Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Sun Message: BELIEVE

A Sun Message: BELIEVE



Since a child, I have believed in something amazing beyond words, a power, a Supermind, a Presence that is beyond religion, formulated creeds and far beyond the known universe. It is Cosmic and indescribable except for the Light of its finer body and magnificent creation of Nature as its outer body. It is not limited. Many times, a gentle voice, a sign or words written in the language of Light have reminded me of who we are and our purpose in visible form. The Light speaks true...

It is because of this illuminating love and authenticity that I remind you that the Light is who we are. We are co-creators with the magic and beauty of the Supreme One, God, as we purify the body, mind and soul. It matters not what we look like, our status in life or the environment in which we were born or now live. What matters is that we believe in who we are spiritually and take positive action as a result of our inner reality.

One of the earliest messages given to me is to remember to believe. Yes, belief and our creative potential is a gift of God. It is a universal gift available to all of us. We are connected as living lights. The ideal is to attain the fullest sense of what we spiritually are while living in the flesh. This is and always will be my mantra. Physics recognizes a Supermind. Watch your thoughts and feelings and allow your self to tune into that high and loving level of Cosmic consciousness.

Remember to dream and consciously create your dream as a living reality through your own determination, strength and energy. We are powerful. Let us remember our higher purpose. Through true love, we inspire and give hope to others in the coming year. Together, let us believe and create a reality of goodness and authenticity.
Love always,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Makes Us Real

The Internet is one way that those of like-mind, lovers of truth, kindness and life are merging together to create an enormous thought form of love. It is actually a space of love, a newness that has been missing in many people's lives for a very long time. As this brighter thought form expands, it will pull us into its center, which is the Light of God. Hopefully, you have experienced being flooded with Light. It's appearance is usually sudden and happens in the most unexpected places. A great upward shift to the level of our higher consciousness is felt as beauty, wonder and love. At first, you will not be conscious of the vibration of Light all the time. Be patient. The Light will return again and again and one day it will remain a conscious presence in your mind and heart. It is seen as well as felt. There is an entirely different language and level of maturity associated with the Light.

I see the year 2010 as an interim, a transition period not only for spirituality but also for every aspect of human life. Many will speak from their hearts and express what they feel without any qualms. The awakened and caring ones have not had any real form of coalition. There is a small organization here and there, books that speak of a new life appearing, but soon something will happen that unites all of those who desire the same thing. What are the deep desires besides the obvious sense of security and love? Nobility, fairness, cooperation, respect, sincerity, truth, kindness and a genuine feeling for each other. The space of love is about loving Nature, nurturing life, surrendering and choosing to work with a Higher Power that is mainly unseen by the masses.

What will happen in the days ahead is that the unseen will gradually be witnessed through souls like in our circle and other circles all over the planet. The circle ever widens and this is exactly what will occur. It begins slowly. During the new year, it will suddenly grow in leaps and bounds. Why? Souls are ready for an opening, a place of hope, a space of love. We are tired of pretending that the physical body, personality and material objects are the end all of life. We desire to really know and live our true identity as spirit in form and understand real truth, not the lies that come with being duped by those in power. We desire to take greater steps removing falseness, the costume of pretence, the lies and betrayal that have separated us for thousands of years from the Source of our being...radiant Light.

We must do our best to be in shape physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. It behooves us to find within the greatest thing we can do. True understanding comes from an inner healing. True understanding is like a spring, always refreshed, always renewed and enchanted. True knowledge is always full of wonder. I believe in who we are and what we can now accomplish. We are ready. Love makes us Real. We ensure a year of goodness and a balanced future by the way we feel and live today.

Be expectant! Love makes it happen.

Love and Light


Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Message: Unfolding Your Wings


You have been released to try your own wings.
Know that in the trying you will hit dark lows and achieve high octaves of Light.
In the fluctuations of knowing and experiencing realize that you are the Knower and not
the experience.

Know that you have been given purity and only you can receive and live it.
Know that you have not yet received the full inner teachings of the hidden and the sublime
freedom of being.
This understanding comes when you have first tried your own wings, created your own nest of refuge and determined your own patterns.
Know that you are not alone. There are many who observe and love you.
Know that you cannot fathom the depths of knowledge and a higher love at this point in consciousness until you fly across the abyss of nothingness.
This means intense challenges, new ideas and life choices will be come your way. Everything will change if this is your course.

The completion of your flight will be determined by your responses to the opportunities your God Self presents and how you apply what has been lovingly shared with you.
No one can achieve the heights for you.
No one can teach you all they know.
No one can open your wings for you.
You must do it!
It is your choice.
Your move.
Your Light.
Your Love.
You as God acting in form.

Be aware that this is a very delicate period of your life. You must apply what you have learned in order to achieve your purpose in being.
The purpose is more than you consciously realize or are presently achieving.
Keep alert and vigilant.
This is a vigil for you as well as for me.

In love and thanksgiving,


Friday, December 4, 2009

Glamour, Duality & Grace


For the majority of souls living on the physical plane, life is an ongoing struggle. If we already understand and accept our true spirit identity hidden in matter, the struggle can be very distracting and slow moving if we forget the reason why we are on earth and what we need to do to keep balanced and move forward.

