Friday, December 31, 2010



Surrender the ego-personality and stand tall
Divine beings and good energy will come to assist
Courage and willingness removes the veils
Newness offers an opportunity to transform.

Allow the struggles of yesterday to heal and be gone
Embrace new thoughts of pure hope, love and light
Give gratitude for the lessons learned
With expectancy and love expect the best.

To remove darkness reach far and turn on the Light
Create a brighter plan with an open heart and mind
What are the aspirations of your soul?
A willingness to act makes them so.

Pause and take stock of life from a spiritual view
Eventually, all acquisitions will be left  behind
Be vigilant, look back and accept where you are now
Time to act, get your bearings and climb.

Create a spiritual environment of peace
Why put off what must be?
The work that is necessary for real freedom
Must be done by ourselves.

Listen with an open mind
Think before you speak
Remember your spiritual identity
Authentic love is the highest Law.

Start making miracles happen
Effort is the magical tool
True healing is an inner power
Test out truth for yourself~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
(all rights reserved - 12-31-10)


Thursday, December 23, 2010



Whether you are a Christian or not, these words are for everyone...

Heaven is not far away; and it is not a place of metes and bounds, is not a country to be reached; it is a state of Mind...a Christ state.

Supreme Intelligence, God, never made a heaven or hell; we are creators and make our own.

Deep within, we all desire to attain the consciousness exampled by Jesus.  He said we could do what He did and more.  Open wide the windows of your heart, and like a flood of Light, a newness of mind, a heaven will come and bring a boundless joy; then everyday concerns and challenges will not seem as harsh.

When hope and love are behind what we think, feel and do,life is filled with goodness, understanding and grace.  The brightest gems are within the heart.  If you will it, the door opens and the treasure is revealed.  Genuine love is the savior.

In the fullness of gratitude, I give my love to a Messenger, a Master Teacher and Way Shower who opened the sacred pages of purity and love for all who long to consciously BE the Light here on earth...

Merry Christmas!


Shirlee Hall


Friday, December 10, 2010



I strongly feel that we are angels in a congealed vibration of matter who have collectively forgotten our origin, our true spiritual identity.  Our angel Self has moved into fields of density that has caused us to be confused and sometimes feel like we are alienated from our Sublime Source.  In truth, we are spiritual beings having an ongoing human experience until we get it right.
This is the time for us to gift ourselves by choosing to make a serious commitment to  Light of BEing, not only within but also recognize the Light within all other life.  As we increase our radiance, we experience greater freedom and eventual fulfillment.  This choice must rise out of our own will.

We have an angel within and can achieve a consciousness similar to the angels without.  When we awaken to a sense of responsibility and choose to remove obstacles, sincerely forgive, remember our true identity and act in love from the highest perspective, we honor the Divine and release and project love out into the world.  By giving a light-filled love, more is given to us.  Our cup is always full.

It is up to us to merge our ego and body firmly with our angel essence and achieve true enlightenment.  We are very similar to angels when we accept our inner Self and allow IT to guide, lead and live as us.  When we decide to love unconditionally, goodness, miracles, inspiration, protection, genuine joy and healing experiences become natural occurrences in our lives.  We attract and increase Divine Light in the aura and the body.  We respond instead of reacting.

With the end of the year fast approaching and a new year ready to be birthed, what are your plans for the 'real' you?  Let us unite and do our best to BE consciously aware allowing this period of celebration to continue throughout our lives...

In closing, ask yourself what can I do now and into the future to expand the Light of the Supreme within and without?  It is time to put away our toys, answer the Call and be a responsible spiritual citizen of the Universe~

Blessings of goodness, hope and love...

Shirlee Hall

Monday, November 22, 2010


To speak the unspeakable is to feel the untouchable.
To feel the untouchable is to be our immortal conscious Self.

Who is this conscious Self, silent and observing?
Who is this love within still and patient?

It is I the Thinker, the Knower and the Doer.
It is I the hidden cracking the shell of indifference.

The living Breath is our link to the wordless.
It is our sacred road home to Oneness.

What is this Oneness, the word of today?
Is it unity of mind and heart or body?

Unity is more than the parts mentioned.
It remembers, Is, and blends the right and the left.

What are the right and the left?
It is desire-active and desire-passive.

Real Oneness does not recognize separation.
It is whole and complete as Self and seeks not.

Conscious Self is immortal.
Its pulse never ceases.

It is in Radiant Light that the gold of true gratitude is known.
Energy vibrates as a Thinker, a Knower and a Doer.


I am grateful for our friendship...


(All rights reserved)  Shirlee Hall 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010



Open your heart and allow my radiant splendor to spill forth
It is I
Open your mind and allow my wisdom to impress your memory
It is I
Open your hand and allow my power to permeate your being
It is I

Who am I?
I am the radiant Sun of Life
I am the brilliancy of a new born day
I am the wave of Spirit come to rest

Who are you, dear one?
You are my child lost along the way
You are my Light who needs rekindling
You are my own, my very own
You are I Am

In love and peace~

All right reserved (Shirlee Hall - 2009)

Friday, October 29, 2010



It is time all souls recognize they must be in action what they are within the heart; the period of waiting is over.

It is not for you to judge what IS, but to allow that which IS to discern ITS messengers and message.

We of the Council of the Sun ask that all who have a deep longing within the heart demonstrate unconditional love through their human personality and make themselves known.

We of the Council of the Sun recognize who you are; it is time that you also recognize your role by living your original intention.

We of the Council of the Sun have great news for all those who have an understanding of  the subtle energy and its rightful use.

For you to receive the news, you must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument of receptivity.

Talk is not enough.  Good deeds are not enough.  Only total surrender of your heart to the One is enough.

A Master's demonstration is one of pleasurable love, a love that is rarely known by humans.

It is time that this unconditional love be demonstrated in Its fullness to the race of men.

Few have actively answered the CALL.  Look within your heart and remember.

It is in the remembering and being that you will finally be free.

In gratitude and joy,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Dear children of Light.  We honor you in the Kingdom Worlds.  We have watched your pain and suffering far too long. You have taken it upon yourselves to clean the waste from your body temple and personal lives.  We applaud you for your steadfast preparation.

We wish to encourage you as the days draw closer to the Great Undertaking.  Your sense of anticipation, your desire to set things aright, your pace of unending activity will all come to a point, a point of sweet realization.

