Saturday, March 31, 2012



PURITY is a state of  being; it requires eons of time to consciously awaken in the thinking mind.  It is the key to perfection in matter.

PURITY is compassionate understanding and is aware that each soul struggles for conscious realization in form.

PURITY is cleanliness of thought.  It does not soil itself with negativity that separates; darkness dissipates or obstructs the energy of the soul.

PURITY is kindness and selflessness toward all life; the desire to willingly give love is the intention.

PURITY is patience in life, the battleground and school for souls.  All worthwhile ideals take time to materialize.

PURITY is resting securely in the Unseen trusting we are loved and all will be as it should.

PURITY is the result of long preparation which paves the Way.  We prepare the conscious mind for purity the honored guest.

PURITY is a joy and comfort that gives birth to understanding and gratitude.  It is a genuine happiness that only those touched by the grace of SPIRIT comprehend.

PURITY is the true life.  It has purpose, realization and freedom.  Freedom is authentic as we are blessed with the embrace of unity.

PURITY is humility before holiness and creation.  The Supreme Spirit cannot be comprehended intellectually.  Love, power and wisdom is  glimpsed through the intuitive and awakened heart.

PURITY is the final realization that we are purity itself, never separate, the one life, heart and mind pulsating throughout the Universe.

(All rights reserved 1980 Shirlee Hall)

Friday, March 16, 2012

ABUSE...A Form of Forgetfulness


Abuse-A Form of Forgetfulness                   
Hopefully, sometime during our life the eyes open wide to things that feel like they are set in stone as outer changes not yet realized.  Some of us actually acknowledge that we allowed ourselves to play the victim and feel abused.  Eventually, we forgive. There is a catch to this process. The one to forgive very likely is our personality for not really thinking and exercising self-examination. Also, allowing other personalities to step all over us under one guise or another is weakness not love. Real change happens when we honor who we are.  This is commonly called Self-worth.

When I speak of abuse, I am not implying wars, famine, natural disasters and such.  I am referring to daily relationships with the people who gravitate into our lives either by birth, deliberately or by a seeming accident. We must forgive others for their harmful ways and at the same time realize that we are the ones who must be forgiven.  If we want justice and a genuine sense of peace, it is very healing to forgive the human self, the lesser personality, who does not commonly think, feel or act from the higher perspective of the real Self.

There is a secret in living successfully in matter. The secret is to give the Spirit, the eternal Self, the Lord of you, the ball and allow it to take the lead.  The real abuse has been the forgetting of this ancient truth.  In contrast, the human personality reacts to the whims of the moment, attractions that are of a temporary nature.  The typical personality does not know its self and is commonly confused and divided.  Anger may stir as this truth is realized because it becomes evident that you have played the part of the fool.  It is the type of a fool that lives in denial of what Is and what could Be.

It is more common than not to cripple the inner life by pretending that the real identity is the personality, the body, the brain and the reactive emotions of the lesser self.  Yes, these are the outward tools for our use but are not genuine unless controlled by the Higher Self, the Christ Consciousness. Because we have been deluded by the illusion, we play the fool.  Once we clearly see through the drama, there is no one else to forgive...only the reactive and spiritually uneducated personality.

It is time the Greater takes charge of the lesser.  Stand tall with head on straight and be alert, detached, compassionate and make a concerted effort to be open to the currents that are scattered by the winds of change.  You can make a realized choice or continue to live in denial and play the blame game.  Which is it?  Somewhere in this drama of wits, which is mainly dim, is the light of truth that will bring forth a brilliancy that illuminates an undiscovered Reality.   With understanding arises wisdom.  The partner with wisdom is love.  The two must be balanced or you will find that you are still 'trying' to get there and never arrive.

For the 'Kingdom' to come, there must be a moment when you accept the I AM, the Light within. When you remember, you will rejoice and accept in the remembering.  Love is the true power but it is distorted as it is seen on earth.  There is a path to walk but walk it in love for our Creator, the One Seed, Self and others.  Earth is a place of growing and trying, but it is not our home.  This life is only a small portion within the Whole.  Walk in wisdom and love and there will be more understanding and joy.   In relief and gratitude, you will know that personal abuse has stopped.

There is but One Beauty beyond imagining.  We are of it, we are in it, and we are going home to perfection whether it is here in matter or in the subtle worlds of Light when we forgive, accept, understand and deeply love.

In beauty and joy,

Shirlee Hall
'All rights reserved 2012'