Lack of understanding and the forgetting of spirit identity are caused by a veil of protection we wear when entering physical form. The veil is gradually removed through personal effort and maturity. When we fully begin to love who we are and respect the eternal presence, it becomes easier to understand, be compassionate and live in balance. While we are remembering and learning to be the wonder that we are, we live side by side with the glamour created through the influence of swindlers. The swindlers are people who selfishly desire and deliberately attempt to corrupt the innate goodness of man. Corruption has come easily for the most part during the last ten thousand years because influential people behind the scenes and sometimes openly have deliberately focused on hypnotizing humanity. It is common for humans to be distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any deep contemplation. It is when we lose our source of income, illness strikes and the many other forms of loss that appear that we must remain focused and remember the inner Essence and why we are here. The tendency is to give in to the negative energy and subsequently lose a much needed sense of peace. To heal the harm caused, a tremendous amount of love is required by us to correct the damage brought about through denial, resistance, lack of understanding and other forms of abuse.

Why does life have to be so hard? It is a constant challenge whether we are already enlightened or struggling to reach a higher level of consciousness. Living in dense matter is very different from the lightness and freedom experienced in the invisible realms of Light. Physical life is frequently a shabby imitation of what we once knew as our original pure selves here on earth. When we choose to descend and experience density, scientifically we are further away from the Center-God, at least in our conscious knowing nature. The earth, individual and collective consciousness, rhythmically passes through stage of awareness from the very dull to the brightest splendor. We are coming to the end of a dark phase that has been mainly accepted by the soul until recently. Earlier, there were always souls quietly hidden away who understood the cycles of consciousness and how the earth responds in kind. These souls know about the decrease in Celestial Light and in future cycles, the Light returning. During this particular space-time, many are beginning to experience an influx of Celestial Light. Souls are awakening to their plight, the robotic thinking habit, the rape of the earth and an increasing urge within to return to some semblance of our original pureness and wholeness.

A terrorist to me is any intelligence who attempts to corrupt goodness and truth. We can and have been a terrorist to our own bodies and families through unbalanced and selfish choices. Additional Divine Light as unconditional love and power is available during an upswing in collective consciousness. Radiant Light is slowly occurring in the hearts of humankind as well as exposing that which must be removed in order for peace and happiness to reign. The hidden is showing its face in more ways than one. Duality exists not only in matter but within the invisible astral-emotional states of mind as well as the lower mental field of consciousness. To be strong in the midst of duality, stop resisting truth and change, denial will not make it go away. Discipline yourself to stay with deep thinking, meditating, service and loving. It is possible to be free in density if we persistently try, dare and BE.

We earn the right to break the illusion. Start by cleaning up your own pollution in body, mind and soul. Recognize, listen, honor and love your inner essence. Allow it to come out as the brightness of the Sun. This is the time we have been waiting for and we are the souls who can do great things. Be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented, without tampering with the desire of the inner Beloved. Learn to surrender the body and its concerns to the power of Good. Because of the strength of belief, acceptance and love, we will transform into the wonder and goodness that we innately are. Allow yourself to be happy. Act in love. Learn to accept the state of grace. It is similar to reaching the top of a Sacred Mountain. Learn to surrender to the grace of the universe and be at one with all planes of consciousness. Trust in God's protection. When we accept and surrender to the power of the One, healing and self-transformation occurs. We chose to be here. Let us do it right!

In hope and harmony,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cosmic Soup-Hijacking Our Minds


It is time we recognize that we must be in action what we are within. The period of waiting is over. It is not for the ego to judge what Is, but to allow that which Is to discern Its messengers and message. To be at peace, we must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument. Talk is not enough. Good deeds are not enough. Surrender of the mind and heart to the One Power, Presence and Wisdom is enough. It is time that unconditional love is demonstrated in its fullness by the race of man. Look within the heart and remember. It is in the remembering that we will finally be free.

Yes, when we remember that cycles come and go, shifts happen and consciousness does change, understanding surfaces. Negative cycles gradually happen because people invented images of various gods and became attached to matter. Images are good when they are positive. This holds true for individual feelings and thought and collective energy. When the images we create are destructive, they become a virus and infect whoever comes in range of the projection. Moods are contagious whether they are positive or negative. The positive emotions are the more powerful and stimulate others to be cooperative. Create your own evidence of this truth and it will be obvious that goodwill is more contagious than negativity.

It has been scientifically proven that emotions are virulent viruses that infect others. Elements in our brains and bodies immediately begin to copy the source of imbalance. Remembering the power of emotional contagion, let's try and be alert and not allow someone else to hijack our state of mind. Focusing on negative news, movies, books, gossip, causes that work against the good and associating with someone who drains us adds to a negative virus. When we cannot avoid a negative contact, put up an invisible shield of Light and create immunity. Our peace, balance and understanding depends on remembering and being the inner spirit light that we truly are.