Satisfaction is knowing  and Being who you truly are.  No longer will you wear the mantle of confusion and distress. No longer will you be adorned in loneliness or pain.  You will have a new mantle to wear; a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy.  You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.  Be at peace for we are with you always.  You are now prepared for a different form of battle.  One that you know well; the battle of the soul.

You will lead as a front army of Light Beings drawing unto you the downtrodden and asleep.  You will spark the Divine Fire within the breast of those who remain hypnotized, unillumined and bring great joy and understanding to the hearts of many.  You will do the Great Work in total confidence with the knowing that only comes through the enlightenment gained through preparation.  You will be given that which is best for your own particular Self to create and use.  You will be given a new armor that is unapproachable except through love.

You will be love in action, love in form and love unconditional.  You will know when your moment of changing mantle occurs.  You will feel a lightness, a joy within your heart, a knowing that is Divine, and a love that transcends description. When this newness clothes you in Its splendor, you will have arrived as a true son or daughter of God.  The world lies in your holy hands.

You are the Blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE.  Be at peace and know we love you~

Council of the Sun

Humbly transcribed...

Shirlee Hall


Saturday, October 9, 2010



In our Circle of Light Class we have been studying the Laws of Spirit, which beautifully tie in with the Tree of Life, the Cabbalah, which is known as the Sephirotic Tree.

Tree of Life is the best system for transforming ourselves into completion.  I am not saying other systems are false but this ancient system is very profound and orderly.  The keys are within the system.  The Old and New Testament can be understood in the light of the Tree of Life.

We have referred to something of a perfection as a #10.  It is obvious that most of us were born with 10 fingers and 10 toes and that there are numbers that reach to 10.  The ten can then be made into endless combinations.

Experiencing a 10-10-10 day, month and year brings to our attention that we were designed for completion.  I thought you may be interested how the Cabbalists divide the universe into 10 regions or Sephiroth which correspond to the number 1-10.

Each region includes 5 distinct planes of being which apply to the 5 principles in man: spirit, soul, intellect, heart and physical body.  Divine Planes corresponds = human spirit and the region of the soul.
Leader of the angelic order corresponds to the intellect.
The angelic order itself = to the heart
A planet to the physical body

Each region is inhabited by an order of luminous spirits under the leadership of an archangel, who is directly subject to the Source.
Cabbalah says the Source, God, the Creator has 10 names, which correspond to 10 different attributes.
The God Source manifests differently according to the region.
God is one, but manifests differently according to the region.  Although there are 10 aspects, each aspect is equal.

There are 10 names of God, 10 regions-Sephiroth, 10 leaders of angelic orders:
Meatatron                   He who stands by the throne
Raziel                           Secret of God
Tzaphkiel                    Contemplation of God
Tzadkiel                       Justice of God
Kamael                        Desire of God
Mikhael                      Who is like God
Haniel                          Grace of God
Rahael                         Heal of God
Gabriel                         Power of God
Uriel                            God is My Light; or Sandalfon, who is seen as the force that binds matter to form.

There are 10 angelic orders
10 Cosmic bodies or planets, which correspond to our physical body.  Ancient knew of only 7.

Why did they call the Hierarchical Plan the 'Tree of Life'?  Because the 10 regions, Sephiroth have to be seen as an organic whole and can best be understood by comparison with a Tree.

#10 represents completeness, an accomplished Whole.  The word Sephirah means numeration.  All numerical combinations stem from the first 10 numbers.   From the 10 anything can be created~

I encourage you to continue researching this fascinating number as well as striving to do your best to become an accomplished, balance number then.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Joyful will the seekers be who love the Supreme One above all else, for they will be awakened.

Joyful will the seekers be who recognize the Law of Rebirth and Balance, for they will understand justice.

Joyful will the seekers be who persevere in their faith, for they will be blessed through patience.

Joyful will the seekers be who experience Divine Love, for they will be graced by the gifts of holiness.

Joyful will the seekers be who demonstrate the kinship of all creatures, for they will live oneness.

Joyful will the seekers be who strive for mastery of self, for they will have the key to wisdom and true power.

Joyful will the seekers be who attain purity and spiritual discernment, for they will rediscover harmony and freedom.



Copyright 1982 by Shirlee Hall

Saturday, September 4, 2010

THE AGE OF THE SUN- Disorder- Cycles-Time Travel


The Age of the Sun is an cycle that represents who we really are.  It appears that present time is backward and separated but in truth it is not.  Many souls deliberately choose to live in disorder to bring forth a greater order...the greater order being disorder.  This sounds strange at first reading but it is truth.  All came forth out of disorder and gradually moves in a backward direction, another reality, which is referred to as order.   What I am expressing may contradict how you interpret order. Order as we think of it in matter can be the opposite of what it actually is.

I will try and clarify my understanding.  That which is free flowing appears to be disorder but when it is categorized, organized it becomes order.  I understand creation to actually be quite different that commonly perceived.  Take time and study the stars at night.  Is there truly an order to creation or does it simply appear as if there is?  Perhaps, each is doing its own 'thing', so to speak, but taken as a whole...appears to be orderly.

Looking at this from another perspective...when we walk through the woods is everything orderly?  No.  If we walk through a manicured English garden, it is.  Now, if everything that is natural in its original state becomes organized through individual thought and action, then we have taken disorder and created order.  I know this may sound strange but in truth, we have removed the natural state.

Now taking this a step forward, look at not only nature but also your own life.  If you organize everything, categorize it, it is very likely you may lose the purity or the essence of it.  Yes, most of us like to be organized but organization from a human perspective does not necessarily mean free flowing energy nor does it mean that it is a genuine creation.  Now that I have confused you more, why not understand and think of yourself as a light, a being, a spirit essence who has chosen to exist in order to find out how you can return to a natural state of disorder?

Disorder does not imply war, negativity or any corrupted thought or action.  It implies the natural state of being open, free and recognizing the oneness of all nature and all creative manifestations regardless of vibration or appearance.  Disorder is not a material creation from the highest perspective that a human can manufacture but a creation that is free and embraces All as part of its beingness.  Artists usually understand what I am attempting to express.

The Age of the Sun is gradually returning.  The Age involves a breaking up of the order that humans created and judge as normal and allowing room for the disorder of the natural beauty and magic of light and sublime energy of love to come forth in all its power and glory.  For that to happen where we are actually one with Nature and all life, the order that has worked against humanity must be replaced with a disorder similar to the example of the stars or the natural state of a wooded area.

