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I had never heard of the great Bulgarian Master Teacher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov whose community headquarters was and still is located in Southern France.  One of his disciples here in the states sent the Master Teacher a copy of my first book, Circle of Light, which is now out of print.  This happened in 1982.  One day, I received a letter of encouragement from this amazing being that was very supportive.  At the time, I had never read any of his 'works'.  Since I received Omraam's letter of warmth and radiant Light, I have probably studied and joyfully connected with his 'beyond this world' consciousness on a daily basis. I resonate to his goal for humanity where we must make universal brotherhood, universal harmony, our goal, and put all the means at our disposal, our qualities, faculties, talents, strength and energy, to work toward that end.  Only then will the problems of mankind be resolved.

I am certain that he respected my first book because of a poem that I written from my own spiritual understanding.  Here it is...


PURITY is a state of being; it takes eons of time to awaken within the conscious mind.  It is the key to eventual freedom and true Oneness.

PURITY is understanding and keeps forever in its consciousness the truth that each soul is struggling in his or her own way for conscious perfection.

PURITY is  a cleanliness of mind. It does not soil itself with negative thoughts that separate; these outpourings only dissipate and discolor the energy of the soul.

PURITY is kindness and selflessness towards others; the desire to give, lovingly, each in his or her own way.

PURITY is patience in life, the battleground, the school for souls. All worthwhile desires take time to materialize.

PURITY is resting in that which is Unseen, that which we cannot always grasp or comprehend; to put our trust in God knowing that we are loved and all will be as it should.

PURITY is a result of long preparation and paving of the Way. The human prepares the body and conscious mind for purity, the honored guest.

PURITY is to accept our humanness. Human we are and commonsense and discernment must be our guidelines in living.

PURITY is a joy in the comfort of understanding and thankfulness.  It is a happiness that only those who are touched by the grace of  SPIRIT comprehend.

PURITY is life, true life, for it has purpose, dedication and realization.  It has freedom that flows out of unity and harmony.

PURITY is humility before holiness. The conscious part of the mind cannot comprehend the Supreme Spirit intellectually. Its love, power and wisdom is only glimpsed through the awakened heart, the intuitive experience.
PURITY is a final realization that we are purity itself, never separated; the One life, the One heart, the One mind pulsating throughout the Universe.

Copyright 1982 by Shirlee Dunlap (Hall)

I dedicated my first book, Circle of Light, to the Divine within each one with profound joy and love.  I know that the great Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov resonated to my words because his emphasis was always on encouraging his students to purify one's body, mind and soul.

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