Why not spend some conscious time loving every part of your body and include the inner spirit? This is a surefire preventative. Scientists report that when atoms within a molecule align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously line up the same way. When we listen to deliberate lies and distortions from any source, a mood will change direction. Planting thoughts in people's minds has been done prior to biblical times. We do not need a heightened sense of aggravation. The Cosmic Soup will control our moods if we are not consciously alert.

Remembering and living our divinity in form is our responsibility. Both positive and negative evaluations are coming from a place of Ego. The ideal is to avoid swinging to either extreme and lovingly trust and focus on the Light, the Divine Presence, that is our true identity. With a positive intention both individually and collectively, we will start our own virus and return to the amazing energy and beauty, truth and power that we were in the beginning.

In love and gratitude,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Armies of Light


We are gathering together to fulfill a divine purpose.
A connection is being made with multi-levels of understanding.
It is a connect that will prove to be the lifeline of the planet.

Be strong in heart and join forces with the weak in spirit.
Mend sorrow and clear your path.
The days ahead will bring confusion and pain to many.

Make way for the armies of Light, true beings who care.
Our banner is Light, our ammunition Love and our words Wisdom.
Our numbers are greater than imagined.

You are not alone.
By answering the Call, you have made a commitment.
By preparing for battle, you are spiritually empowered.

It is time to take a stand and know your strength.
Although the battleground is not clearly defined, the message is to be steadfast.
You will understand when the moment of truth arrives~

In hope,


Saturday, October 24, 2009



The regeneration of any individual, organization or country begins only on the basis of its spiritual rebirth. People often ask me how to take positive action. I was trying to think of a well-known human example. My inner voice gently said, "Noah". Of course, Noah knew that changes were coming. He immediately began to prepare for natural changes that his neighbors mocked. This does not mean we must build an ark or collect two specimens of each plant and animal. It means we are to prepare and open our consciousness to a dramatic and unavoidable change. Not only did Noah prepare physically, he prepared mentally and spiritually. He willingly opened his consciousness to divine direction and a massive energy field of extreme intelligence and love.

It is time to live according to the laws of God the Creator. Spirituality is expressed with specific concrete actions. Noah could have chosen to refuse God's direction waving the conversation with his soul as utter nonsense. Instead, Noah was obedient to the intuitive guidance he received in the space of love and wisdom. Although he was mocked, he prepared himself physically, emotionally and mentally through a focused trust, faith, discipline, hard work and a genuine concern for life. He chose to be obedient and thus live for God. Noah was willing to listen and act. We have the same choice to take good care of our physical body and emotionally and mentally embrace whatever new challenge appearing on the horizon. The inner preparation is far greater than storing food, water or owning a gun. I know that it is not where we are physically located that will determine our survival, it is our vibratory frequency and state of consciousness that creates destiny.

Aspire to the conscious awareness of truth. Truth is limitless. We are co-creators. Let us take both individual and group action and use the power of an awakening consciousness to help write a new story that will benefit our spiritual evolution. Deliberately use your inner ray of light for self, others, nature, organizations and other countries by daily sending a charge of healing love. For centuries, we have been offered self-improvement tools. It is true that tools well learned will enhance emotional stability and self-mastery. Times have changed; we have entered a new cycle of evolution. We must intelligently use what we have acquired. As co-creators, running to workshops, reading endless books and looking for answers outside of the spirit within is not the way to exist successfully in a coherent vibratory frequency of heightened love. Let us together use what we already have. It is never too late. The more we accept in joy and love our divine and true identity, the less apprehensive we will be regarding the future. Our example, like Noah's, will inspire others to do likewise.

Shift the focus away from the material concerns. I am not suggesting neglect. What I am suggesting is a deliberate anchoring of the feeling nature and mind in an attunement that radiates a power, wisdom, kindness and love far exceeding dependency on matter. when we decide to act and BE who we really are, we become Noah. Regardless of the nonsense and pain in the appearance world of matter, we have opened a door to a Grander Reality that will provide what we need. Why? A sincere and loving heart and a mind with pure desire and intent is beneficial to the Earth and ALL Life.

In hope and love,


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sun Message "Who?"


Dear friend of Truth~

The walls are crumbling, the road is blocked and you sit and wonder what next to bear.
The time has arrived when the world knows not what to do.
It is the likes of you who will stand guard and watch.
It is now that the words of wisdom and love will be sent forth into a listening ear.
Eyes that are sore from strain and hearts waiting expectantly will receive the Word.

Who is to offer the gifts? Who is to sound the bell?
Who is to heal the heats? Who is to show the Way?
Is it the soothsayers?
Is it the crystal-gazers?
Is it the pseudo-spiritual?

It is the pure and unadulterated ones born of the heart.
It is those who have endured, prepared, listened, served and have awakened.
These are the children of Light.
They unabashedly love God.
They are strong and full of love.