There is no real time and space...only the present state of disorder hidden behind the order which the majority has forgotten. not fear the upheavals of Nature.  She is restoring Her body to disorder...a natural state.  The Age of the Sun happens when we become artists at living.  An artist at living resonates to the natural and not the artificial. An artist at living embraces variety and differences because she/he intuitively understands that everything is already one although it appears not to be.

When more of us grasp the thought that we are all stars appearing as dust blown this way and that on earth, we will rejoice and embrace diversity.  This diversity includes a past, a present and a future that is all one and the same.  The sameness is another way of describing cycles or loops of consciousness and appearance that are ongoing. Finite mind cannot describe God, the Infinite.  It is impossible!  To understand what I am writing, it must be felt.  Try not to bring order into my words.

Everything simply is and will continue to be.  Each of us is playing a role over and over again until we tire of the process. It is our choice.  Those of us who are in the 'arts' sometime have a better understanding of the ongoing drama that consists of loops and spirals.  There is nothing to be concerned about because we have done this before and will very likely do it again.  This is one of the reasons why we can 'visit' the past and travel into future possibilities.  Everything exists simultaneously.

There are those of us through the expansiveness of the mind, soul and subtle bodies travel back and forth through what we commonly refer to as space and time. What about the physical body as we know it?  Once we become familiar with the science of Light and how we can manipulate matter, more of us will tangibly accomplish this controversial possibility. It may sound extreme but to those who already know how to manipulate matter, it is accepted as a reality available for our use. As an example, there exist healers who have the ability to place their own physical hand through flesh, bones, muscles and so forth of a body and remove and make the necessary corrections.  Just because a person has not had an experience of this amazing feat does not mean the reality of it does not already exist.

The Age of the Sun has been experienced before.  It is a way of demonstrating more of the reality of Nature as She speaks to us.  During the Age of the Sun, a greater burst of radiant Light is available to the masses and not just to the few. It is a welcomed time period when we have the freedom to blossom, shine and connect in a way that has been sorely missing during the long experience of the cycle of darkness.  Souls are struggling in an attempt to move out of the cycle of the night into the cycle of the day, the Age of the Sun.


Shirlee Hall
September 4, 2010

If you would like to copy or reprint this, please give credit to where credit is due...thank you.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


I had never heard of the great Bulgarian Master Teacher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov whose community headquarters was and still is located in Southern France.  One of his disciples here in the states sent the Master Teacher a copy of my first book, Circle of Light, which is now out of print.  This happened in 1982.  One day, I received a letter of encouragement from this amazing being that was very supportive.  At the time, I had never read any of his 'works'.  Since I received Omraam's letter of warmth and radiant Light, I have probably studied and joyfully connected with his 'beyond this world' consciousness on a daily basis. I resonate to his goal for humanity where we must make universal brotherhood, universal harmony, our goal, and put all the means at our disposal, our qualities, faculties, talents, strength and energy, to work toward that end.  Only then will the problems of mankind be resolved.

I am certain that he respected my first book because of a poem that I written from my own spiritual understanding.  Here it is...


PURITY is a state of being; it takes eons of time to awaken within the conscious mind.  It is the key to eventual freedom and true Oneness.

PURITY is understanding and keeps forever in its consciousness the truth that each soul is struggling in his or her own way for conscious perfection.

PURITY is  a cleanliness of mind. It does not soil itself with negative thoughts that separate; these outpourings only dissipate and discolor the energy of the soul.

PURITY is kindness and selflessness towards others; the desire to give, lovingly, each in his or her own way.

PURITY is patience in life, the battleground, the school for souls. All worthwhile desires take time to materialize.

PURITY is resting in that which is Unseen, that which we cannot always grasp or comprehend; to put our trust in God knowing that we are loved and all will be as it should.

PURITY is a result of long preparation and paving of the Way. The human prepares the body and conscious mind for purity, the honored guest.

PURITY is to accept our humanness. Human we are and commonsense and discernment must be our guidelines in living.

PURITY is a joy in the comfort of understanding and thankfulness.  It is a happiness that only those who are touched by the grace of  SPIRIT comprehend.

PURITY is life, true life, for it has purpose, dedication and realization.  It has freedom that flows out of unity and harmony.

PURITY is humility before holiness. The conscious part of the mind cannot comprehend the Supreme Spirit intellectually. Its love, power and wisdom is only glimpsed through the awakened heart, the intuitive experience.

Friday, August 13, 2010


A new spirituality is struggling to be birthed.  It is a spirituality, which views the world as a sanctuary and instills in us reverence for life and the world as a cosmos.  Ecology is part of the new spirituality.  It is reverence for life in all forms. No longer can we avoid the Whole.  We are part of earth, part of society, and part of all life.  If part of the Whole goes down, the entire existence goes. down.

Many of us know as our truth that our spiritual life is bountifully nourished by exposure to the nobility and beauty of nature. The power of the Divine is powerfully present in the silence of lakes, ocean, forests, desert, flower gardens and mountains.  To cultivate a 'new' earth or 'heaven on earth', we must cultivate on earth what most souls are expecting to experience in the higher worlds of Light. spirituality and ecology go hand in hand.

Basic moral questions are raised with the misuse and continuing abuse of the environment.  This is why an authentic spirituality is interconnected with the Earth and all her amazing manifestations. Spirituality helps transform human minds and hearts, our relationship to each other and how important it is to live in dignity and beauty as an image of God.

To move firmly into the New Age of Light, the Light behind the Sun, we must take responsibility for the planet, neighbors, all other living and non-living creatures as well as ourselves.  Our generation has a moral responsibility for the future. It is our challenge to bring in the kingdom, the higher consciousness, and firmly establish it within and without.  In other words, to bring a conscious love and respect, the Presence of God, in the created reality we refer to as Nature.  Let us with renewed passion and true unconditional love, respect and determination, celebrate the beauty and wonder of this magnificent creation.  Ecology and spirituality cannot be separated.  Respect for all life is basic to the healing of our beautiful and injured planet.

The new spirituality treats others according to what each of us can potentially become.  We are divine lights having a physical experience.  We are here to lift our own consciousness and help others do likewise.  It is about integration, working on our own inner divinity and simultaneously doing our best to bring a healing and harmony in the outer environment  regardless of gender, race, religion, political view or physical form.

