evident as we watch two distinct movements struggling side by side.  The one energy leans toward selfishness and chooses not to be his brother’s keeper in time of need and the other is open to a kinder understanding of life and actually taking steps to uplift the human culture to a higher phase.   Awakening tends to be gradual and filled with challenges.  By the very nature of its change in frequency, the energy confirms something new is coming.

Today, more people are genuinely determined to be involved in activities that awaken the higher Self.  There is also a greater inner connection, communion and concern with Nature.  Energy and all things in Nature are polarized.  An interest in harmony and vibrations actually revitalizes and unifies when we are mindful and participate in life using our consciousness with a genuine understanding that the Supreme Intelligence is our true nature willing to guide and help us.

When we apply our will in a loving and wise way, currents of power immediately begin to flow.  The good we individually strive for in our daily lives reaches out to others and demonstrates the beauty of a higher life which we are helping manifest right here in our midst.  There are obvious differences between us as a result of the frequencies we generate.  Why not lessen that difference by making a greater effort to increase in frequency from matter to spirit?  This means to be responsible and consciously generate more light.

There is a growing influence of intellectual thought and scientific approach to the creative forces.  It has its rightful place.  Simultaneously, it is important to remember that a feeling of reverence, of sacred awe and excitement is an integral energy of our higher consciousness.  Allow self to feel and be it. To become receptive to the higher powers, quickened noble thoughts, feelings and deeds are required for the evolution of the soul.  Awakening is to help people in any society or race to renew physically and spiritually and develop their inner endowments.  To accelerate the Divine cosmic rhythm, we learn to ride the wave together.

The creative forces and capabilities hidden within the human nature are patiently waiting for our embrace.  Let us together bring in a Culture of Light.  Authentic freedom, being spiritually awakened, is the removal of all barriers, limitations and obstacles that hinder the Divine essence from manifestation in this world in its full beauty, splendor and power.

Shirlee Hall         

If you live in the Chicago area, we usually meet in a home the first Sunday afternoon of the month and the third Friday evening of the month.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012



The magnetic pole shifts have been happening already. We are at the point where a physical shift can happen. Yes, it is true that on 12-21-12 there will be an alignment. Not only will the Mayans be holding ceremonies, many others will also be celebrating.

We are celebrating because we understand as an awakened Mayan, Tibetan and Hindu understand that a new cycle, the Female side, becomes more powerful in the days ahead. We have both a male and female side of any cycle. There will be a nine year period where Mother Earth, the Feminine Principle, will be active as a healer. She brings us back into the Light and will lead humanity.

The majority of the changes have to do with consciousness, not physical. The cosmos is music, dear friends. Music will be going on everywhere. I am referring to the different levels or dimensions as musical vibrations. Ascension is about our tuning into the higher frequencies right here in the physical living on our precious earth.

Many of us have been preparing through inner work, not outer. Outer work won't do it. Meditation and the human heart is the key to our transition. Many lovers of the Light will be celebrating on the 22nd as well with ceremonies of Joy.

The change has to primarily do with the rising of consciousness. Our celebration locally will include 'Opening the Circle', 'Meditation for Centering', 'Purification Ceremony', 'Proclaiming our Readiness', 'Making the Commitment', Anointing of the New Being' and Celebration of our Oneness and Gratitude' as well as movement.

If you live in the Chicago area,  for details CONTACT email:

Do you have a drum or rattle? Feel free to bring it to the celebration.

Love, Light and Laughter,

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