In hope, harmony, light and love,


Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Message From the Council of the Sun


In blogs, books and lectures for twenty-five years, I have mentioned that a hierarchy exists in the subtle worlds of Light. This is reasonable since there definitely is a hierarchy in consciousness here in the lower world of matter. The ideal is for us to purify our own consciousness enough, expanding the inner light and opening the mind and heart to be privy to divine messages, which are given by great and enlightened denizens of Heaven. These luminous beings are filled with the glory of God. Using the criteria of the ancients, such beings could certainly be called "gods". They also could be called the "angels" of God. Having been graced by encounters with Luminous Beings myself since early in life, I feel at this collective point of world change to occasionally share some of the messages with you. There are many councils within the Sun. Each with its own purpose and energy. It is the vibration that is noted.


It is said that there is but One life
and yet many exist.
In the many who exist, the One is found.
The One is all that Is and yet it is not seen
Nor can it be described.

The One is a riddle to the many and Love to the few.
The One is no other than your Self.
Yes, you, the Beloved within.
The Beloved is but the One
and so we stand.

We say to you, "Why all the fuss?"
If you are the One, why worry?
The One knows the Way
Why not be attentive?
The One is life. Why not enjoy it?

You are too serious in your endeavor.
Listen to your heart rather than your head.
Observe the moments of the day and
Enjoy the swell of the waves.
Feel the wind on your face and lift your eyes
To the heavens.

We speak of lightness to you.
It is welcome at this time.
You have struggled hard and need the
Balance of the Word...
To soften your burden and wear your wings again.

You have done well.
And have experienced many initiations.
The One is with you and without.
We applaud you. It is time to move on
To greater heights and sweet remembrances.

What now you say?
Is it the end?
Or must I continue to struggle?
No, dear in the WILL OF HEAVEN
And you will BE the hidden message~

In harmony and love,

Shirlee's Friends

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Promise We Made To Ourselves

Many of us are on the planet for a very deep and amazing reason. The reason is to help bring about change, a change that will insure soul evolution. Inwardly, we know what life can be like. Those who are intuitively aware know that we are all originally one in essence. The difference lies in vibration, quality of light, appearance, programming at birth, society, values of those around us, influences, and the oftentimes erroneous conditioning that compels us to do things that eventually will require correction. The long list of differences is primarily of the world of matter, not Spirit. Once the enlightening process begins in earnest, we realize that everyone is a projection of the One Source.

For those of you who came in physical form with a dream, believe in it and allow it to be realized as you, through you. I often look to birds for hope and inspiration. Ever since humankind began to think in spiritual terms, birds have symbolized higher states of being and angels. The Language of the Birds is also called the Language of Light, The Adamic Language, Language of Angels and the Green Language, which is believed to be the holistic language of Nature. As we awaken to our spiritual identity, we begin to experience an intimacy, a conscious connection with the Upper Worlds and our world of matter. Our promise is to link and work with each other and
Nature's forces and to explore the relationships between all the wonders of Her creation. A new kind of world is opening before us. Presently, the masses do not know how to live it yet.

We can heal our world and ourselves and transform it from the corruption and damage we have
created into a garden or a paradise. It requires that we be true to our promise. Using the symbolism of the Language of the Birds offers us the secret knowledge concerning the door to
Heaven, the third eye. We are here on earth to open the Divine Seal within. Do you ever stop and wonder why there are so many cultures with myths of human-like gods that came out of the
heavens to create, destroy and recreate humans? The Cycle has returned. We are the ones who must do it.

Do research on birds and you will find symbolism for a wide range of virtues and powers that we
need to attain to be bird men and bird women, in other words more like angels and Radiant Light. For instance, the eagle represents illumination of Spirit, healing and creation. The eagle teaches a balance of being of the Earth and not in it. The eagle is associated with all the energies of the sun-physical and spiritual. They are symbols of greater sight and perception. Have you rediscovered your inner child and awakened a higher sense of purity, passion, creativity, healing and spirituality?

We must learn to understand and utilize the things of the earth and keep grounded. To keep our promise, we must learn to swoop, to soar, to dive and to hover using the winds within our lives
for not only our benefit but for the good of all. It is time we develop our wings and be responsible through doing and being a mediator and the bearer of a new and greater creative force within the world. This force is a love that is pure, unconditional and active.

I ask that the Source of All heal all those who read this of any hindrances blocking their path toward wholeness~

In respect and love,


Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Sun Message-Prophecy or Probability?


Each soul who lives in harmony with the higher wisdom and unconditional love is an integral part of the Circle of Light. Groups, organizations and individuals have many different names. It is our pure intention that is drawing us together as a force of majesty and power. Each of us is a spark of the Great Ring. There is a time soon coming when the world of unenlightened men and women will take notice.

I consciously travel out of my physical body. Recently, sitting alone in the living room, I left for a location unknown. The surroundings were in an open part of a forest. Everything was green, lush and very peaceful. I could feel the tall grass brush against my legs and the warm wind gently blowing the tops of the tall and slim trees. The unfamiliar leaves were Lacy in appearance. The scene was perfect except for a strange and red sky. Why was the sky red?
It did not look like a sunset nor had I felt or heard any impact from an object coming from space.
Perhaps, it was a fire of great magnitude off in the distance. I eventually understood the red sky to symbolize that we must stop and pay attention. It was a dramatic warning of what could be our future.