Each of us is an important part of the evolutionary drama.  Instead of spending energy on what we don't materially have or do have, we must retrain ourselves to live in harmony with each other and with Nature.  There is no way we can experience true peace, embody any form of grace, or discover the sacred nature of our own inner light, physical body and body of Earth if we do not respect live in all forms.

Many great mystics have foretold of a Golden Age that is more gentle than anything we know of right now.  The Age of Light, a new way of living and being, will gradually occur after disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds.  This we are already experiencing.  Authentic peace worldwide will probably not come for another hundred years or more.  Why not?  Humanity as a whole is immature.  No one said it would be easy.  We only fool ourselves when we believe no effort or preparation is required of us.  It is our individual responsibility to first create peace within and the God realized energy would then finally manifest in the physical world.

We who care and love deeply all life forms are here to prepare the way.  We do it by purging and healing ourselves and living an awakened consciousness with patience, determination, understanding, joy and love.  It is sad that human beings need to suffer before they begin to yearn for harmony and peace and the pure joy of a new and expand vision.  Strange but is the suffering that usually jolts the average soul into making up his mind that it is time to shift perspective and become an authentic being.

The Age of Light, the Age of the Sun, or as some refer to as the coming Golden Age, will not happen automatically. Enough of us must have sufficient emotional, mental maturity and inner understanding and compassion to respond to the call of the Sacred.  Let us who do create together a guiding image for the Age of Light.  The more we focus on what I will refer to as the eco-spirituality as our new reality, the greater our collective empowerment.  As we focus and hold the ideal of enlightened beings living together in harmony with Nature will manfifest as our reality.

We have barely touched the beauty of who we are and there lies the answer to the riddle.  The Kingdom of God is in truth a spiritual realization, a higher state of mind, and a state of consciousness where we have acept our own divinity and willingly and with trust live our inner understanding.

What do we need to do right now?  Change the mind and heart and allow unconditional love to be the force in our lives.
Thought is an active and very powerful force.  When we hold on to our ideal by exercising powerful thought, meditation and prayer and physically live what we know is true, the benefits to mankind, all life and Nature are far reaching as well as enduring.  The more we exert effort; great assistance is lovingly given the human family through luminous beings existing in the finer vibrations of radiant Light.

We regain our integrity by invoking the truth of the larger human family.  We must broaden our conception of the idea of family.  Oneness in consciousness demands sweeping changes in attitude.  The Age of Light is about human beings who are whole and integrated, people who are united in the ideals of love, compassion and lovingly express with reason and conscience respecting one another in a spirit of oneness and authenticity.

Humanity does not experience peace at this time because it is spiritually dislocated.  There is a very serious disregard for the Source of all life.  This is tragic.  Good change must happen now.  We are the ones who must show the way and walk the talk.  We must as a collectivity firmly reconnect to the Divine, stand tall, and live with integrity and compassion in order to gain real strength and true wisdom to finally achieve genuine love, harmony and the peace we deeply desire.  This is the missing link, an answer to the riddle~

I have shared what is within my heart because of two recent tangible visions.  A white dove of peace has appeared to me  and lingered in  both my home and car as a physical form, gently moving its wings, facing me in all its beauty and purity. The white Dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit, the peace that we all inwardly yearn for~

With permission, you may share this article...

May the Light of God fill you in new and amazing ways~


Shirlee Hall
August 13, 2010

Saturday, July 31, 2010


The following is an excerpt from one of hundreds of  my blog articles.  Since everything first manifested as God's Light, I have been writing and speaking about the profound importance of understanding and expanding our own  inner Radiance  ever since I can remember~

"... Spiritual Light is the only real power that will effectively combat all forms of suffering, weakness and illness.  I have humbly witnessed this truth daily since young adulthood.  If you desire to develop spiritual senses and virtues, think constantly of Radiant Light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in Light and soon you will be given frequent visions of Light. One day you will observe the Light behind all created things animate and inanimate. 

Why not develop the habit of periodically visualizing yourself, others, situations and your country bathed in White Light?  You will not only find the true meaning of life, you will be increasing the vibrations on earth.  As you work on this, you will discover interesting personal changes.  If you desire to be in control of your life, health and evolution, be disciplined, trust, patient and develop a selfless love and comprehend who you really are...a being of light.

As we purify the mind and body and understand what it means to work with Divine Light, we gradually become a conscious conduit of Sacred Light.  Book learning is great and serves its purpose but there are greater actions we can take.  We must do things that are concrete and put all the knowledge into practice.  The living manner of the circulation of Heavenly Light has one live mingling with the world and yet in harmony and loving the Light.

This is our return journey~"

May the blessings of Light fall upon you,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just Do It


We Are Trees


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


This feeling of wonder
The knowing that fills my consciousness
When did She embrace my heart and make me her own?

Bursting with a quiet joy, life renewed
I feel young again with dancing feet
and cosmic music fills my heart.

Where did She come from...this mysterious friend
Oh, sweet companion long awaited for
What joy to realize your presence!

Free and yet not desiring to speak
Requires a space of quiet absorption
A period of silent laughter before I give thee away.

Can this joyful knowing be given to others?
I think not for they who sleep already have thy presence
One day they will discover a laughing heart and peaceful mind.

To be peaceful, full of love and sunshine
What has taken you so long?
Your presence is a welcome quiet and yet a thunderous awakening.

The quiet transcends all time, all space and all consciousness
It is not the workings of the mind
It is the awakening of the intuitive heart.

Spirit waits within, patiently opening into full flower
As I grow in the perfume of Her familir scent
I expand and touch those who yearn to swoon in unity

Where did She come from this Goddess of Light?
Embracing me with her radiant warmth and vitality
She came from nowhere but the SELF.

All rights reserved by Shirlee Hall  Copy write 9-16-77

Friday, July 9, 2010


An interview was posted today covering my journey.  Visit:

Enjoy!   I also invite you to view the new look of my web site.  Additions will be made this weekend.  One, is the inclusion of an private email request to Archangel Raphael, the great healer and knowledge giver.  My first video will be also running in the next week.

In the meantime, live life to the fullest and know that you are loved...


Thursday, July 1, 2010



Wonderful news! 1) My website has been totally transformed. You are invited to visit, linger and enjoy the playful and healing energy. 2) A new book has just been published. It's name is My Own Tree.  Everyone who has seen it. loves it! It is a winner!  More information on the healing workbook can be found on the magical website. 3) The following article written for all of us is a passionate issue.


