Friday, August 13, 2010


A new spirituality is struggling to be birthed.  It is a spirituality, which views the world as a sanctuary and instills in us reverence for life and the world as a cosmos.  Ecology is part of the new spirituality.  It is reverence for life in all forms. No longer can we avoid the Whole.  We are part of earth, part of society, and part of all life.  If part of the Whole goes down, the entire existence goes. down.

Many of us know as our truth that our spiritual life is bountifully nourished by exposure to the nobility and beauty of nature. The power of the Divine is powerfully present in the silence of lakes, ocean, forests, desert, flower gardens and mountains.  To cultivate a 'new' earth or 'heaven on earth', we must cultivate on earth what most souls are expecting to experience in the higher worlds of Light. spirituality and ecology go hand in hand.

Basic moral questions are raised with the misuse and continuing abuse of the environment.  This is why an authentic spirituality is interconnected with the Earth and all her amazing manifestations. Spirituality helps transform human minds and hearts, our relationship to each other and how important it is to live in dignity and beauty as an image of God.

To move firmly into the New Age of Light, the Light behind the Sun, we must take responsibility for the planet, neighbors, all other living and non-living creatures as well as ourselves.  Our generation has a moral responsibility for the future. It is our challenge to bring in the kingdom, the higher consciousness, and firmly establish it within and without.  In other words, to bring a conscious love and respect, the Presence of God, in the created reality we refer to as Nature.  Let us with renewed passion and true unconditional love, respect and determination, celebrate the beauty and wonder of this magnificent creation.  Ecology and spirituality cannot be separated.  Respect for all life is basic to the healing of our beautiful and injured planet.

The new spirituality treats others according to what each of us can potentially become.  We are divine lights having a physical experience.  We are here to lift our own consciousness and help others do likewise.  It is about integration, working on our own inner divinity and simultaneously doing our best to bring a healing and harmony in the outer environment  regardless of gender, race, religion, political view or physical form.

Each of us is an important part of the evolutionary drama.  Instead of spending energy on what we don't materially have or do have, we must retrain ourselves to live in harmony with each other and with Nature.  There is no way we can experience true peace, embody any form of grace, or discover the sacred nature of our own inner light, physical body and body of Earth if we do not respect live in all forms.

Many great mystics have foretold of a Golden Age that is more gentle than anything we know of right now.  The Age of Light, a new way of living and being, will gradually occur after disastrous events, gigantic upheavals, turmoil and change of all kinds.  This we are already experiencing.  Authentic peace worldwide will probably not come for another hundred years or more.  Why not?  Humanity as a whole is immature.  No one said it would be easy.  We only fool ourselves when we believe no effort or preparation is required of us.  It is our individual responsibility to first create peace within and the God realized energy would then finally manifest in the physical world.

We who care and love deeply all life forms are here to prepare the way.  We do it by purging and healing ourselves and living an awakened consciousness with patience, determination, understanding, joy and love.  It is sad that human beings need to suffer before they begin to yearn for harmony and peace and the pure joy of a new and expand vision.  Strange but is the suffering that usually jolts the average soul into making up his mind that it is time to shift perspective and become an authentic being.

The Age of Light, the Age of the Sun, or as some refer to as the coming Golden Age, will not happen automatically. Enough of us must have sufficient emotional, mental maturity and inner understanding and compassion to respond to the call of the Sacred.  Let us who do create together a guiding image for the Age of Light.  The more we focus on what I will refer to as the eco-spirituality as our new reality, the greater our collective empowerment.  As we focus and hold the ideal of enlightened beings living together in harmony with Nature will manfifest as our reality.

We have barely touched the beauty of who we are and there lies the answer to the riddle.  The Kingdom of God is in truth a spiritual realization, a higher state of mind, and a state of consciousness where we have acept our own divinity and willingly and with trust live our inner understanding.

What do we need to do right now?  Change the mind and heart and allow unconditional love to be the force in our lives.
Thought is an active and very powerful force.  When we hold on to our ideal by exercising powerful thought, meditation and prayer and physically live what we know is true, the benefits to mankind, all life and Nature are far reaching as well as enduring.  The more we exert effort; great assistance is lovingly given the human family through luminous beings existing in the finer vibrations of radiant Light.

We regain our integrity by invoking the truth of the larger human family.  We must broaden our conception of the idea of family.  Oneness in consciousness demands sweeping changes in attitude.  The Age of Light is about human beings who are whole and integrated, people who are united in the ideals of love, compassion and lovingly express with reason and conscience respecting one another in a spirit of oneness and authenticity.

Humanity does not experience peace at this time because it is spiritually dislocated.  There is a very serious disregard for the Source of all life.  This is tragic.  Good change must happen now.  We are the ones who must show the way and walk the talk.  We must as a collectivity firmly reconnect to the Divine, stand tall, and live with integrity and compassion in order to gain real strength and true wisdom to finally achieve genuine love, harmony and the peace we deeply desire.  This is the missing link, an answer to the riddle~

I have shared what is within my heart because of two recent tangible visions.  A white dove of peace has appeared to me  and lingered in  both my home and car as a physical form, gently moving its wings, facing me in all its beauty and purity. The white Dove is a symbol for the Holy Spirit, the peace that we all inwardly yearn for~

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May the Light of God fill you in new and amazing ways~


Shirlee Hall
August 13, 2010

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