Another scene appeared. I was still standing at the exact same location but everything was dramatically changed. The soft swaying vibrant green grass had disappeared. The ground looked like gray soot. The sky was no longer red; it was a dismal gray. The lacy tree top leaves had vanished and all that was left was a few black, barren tree trunks with twisted branches. No light could be seen any where. Nothing, only deadness. The feeling that came over me as I gazed at the rape of Nature cannot be put into words~

We have a choice. What we think, feel, say and do is very important. With this important statement in mind, I have taken the liberty to copy the lyrics to an old song from the 1970's
called, "The Impossible Dream". Thank you for taking the time to read this message and for caring as much as you do.

Love, hope and respect,
The Impossible Dream
To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not to go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star
This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far
To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause
And I know if I'll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I'm laid to my rest
And the world will be better for this
That one man/woman, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with a last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Making the Best of Life

Everyone has the privilege of making the best of life. We need to make an effort not to be discouraged if we have neglected our opportunity until recently. We can always connect ourselves with the Divine Source and ask for intimacy, understanding, strength, guidance and grace. Even if we have made innumerable mistakes, we cannot suffer eternally, because for a finite action there cannot be an infinite punishment. Action and reaction must always be equal.

All rewards, gifts, healing and blessings are only natural reactions of our own actions and wholly determined by us. We reward and punish ourselves on many different levels. There is no arbitrary being waiting to punish or reward us. It is we who supply the materials out of which our destiny is shaped. We do not inherit any kingdom of happiness or a kingdom of unhappiness by accident. We move towards one or the other according to the momentum we create by our thoughts and habits of life. Neither do we get something for nothing, nor can we stay where we do not belong.

For many, this life feels like a consuming fire. If one learns to stand in its burning flame with a higher understanding, we eventually become like gold...pure and finally free. As long as we resist, complain or are afraid of disappointments or of losing material things, we can accomplish very little in our soul growth. We may fail many times or may wait a long time before anything good comes to us. It definitely helps to understand that there can be no loss and no unfair return. What we deserve is bound to come to us; what we do not deserve will not return to us.

True understanding if required for our peace of mind and soul. It is rather our lack of clarity of mind which takes from us many possibilities for good change and doing well. The law of compensation needs to be universally understood. It is not peculiarly an Eastern doctrine, as many think. It concerns everyone, whether he lives in the East or the West; whether he is a Christian or a Mohammedan, a Buddhist, Hindu, Hebrew faith or no religion. No one can get away from the law of compensation. Everyone must reap what he sows. This includes countries. And one way to help others is to introduce this larger idea. Let their mind be filled with it and
they will uplift themselves. The only real bondage is spiritual ignorance, which separates us like a veil from the Godhead. When that veil is torn from the mind, we are free.

During this period of world change, those who have spiritually prepared themselves and understand the law of compensation will more easily be able to access the Sacred Light.
It behooves us to be wakeful in every thing we do. It is through our love for the Divine, wakefulness, meditation, prayerful efforts and service that we tear the veil of soul ignorance. When it finally drops, the radiant Light expands and shines both within and without.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Importance of Light


If you understand Sacred Light, you are able to communicate in the Language of Light. You will understand who you are, the purpose of life and the hierarchy that exists both above and below.
Humanity is but beginning to know spiritual Light. We seek the Light of God to guide us out of the jungle to the mountaintop of the awakening soul. It is our destiny to find the Light and be transformed by it. As we find it, we gradually find the inner Self, which is the Light. Many souls have been estranged from Light for too long.

To be an active Light we need to work on ourselves to be able to claim, "I am a Light". God is not Light. Sacred Light is the divine emanation, which contains all the qualities of God. We know the language of the angels and luminous ones through Light. So what is this Light? Spiritual Light is matter in its subtlest and most tenuous form. Matter is condensed, concentrated Light. Light is everything! Once we begin to witness the Light through our spiritual senses, we begin to understand and work with it. Light is a symbol of God.

To establish a bond with Light, it requires that we fill our mind, soul, heart and spirit with Light. To obtain spiritual Light, daily practice spiritual exercises, meditation, prayer and service. The more you do this with pure intent, love and trust, the greater the possibility spiritual Light will
reveal reality to you. Now only must you learn to work with Light, you will need to learn how to project the Light. I know this works because it is the Light that I call upon in my healing work. Being conscious of the Sacred Light and working with it will increase and strengthen your aura. If you really want to help someone, send him Light. Light is intelligence, love and the only true medicine.

Light is the only power that will effectively combat all forms of suffering, weakness and illness. I have humbly witnessed this as truth daily since young adulthood. If you desire to develop spiritual senses and virtues, think constantly of Light, concentrate on it, picture the whole universe bathed in Light and soon you will be given frequent visions of Light. One day you will observe the Light behind all created things animate and inanimate. Why not develop the habit of periodically visualizing yourself, others and your country bathed in White Light? You will not only find the true meaning of life, you will be increasing the vibrations on earth. As you work on this, you will discover interesting personal changes. If you desire to be in control of your life, health and evolution, be disciplined, trust, patient and develop a selfless love.