What is occurring all over the world in the environment, all life forms including the horror that many people are facing in loss of families and income is not to be ignored by those of the Light.  People need to get the reality of what is actually happening through their heads and no longer stay stuck in denial, enabling, excuses, greed and the attitude of what is in it for me.  Selfishness is on its way out.  Of course, greed is putting up an enormous struggle.  For 2800 years people on this planet have been controlled primarily by the lower sense and not by Light, the spirit within.

Great and wise teachers have come and gone and what do their followers do for the most part...corrupt the teachings.  In all this shame, the collectivity stubbornly hang on to the old and obsolete ways.  Believe it or not, we are also moving forward but as a snail's pace.  Either we get off our butts and take action and do everything in our power to lift the vibration of this planet from one of war and ugliness to peace and integrity or we are in for very sad times.

I wrote a poem last week stating that we must take action and do what we have been talking about.  All the good things we've bee saying for thirty years need to be grounded into what we call matter.  We are the tree that will no longer bear fruit if we do not purify our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  Peace begins with us.  Stop waiting for someone else to save you.  We must do it!

We do it by being responsible.  How low must we fall as a collective consciousness before a real transformation occurs?
How many followers of the different religions and philosophies actually live the wise teachings of the founders they worship? Individual consciousness merging as one is the determiner of our future.

We must remain connected to the child within and honor it by living Its principles.  I cannot bear to dwell on the Gulf Coast and the murder of the innocent life forms in the sea and on the land.  I cannot bear to think of the suffering of the people not only in that area but all over the world.  Suffering does not need to continue.  It continues because of greed.

In the midst of the nightmare of darkness, there is Light, a steady flow of Radiant Light descending to earth and touching the pure in heart.  As the Light expands, exposes and heals do do the snares and lies of darkness attempt to further corrupt.  There are also earthbound entities that love the darkness and delight n the weaknesses of man.  They will do anything and everything to make humanity fall lower.  Remember to place a protective, invisible fence of Light around yourself, loved ones and environment.

I understand that for the new to come in and be established here on earth, the old must be destroyed.  This does not imply that we are to sit, lament and do nothing.  We who deeply care and feel from the heart must become warriors of the Light. Sweet and melodious words will not suffice any more.  Concrete action must be taken in some positive form.  Find a way to make a difference.  Do something for God's sake to save the planet and her amazing life forms~



Saturday, June 26, 2010


Do you have a secret desire that has not been met?
A desire of the heart that will help you be free...
A feeling waiting for an opportunity to be
And yet nothing is done...only waiting
With recall and courage just do it!

How can you manifest the heart's desire?
The solution may be you simply must act
Materialization of a dream demands movement
Questions and doubts, yet the answer is simple
With observation and truth just do it!

How often do you say the goal will manifest tomorrow?
Not giving it the power to arrive today
When you give it a leeway of time and space
You create an excuse for blocking success
With confidence and belief just do it!

Does your mind desire something good to be?
Imagine and accept that which you desire
If reasoning does not make sense
Pay attention to feelings ignored and replaced
With passion and power just do it!

Do you listen to your heart and honor the vision?
Stay with your focus and believe in Self
You are the creator and the created
Decide, stand tall and dream
With persistence and patience just do it!

Can anyone else make your dream come true?
They can comfort, support and encourage
In the end it rests on you
Stay true to Self and open wide the door
With imagination and trust just do it!

Is there a key or a secret to be found?
A teacher, class and book to read?
The key, secret, teacher, class and book
Are securely locked within you
With a fervent Love and guiding Light just do it!

2010 - All rights reserved by Shirlee Hall

Saturday, June 12, 2010


A new book, My Own Tree, will be available Online and through bookstore orders by the end of June.  The dazzling and playful book is a magical and healing experience.  If you would like an autographed copy, please email me at and we can make the necessary arrangements. 

Two poems are included in the workbook.  One is being offered to you as a gift.  Just as My Own Tree will transform you, my web site is in the process of being transformed.  You will be able to view the new results in approximately 10 days  or less although the original is still available.  Please enjoy~






----SHIRLEE HALL,  2010

Monday, May 31, 2010


I wrote this piece over ten years ago.  It holds true for now and future days.  Many souls are troubled and for good reason.  Feeling like your world is crashing down around you, it is easy to turn away from what your heart feels and knows as its truth. Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, I ask that you take a moment and return to your inner Self and remember and accept that you are not alone. We learn along the way that to let go of everything and trust must occur in order for us to find our way again.


You are self-completeness but you have forgotten
You have thought of freedom as something humanly gained
Freedom comes when you fully accept everything there is as you

You are the Creator living a human experience
True understanding is a state of full wakefulness as to what is
Your problem right now is the illusion of appearance.

You are fooled and must now treat the appearance as an illusion
It will disappear and a higher reality will come forth
The illusion is self created, not God created.

You are the mind, the heart and the hands of God
In your acceptance of this amazing truth, you are free
Free to act, live, love and know Self as God alive in form.

You are capable of a higher understanding
An understanding that will dissolve that which is not
All that appears as less than perfection is a created illusion.

You are struggling and forgetting that life need not be so hard
The struggle creates a problem where a problem does not exist
Relax, let go of the pain and appearance and set yourself free.

You are healing and  reclaiming your spiritual identity
Return to a state of simplicity, hope and trust
This is who you are, accept and watch the wonder unfold.

Copy Right 2010 by Shirlee Hall

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Believing Makes It So~


Do you ever stop and wonder who you were before you came into the flesh?
Do you ever wonder where you will go when you leave the flesh?
If you clearly understood, you would live your life in a totally new way.
You have certain inclinations that are leftovers from a long ago past.
You have other inclinations that are building blocks for a far distant future.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you really believe what wisdom teaches?
Do you accept that you are a spark of God, a light that is designed to expand?
If you clearly understood, you would not falter, judge, hate or be selfish.
You would stand tall with dignity and shun limitation.
Playfulness and spontaneity would unerringly guide you.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you believe in your own worth or do you continue to judge self and others?
Do you continue to doubt and look for excuses?
If you clearly understood, life would be very different.
Believing demands a positive, patient and persistent activity.
Love and knowledge nurtures; Action is the creator.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you know that fear separates you from your own truth?
Do you know that separation is in the mind if this is what the mind believes?
If you clearly understood, fusion is your reality and not separation.
Believing can make it so when you remember your light and purpose.
In remembering, you forgive forgetfulness and embrace the journey.
What do you believe in this moment?