As we purify the mind and body and understand what it means to work with Divine Light, we gradually become a conscious conduit of Sacred Light. Book learning is great and serves its purpose but there are greater actions we can take. We must do things that are concrete and put all the knowledge into practice. The living manner of the circulation of Heavenly Light has one live mingling with the world and yet in harmony with the Light.

This is our return journey~

Unceasing blessings,


Sunday, July 19, 2009


What is or is not negative is determined by individual perspective. I personally look behind appearances and frequently discover that what appears as negative is a positive blessing~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

An Argument Against Negative Karma

It is true that transgressing certain laws will cause harmful imbalances both within and without. History has shown us this fact. We all know the 'eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth', cause and effect and action and reaction quotes. Some teachers suggest that higher invisible beings give us difficulties and ill health to force us to spiritually mature and develop a finer character. It appears as true that the majority of human beings are not spiritually enlightened. Too many lack knowledge or understanding regarding their true identity as spirit in form. If you do not understand who you really are and why you are on the planet and the purpose of the whole drama, you are bound to make endless mistakes. It is common today for a practitioner to ask a patient to immediately look for the cause of the illness, weakness of character or the vice, which provoked the disorder...disharmony. We are told to find the cause and put it right at that level. It is more than likely if we do not take the time to discover and take care of the cause, all the improvements we achieve by outer means will not be permanent. There is a great deal of truth in these conclusions. One problem can be resolved but later a new one may appear if a necessary change does not occur.

There are other practitioners and healers who follow certain rules such as asking 'Heaven' what its plans are for the one in need. The reasoning behind this rule is that the illness, lack, limitation or problem is not really a punishment but a demand that individual souls begin to do a gigantic work on themselves and others that they would probably not do if they were in perfect health. There is truth in this logic but it also smacks of judgment. Even people with fine character, selflessness and loving ways as well as great Initiates are often given serious problems to resolve. A greater attunement could be a possible reason for their suffering. Or, this view demanding that we get our act together could be looked upon as a direct insult to our consciousness and personal desire to spiritually evolve, serve and make earth a better place to live. There is a front door method we can enter without having to go through self-punishment from the past and suffer in the present. I personally feel that our soul conditioning, lack of self worth and an absence of a higher understanding and love create the imbalances and the mistakes.

There is the thinking, which I teach when appropriate, that focusing on the subconscious part of the mind and transforming its insidious power will heal. We are told that within the subconscious there is a solution for every problem and the cause for every effect. I have led past life regression sessions, emotional freedom tapping technique and many other successful tools. For many people, it is like opening a prison door of the mind and liberating the person from debilitating emotional stagnation. The subconscious is principal and works according to the law of our belief. When we feel guilty the energy stays in our inner computer and will rule experiences, events, conditions and actions. We definitely react to painful memories, fears and forgiveness issues.

Okay. You know all of this. You also know that to remove discord, confusion, lack and limitation you must remove the cause and stop punishing yourself. My suggestion is to change how you use your conscious mind and avoid future suffering. In other words, stop future negative effects because you are seriously changing the causes right now. The subconscious is very sensitive to feelings and thoughts. To say this simply, start believing in the truth of who you really are. This is the front door method. Begin practicing unconditional love on your self and allow the inner wisdom and love of your higher Self, the spirit, be in control. Start understanding and accepting your own beauty, worth, power and divinity. Feel, speak and act out of that firm belief. The more that you accept your true identity, as a child of God, the more likely the subconscious part of the mind will take orders based upon what your conscious mind is now choosing, believing and accepting as true. Souls who are healed are needed on this planet. I don't believe that suffering is a normal part of life. I also believe that we don't have to suffer in order to spiritually mature nor must we remain crippled on any level of energy. We have the power within to heal ourselves. Begin in earnest to use it!

This is my argument against ongoing negative karma, self-punishment. We can both build and destroy. We have a choice to feel with passion and desire and act with discipline, effort, belief and a love for a higher ideal. It is that special point of balance, the equipoise of mind, body and soul, where personal suffering stops. Others you love may continue to suffer but you will be able to comfort and give hope through your new understanding. Trust in the presence and the transforming power of the Creator within and allow it magical energy to live through you as you~

Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Whole New Science

The new Era brings new conditions to the individual who wants to become a true and conscious being. The Aquarian man and woman is new in the sense that he and she is a being of universal love, a being who is striving to be as luminous as the sun, a being whose enthusiasm and moral values correspond closely to that which has always been taught by the great Masters of humanity. It feels like a whole new science but in truth the science is ancient. Methods and techinques are again surfacing that are necessary to face up to the upheavals which are the inevitable accompainment of the birth of a new era...

There is intense stress, loss, suffering and tragedies happening all over the world. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we live in a chaotic energy and are continually being exposed to shocks. is not a question of changing the world...that would be impossible...but of transforming, enlightening and fortifying our inner being and helping others do likewise.
The spiritual path can be like shooting an arrow into the dark. You may feel that you are in constant warfare. You may encounter opposition from relatives, friends, government and medical professionals. In some cases, people may misunderstand you, misuse you, misjudge you and perhaps blame you for doing things and thinking in a manner, which they believe to be unjustified. They are afraid. Be kind to them. Think of all the Master Teachers whose thoughts were so contrary to the religious thoughts of the time. It really is not that difficult for us to pass from the thought of an ordinary person to the thought of the energy of a Christ. We can either accept that we are obliged to pass through difficult periods because this is how it is on earth or we can choose to strive toward self-mastery and attract truth, beauty, light and genuine happiness and balance. We heal and evolve by learning to place our limited human self under the protection, guidance, wisdom and love of the higher Self.
To hear the voice of Silence, the Divine, occurs naturally when we succeed in calming all our inner agitations, the rebellions, fears, and selfishness. The Voice of the higher Self is the voice of who we really are, which can only speak when all the nonsense in the emotions and conscious mind have been silenced. How do we know when we can trust the Voice and what is its source? When the answers are in harmony with the truth that the sages and saints have given us. It is then that we are on the same wavelength and are not being misled.
Develop a focus, an attitude, which is an ongoing state of mind that demands truth. Eventually, the within and the without become one. Our ultimate destiny is to remember God, Absolute, the Source of All. As we remember, our trust evolves and unbelievably rich and good things happen to us. They may be either small or larger experiences that only a genuine seeker would understand and appreciate.
The sublime is proven when the feeling of knowing and participating in the Sacred is powerful and evident in the human experience. I know as my truth that we can end negative karma by living in the knowledge and acceptance of our highest and best Self every day. Instead of being engrossed in intensity, anxiety and even greater stress, why not uncover more deeply who we really are and finish the assignment? Our job is to know that the All-Knowing Creator, creation, which includes us are one and the same. This knowledge is not only a great joy but also a tremendous responsibility that is gladly shared.
Our destiny is to uncover the divinity within. It is not far off somewhere. Get the personality, its fears and sense of separation out of the way. Soul evolution can be a great adventure! Move beyond the veil of the superficial part of the mind. Developing a love for perfection and elevating the thinking part of the mind and heart to a higher region dissolves the barrier that has been falsely created between the Divine and matter. Barriers shut out Light. Fear temporarily separates us from the Light. You are the Light and can personally experience Celestial Energy every day as protection, guidance, love, balance and wisdom when you deliberately and fully give your conscious attention to a subtle and eternal vibration that is attuned to the Sublime Limitless Energy. What we place our attention on, we become. It is then that we live as fearless and confident beings experiencing firsthand the true Authority.

A Whole New Science


Monday, June 29, 2009

Falling in Love with the Divine

Man is really funny. He likes complexity. If a veil is not wrapped around truth, he is uninterested. He does not want to take only one step; it is more interesting to look forward to millions of steps. We are like children playing thousands of times in a maze. We want to know what real love is, what truth is but generally speaking most seekers like the maze. That is why the mystics and the sages made the greatest truths a mystery, to be given only to the few who were ready for them, letting the others play because it was the time for them to play.

Many seekers look for phenomena; many of them want wonder working and communication with entities on the other side who they assume must know more than they do. They are looking for something complex, and yet the simplest things and the most valuable things in life are to be found in one's true Self.

Some people feel that the more mysterious and complicated written material is the more must be, right? They judge that if they do not understand it, they must not be enlightened. Or, if they do understand it better than others, they may judge themselves as being enlightened. This is foolishness because the greatest masters and teachers do their best to speak plainly and to the point.

If you are like I am, you desire to understand words of wisdom. Don't make it more complicated than the author intended it to be. Better yet, please do not compete with others in your attempt to understand the message. Enlightenment is not an intellectual exercise. Buried in the layers of matter lives a spirit, a spark, an indescribable, all-knowing, all-powerful being...the Divine. Who we are is not meant to be a mystery; it is meant to be known and lived. We are it. It is not necessary to seek phenomena or gifts. When we fall in love with the Divine, the sublime naturally appears in our lives.

If you passionately desire to be who you really are, the higher Self responds. In the face of such a desire, everything else is erased if we let it go. There is only the decision and the desire we have made today to live in the fullness of who we are and manifest a greater reality. On the computer, we delete that which is no longer beneficial. The same thing happens to us when we make a decision to accept our spiritual identity. A conscious intimacy with our eternal Self can be a relationship that gradually unfolds or it can occur over night.

Looking back over my life, I realized that falling in love with the Divine is built on trust. It is very similar to a physical love relationship if it is a true union. The relationship evolves through an interaction between two people or forces that are attracted to one another. In the case of soul evolution, it is spiritual living in action. The relationship far transcends the intellect. Our spirit identity and expressing it fully becomes a reason for living. Love is the motivating force in experiencing a higher consciousness. Books and workshops won't do it although they are a tremendous support to us at times. God Realization is a giant leap beyond outward tools.