Shirlee Hall (copy right May 19, 2010)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Each Moment is Sacred

Human life is sacred but few understand this.  Every moment is an opportunity to be the fullness of who you are.  Because people do not fully understand the purpose of life, they do not live life fully.  Time is wasted thinking about things that are not enduring while that which is enduring is ignored.  Each moment is an opportunity to shine, yes, literally shine and be like the sun, the moon, the stars and be who you are as magical beings who have lost their way.  Yes, humans experience a glimpse here and there but the glimpses are fleeting. To keep the view clear and full of light, spirit identity must first be accepted.  When things go awry in life, they need to be looked at as temporary hurdles that will gradually bring you closer to your goal of total freedom in form.

Freedom comes only when you fully live in each moment  understanding it is sacred.  This does not mean that you should not indulge in pleasure but what is needed to be understood is that pleasure is in nature, in love, in simplicity and moments of congeniality and sharing, respecting and being freely who you are.

Few understand this and because of their ignorance about time and space, they continue to lock themselves into matter only to return over and over again.  What do they experience on their return journey.  They experience deception, more confusion, and more falsity until on day they awaken and in the awakening the tears will come.  The tears will keep falling until they no longer exist.  To reach that point of no returning to grief and tears, you must totally understand that you are beyond time and space; you are beyond anything you have imagined.

You are the dream in manifestation but you do not yet know it.  I say to you, embrace the dream, be it now. What is the dream?  It is about you, your spirit living fully conscious in matter, living fully conscious in form and not losing one iota of the magnificent spirit that you really are~

The moment is now, not yesterday or tomorrow...right now~

From my heart to yours...

All Rights Reserved) by Shirlee Hall 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Do not be fooled by the crowds
allow your self to remember
What is it you must remember?
It is the Light within
Radiant Light leads the way

Do not be ensnared by the drama
Instead stand in the wings
What is it you must remember?
Your part is not of a robot
Radiant Light leads the way

When sorrow or concern strikes
Return to the Center and trust
What is it you must remember?
You are a spark of the Great Flame
Radiant Light leads the way

If weakness attacks, halt its path
Open the door to forgiveness
What is it you must remember?
Allow the Sun to strengthen you
Radiant Light leads the way

Stand back and rejoice now is the time
Look behind appearance and understand
What is it you must remember?
You chose love and to be free
Radiant Light leads the way

(Copy right 2010) by Shirlee Hall
In memory of John Hall, birthday April 17th

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Truths have been repeated from ages long ago.
We repeat them like parrots allowing them to
Evaporate as rain on a sill.
The time is coming when people will be forced to live Truth.
It is Truth that will save them.

Souls come and go of great spiritual stature.
Followers exclaim they are saved.
How can they be saved if the same ugly voice speaks and
actions falsify truth?

What is required for salvation is a new wave of thought.
A thought that penetrates mind and heart and transforms.
To be transformed one must Know.
How can one Know if the mind neither thinks nor the actions reflect?

Religions are a means that lead to awakening.
They are not the awakening, the savior of mankind.
The savior is within when we are brave enough to love who we are,
Recognizing our neighbor as our self.

As long as there is hate spewing from the mouth and ugliness from the mind,
We are not saved regardless of what we claim as our truth.
Truth is a different waveform of light energy that dissipates the darkness.
It does not create division; it brings forth unity.

Wake up and stop being a parody of what you really are.
To be able to wake up and be the authentic you, understanding these
words must first manifest in the mind and heart.
Words and actions will follow as a natural flow of grace and love.

The Path is free...walk on it~

(All Rights Reserved)  4-3-2010 by Shirlee Hall

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Designed for Ascension

When you have a moment of quiet,
Sit, listen and allow your self to feel.
You are a light of wonder waiting to expand.
Believe and you shall be a miracle in form.

When you have a moment of quiet,
Love your self for who you truly are.
You are my child.
I Am and so are you.

When you have a moment of quiet,
Know that you can be what your heart desires.
You are the answer.
In the answer all is known.

When you have a moment of quiet,
Accept these words as your living truth.
Carry the truth and observe who you are.
Who you are is the Light ascending.

(All rights reserved) by Shirlee Hall 3-27-10

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who the heck do you think you are?

For thousands of years, millions of people have experienced God in many forms, voices and lifesaving ways.  There is nothing new about it.  God lives as you, within and without.  Some of us give the Creator, Higher Intelligence, The One Source a personal name such as Beloved or simply the Higher Spirit Self.  It should be no surprise if the Divine appears, speaks or acts on our behalf because we are part of It and It is a part of us.  There is absolutely no separation unless that is your belief.

When people have a near death experience, an out of body experience, an angelic experience, a dramatic healing, a sublime vision or any other of the many supernormal events happen to them, life usually changes from that moment on.  They have been touched and some call it a miracle.  It is in truth a normal occurrence, a higher love in action, not a miracle.  The soul has evolved and is ready to receive and be conscious of the Inner Presence allowing it to freely express.  Some people become so excited with one experience that they write a book and become involved in the lecture circuit.  You cannot blame them really because they have in a personal moment of truth discovered that they are much more than they had ever dreamed.  They also realize that they are not alone.  Could it actually be true what the great teachers have repeatedly stated, "Ye are gods?"

Since there is disorder happening all over the planet, people need hope, inspiration and truth now more than ever before.  This is one of the reasons I wrote 'Be-Embracing the Mystery' and was intuitively pushed to join Face Book.  I know that there are many people like me on the planet.  I am using technology to reach them.  I also personally know some awakened souls who live quiet lives doing their best to restore harmony on earth.  What feels like a miracle to some is a natural and frequent occurrence to another.

Have you ever read anything about the amazing feats of great masters and wondered if what is claimed about them is actually true?  Even if one incident is true, it means that 'Ye are indeed gods".  We have within us the same potential to dare, act and be as they have.  I intimately know this subject because I have lived with the gifts all my life.  The type of gifts I am talking about surpass psychic gifts, medium ship and intellectual discourse.  It has to do with accepting one's own spirit identity and living it as firsthand experiences, actually being conscious of our own divinity and others, accepting, believing and acting on it.