To be one's true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. It is a never ending blessing. Fall in love with the real you, the real that is in everyone and everything sometimes hidden and sometimes exposed. Unveil it and BE yourself. The awesome power of your inner spirit is unraveled and the grace and glorious gift of oneness is consciously yours. Do yourself a favor. Don't make the journey difficult. Simply accept and love the light of who you are. Your consciousness is needed. It is time for us to do the Great Work in love and in truth.

In harmony,


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Who Are You?

The present era makes the link between the Piscean Era, now drawing to its close and the Age of Aquarius which is dawning. The constellation of Aquarius has been sending its rays and the vibrations of its wavelength have inspired, prepared and encouraged those of us who love the Absolute and desire to serve life. A whole new science with its accompanying methods and techniques is necessary to face up to the upheavals which are the inevitable accompaniment of the birth of a new era. The science is actually ancient and only appears new to those who have temporarily forgotten their spiritual identity and purpose. When I write or share regarding the return of the Light of God to earth, it comes from an ongoing firsthand experience in which my consciousness is aligned with a field of intelligence of a Higher Order. I know we can be whole again regardless of the appearances or the drama being created all over the earth.

Long ago, I chose the regenerative drama that takes place within self. It is inner nourishment and the possibilities are endless. The mind is the bridge that connects the created physical world with the higher celestial creative world of Light. In ancient days, truth referred to as the "mysteries" remained hidden except for the few because the collective consciousness was not ready to receive and understand. Although appearances are frequently bleak, we are collectively evolving towards a state of being where beauty and harmony will be experienced. There is an intelligent and perfect plan. Many years ago, I was blessed with a symbolic vision, which took form as a gigantic puzzle composed of dazzling White Light. The vision hovering in the air generated pure particles of subtle celestial energy. I watched in amazement as the various pieces of spirit luminosity gradually moved together to create a masterpiece representing the order of God's design and our destiny as enlightened beings. There is a higher plan for God's children, although it is rarely seen or understood through the physical senses. It is glimpsed and known as a direct intuitive experience.

I invite you to join me once a week as I share both sides of our nature, human and divine. Would you like to know what your spirit, your Higher Self, looks like? When you are ready, you will meet it face to face. It will happen in an unexpected moment. The first time I caught a glimpse of my true identity was thirty-eight years ago. I was sitting alone at the dining room table reading the morning newspaper . I became aware of a presence looking at me. To my surprise, an exquisite female stood before me in dazzling white light. She had a crown of diamonds on her head. Everything about her was radiant and glistening with eternal beauty, even her eyelashes. In awe, I asked, "Who are you?" Divinity answered, "I am you."

The spirit, the Higher Self, is the real you. Everyone has one. It is spirit hidden in form. It is our responsibility to manifest it in our mind, emotions and physical body. An intense love, trust and desire for the Good is necessary in order to be free. Why not expand your awareness and enjoy
the beauty, luster and divinity of who you really are? St. Paul, in the Epistle to the Corinthians, confirmed this truth in his statement, "There is a natural body and a spiritual body." As we travel in our journey of light, we support and give a much needed hope to each other and the world.

In joy and love,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Creativity and Weaving

The Ancient Mystery Schools had one precept inscribed above their portals: "Know thyself and Thou Shall Know the Universe!" We are the keepers and the writers of our own destiny. We weave our days and nights like a web through our thoughts, feelings and actions. Friends who have chosen to link their light with the Circle of Light are for the most part working for the unity of the whole world, for the collectivity so that there will be no more wars, no more misery...working with hope in our hearts for an Age of Light~

To work effectively, a special quality is required, which is total unselfishness. Yes, wisdom knowledge, love and understanding are also necessary and self-control desirable. Most of us have been on the 'path' for a very long time. Now it is time to be calm and spread and concretize all that we have learned. We are grateful for what we have discovered and remembered even when nothing has happened. Why? We are thankful for the spiritual level we have reached and to be here on earth during this auspicious time in soul evolution. Although we are still spiritually evolving, we are doing our best to spread true and unselfish love, the love that created and will renew the whole of humanity. And with increasing hope and determination, we are creating and weaving a new life that is expanding our consciousness, which leads to finer areas and dimensions where we can find inspiration for our future actions.

And as we are filled with love, let us remember to forgive ourselves and others to be free. If all humans were spiritually enlightened, there would be no crimes against life. The great truth of who we are unfolds as our consciousness expands. Because of the heightened energy available to us during this new cycle, healing personality issues may be the most challenging part of the journey. When more souls grasp the truth of inner worthiness and it takes hold in imagination and remains a steady part of the personal image, they will identity with honoring life.

Loving one's Self, the spirit within, is part of the process, the giant personal step necessary to break the bondage that false beliefs have created. Boundaries are concepts, notions and erroneous programming. Many good souls remain living in a self-imposed prison. I remind us of this fact so we can accelerate our evolution and soul evolution and clear out the old patterns that no longer serve the new cycle that we are entering. People desire freedom. To attain the freedom we long for, there cannot be fear. Fear separates us from the Absolute, our Source. To be free, begin with trust and take a step into the Great Unknown. The Great Unknown is to know one's own immortality as pure conscious in a physical experience.

In harmony,