Personal mystical as well as healing experiences are a natural occurance in my life.  Understanding the Universal Laws of Spirit, applying them in joy and gratitude, my life resembles very closely the firsthand experiences of those who have mastered matter and themselves.  If these amazing links with luminous beings and higher worlds of Light mean something to you, visit my web site  listed above.  Also, take a few moments and check out 'Shirlee's Store'.  My book, BE-Embracing the Mystery, intertwines the laws of life with magical moments and can be purchased through Amazon or Barnes & Noble on my site as a regular book.  It is also now available as an eBook in 'Shirlee's Store'. 

The book is filled with Light and the amazing reality of having been born with a conscious connection to  Divine Intelligence, Love, Wisdom and  and outpouring creativity that is fully alive behind the 'Veil', so to speak.  The words I share take you to a Reality that your soul longs for.  It is not an easy read.  Meaning, truth and splendid happenings require study and absorption.  The words are power and it is a gift of love and hope from my heart to yours~

The Jewel of Consciousness is in the Heart's Lotus~

Shirlee Hall

"All rights reserved" 2010 by Shirlee Hall

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men---
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Alice A. Bailey

Friday, March 5, 2010

Are You Depressed?

                                                         A SONG OF HOPE

Tired of struggling, waiting and watching
Tired of feeling alone in your efforts
Tired of not knowing the future and what it will bring~

Stop and listen and listen well
Stop and take a close view at who you really are
Stop and believe that all is in order although it appears otherwise~

Begin to see clearly by stepping away from your situation
Begin to feel differently by changing the chatter within
Begin to listen to a New Song, a Song of Hope~

Now is the time you must be in control of emotions
Now is the time when you must stand erect
Now is the time to decide which way you will go~

Choices are yours to make
Choices will determine your fate
Choices are sacred when understood~

Results are yours to create
Results are yours to live
Results are yours to share~

Love who you are, the dark and the light
Love your journey regardless of what it may bring
Love the challenge and it will no longer be~

May only sun lit moments be yours~

Shirlee Hall

"All rights reserved" 2010 by Shirlee Hall

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hold On~


Hold on, dear ones, hold on.
This is the time of alignment.
This is the time when the lazy fall back.
This is the time when the camps are separated.

Do not grieve over your loved ones. It is their choice.
Only grieve for self if you have chosen unwisely.
The ears of the many are deaf.
The eyes remain blind.
And the tongues speak of nonsense.

You are the ones who must 'save self.
You are the ones who must care for all life.
You are the ones who must tend the planet.
You are the ones, not us.

We are always near.



Saturday, February 6, 2010



This is a pep talk. Many of us need it right now. I am suggesting that you take time out from worrying over financial, health, relationship issues, job loss, environment challenges, natural catastrophes or any of the other problems that people are facing today. I am asking this for your benefit. To receive the higher benefits of who you are and to allow the greatness of which you are to smoothly enter your cells and activities as Radiant Light, you cannot be in a state of extreme or ongoing stress. Everyone I speak to is going through challenges that do not seem to go away. Believe me, they eventually will. They will disappear more quickly if you use a combination of commonsense and sustain an attitude of trust. In other words, exercise the spiritual growth and confidence you have already gained.

How can you alter your situation if you go down the route of darkness and despair? If some of you do not know what I am talking about you are obviously not in tune with what is happening in the appearance world. It is not the rich who are spared or the famous. Everyone is being touched in a very uncomfortable way in some area of his or her personal life. If you have been spared so far, it is time for you to reach out and help your brother or sister in whatever way that is needed.

Although more Celestial Light is bathing the Earth and life with its stunning power, the rays are upsetting what we have considered normal in a way that causes great consternation for many. This consternation is felt by good people and people you may judge as bad. Many are being tapped on the shoulder to play a new role. It is time to be responsible, reflect on what they have done with their lives and try to figure out where they are going. When we lost things on any level, it usually forces us to pay attention and hopefully, think deeply. Whenever darkness is in control, as it has been for thousands of years producing war, hate, fear, crime, falsity, greed and negativity in every shape and form, the power of the Divine Light available to us diminishes and humanity subsequently lives in an unbalanced state of mind. The same hold true when the power of Radiant Light begins to emerge in its attempt to bring balance on earth and to all creatures. Eruptions on every level occur. Nothing can be taken for granted. People ask for change but usually resist it.

The grief, lack and limitation that are occurring in so many dear souls lives are temporary and will disappear like everything else. It is not always easy to humanly see the end of the travail. People fail to imagine as to how they will pull out of the deep hole. Surprisingly, this shocking material scene will work as leverage. By exposing weakness, dark thought and actions, losing material things and all the other upsets, the world is turned upside down. Soon, people will be able to discern what is real and important and what is not. The end of this shift will bring Goodness. If you hold strongly onto your faith and try to see how the current crisis is performing as a divine vacuum cleaner both collectively and individually, it is better understood.

There are some people not experiencing trouble but that does not mean they will not. Energy is being leveled. This must be for the soul, memory bank, to continue its progress, its evolution toward a full maturity. Good people are being stricken and you may wonder why. This is a karmic move that is necessary for the majority of the souls who are on the planet during this time period to finally awaken from the dream, which in many ways is a repetitive nightmare. the unreal has lulled them into what is kindly referred to as spiritual ignorance. Spiritual ignorance has nothing to do with how educated you are, church attendance, donation to charities, helping a neighbor and so forth. It has to do with a lack of a stable awareness regarding person individuality as a spirit in form.

If you would accept this simple truth, your focus and the events happening will not be of a traumatic nature. Help will appear from unusual sources. an opening will occur whereby the Light of Goodness will come in and as the bible so succinctly states, "Make the crooked places straight". Some will argue that belief alone will not change dire situations. Not true! You must believe in a Higher Intelligence, a Power of Infinite Love. Use your strong belief to visualize conditions, family, friends, health, environment and whatever else requiring adjustment restructured. This is an opportunity to live your faith.

You have a mind that is intended for a higher use. Use the mind to create peace and plenty. Stop being in denial. Stop pretending that everything nasty will go away by itself. It will go away much easier and faster if you visualize and do not give in to darkness. The measure of your strength is staying on course. Usually, when people are very upset they forget all about what they have studied and regress back to an emotional state of mind that is filled with corrupted thought. Corruption is the best description for not being who you really are. Forgetting that you are spirit in form is negligence and insults the inner essence that you are. As a consequence, the Grace of the Sacred Light is pushed aside and you are left bereft, crying, doubtful and confused.

You can stop negative effects by ending any doubt in your own mind about how deeply you are loved by God. Do you really believe for one moment that the Creator of all life desires for the creatures to suffer? No, it is our thoughts, fears and ego-personality, which attract nastiness.
There is no God that punishes us. We create energy that is impure and it eventually returns to us.

Breathe in the Light of God through the center of your heart. Open your heart allowing the Light of Healing and Grace to penetrate and balance your mind, emotions and body. In gratitude, accept the higher Power into your life asking It to make you whole again. There is nothing to be afraid of if you believe...

You are always free to visit my web site at:
Two free meditations are available for your listening.
The ones up today will be removed soon and two new ones will be available.

From my heart to yours~


Friday, January 22, 2010

To Do the Great Work


Satisfaction is understanding and being who you truly are.
Discard the mantle of confusion and distress, loneliness and pain.
Adorn yourself in a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy.
You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.
You are now prepared for the battle of the soul.

You will do the Great Work in total confidence.
You will be given that which is best to create and use.
You will given a new armor that is protected through love.

You are love in form and in action.
You will feel a lightness, a joy within, a knowing that is Divine and a
love that transcends description.
The world is healed through your holy hands.

You are the blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Are You Waiting For?


This is an extremely important message during these times of unusual stress and change. One can stretch so far and something breaks. We must be aware that we have been waiting for too long for the real goodness, real joy and a real sense of love and compassion to manifest as abundance on planet earth. I speak to everyone including my own personality. Why wait for something that is actually the result of what we create ourselves through intense desire, feelings, thought and action?

There are millions of people who expect someone special to save them. We must save our self and only we can do it. Yes, there have been and still are amazing teachers available all over the planet who understand the game plan. There are many who have kept themselves hidden, so to speak, and are now surfacing to lend their energy in balancing the erratic energy of those who have not answered the Call and not yet awakened. It is wasteful to expect someone else to do for you what you are required to do for yourself. Every master teacher and every known religion has provided guidelines regarding what a true brotherhood and sisterhood really is. The
Universal Laws and Principles are ignored by millions of people existing on this planet. The time is past due for each and every one of us to awaken to who we really are and the purpose in existing in a flesh body during this unusual evolutionary cycle.

There are angelic and luminous beings who would be delighted to help, restore, guide and stand by us as we gingerly attempt to make the necessary adjustments for a better self hood, a balanced world energy and a good life. Instead, they usually are ignored or in contrast...adored.
What needs to be genuinely understood is our own sacred self who is totally capable of doing good and bringing justice, peace,k beauty, truth and more light stabilizing the planet, allowing and drawing forth the inherent goodness, compassion and beauty which already exists.

What we can do right now is accept the responsibility of the amazing truth that we are not only the physical body, the brain and emotions, we are importantly a precious eternal element, a very important part of the mind of God and the heart of God. This particle, spirit, light and essence is the higher and permanent identity that usually becomes lost in the shuffle. Spiritual ignorance tells us that we are primarily ego, the deluded personality, who is a dimwit compared to the inner sacred spirit. I speak bluntly because time is wasted, energy is lost and those shrouded in spiritual ignorance have darkened the lives and feeling nature of millions of humans leaving them in despair, lacking hope, sustenance and bereft of inner understanding.

We can do something transformation about the blackness and begin it right now. We can shake ourselves in such a way that a brighter reality is created which encompasses unconditional love, light, beauty, kindness demanding truth, not the delusion. This energy of genuine living power requires courage at first and soon it becomes the natural fiber of our being. We are god in form. The spark that is within us holds the package together. Although many people choose to remain oblivious, they still carry the sacred within. If they did not, they could not function as intelligent light in form. The spirit of the Supreme Creator sustaining our form, desires to fulfill its creativity as a full expression of perfection in matter. To fulfill the higher ideal and desire, the lower nature...ego-personality must be in some degree awaken to its identity and purpose.

The enemy is not knowing who we really are in the creation plan and not taking action when we finally tune into this truth. We must feel, think and be purity expanding to radiate a brilliant light and heal self, the planet and its myriad forms. The Sun will assist through rays of massive intelligence and natural healing and creative power. Our Sun is a perfect outward symbol of Divine Light, Love and Intelligence fully capable in nourishing physical life, the matter we cling to.

Why not embrace the Source, the Light that is behind the material Sun, that is the primary nurturer, the heart of our known universe? Allow its rays to embrace and comfort, love and provide wisdom that we can understand and use. Know that we are also a ray, a ray of unbelievable potential, beauty and power. Our ray includes sub rays to be used for the good of all. It may sound unbelievable to you only because you have not fully understood the significance of the manifestation of light in our sun, moon, stars, planets and every creation right here on earth including humanity. Too many are lazy and prefer to accept ignorance, lies and the falsity rather than accept the truth that everything shared in this article can be known from within.

Real power and presence has been provided through Nature and the higher vibrations of Light. There are endless manifestations to help the seeking individual to link mind, soul, spirit and light in the human experience. I do understand how at times it may feel like you are trapped in a flesh form in a world that has gone mad. The only point in pouring out my heart because I understand the feeling. What I offer you is firsthand knowledge. We do not have to feel trapped and limited. We do not need to continue to suffer and be deprived of higher knowledge. Wake up and be a soul who remains awakened. Assist our brothers and sisters awaken and encourage them to live as radiant beings, the power that is hidden behind the flesh image. This is authentic freedom. Genuine freedom is not in revolutions, political changes or persona's. True revolution is the one that higher Nature, the real us, fights and wins within the mind, heart and body.

In harmony,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Affirmation of Faith


I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
My body is a temple for my soul.
It is my church, perfect in its wholeness.
I am the priest and my heart is the alter.
My life is one of love and service to my fellow creatures.

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
I recognize that it is I who transforms my human hood into
spirit hood through thoughts, feelings and actions.
I recognize that there is a universal harmony and I
am an integral part of the Whole.
I accept God's loving grace and compassion and thus my
body becomes a sacred temple for the spirit of love to dwell.
In humble thankfulness, I look upon my mind and body as it
becomes perfect and energized in truth.

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
In faith I live knowing that I am loved by God.
As I walk in newness and life, I offer my soul, mind and
body to a life of spiritual awareness and action.
As I grow stronger each day basking in the love of the
Light of God, I offer humble thanks for the many blessings.
For I truly know that God loves me and thus I am
becoming humanly what I am spiritually.

The above is an excerpt from my first book, Circle of Light,
published in 1982 under the name, Shirlee Dunlap