Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Promise We Made To Ourselves

Many of us are on the planet for a very deep and amazing reason. The reason is to help bring about change, a change that will insure soul evolution. Inwardly, we know what life can be like. Those who are intuitively aware know that we are all originally one in essence. The difference lies in vibration, quality of light, appearance, programming at birth, society, values of those around us, influences, and the oftentimes erroneous conditioning that compels us to do things that eventually will require correction. The long list of differences is primarily of the world of matter, not Spirit. Once the enlightening process begins in earnest, we realize that everyone is a projection of the One Source.

For those of you who came in physical form with a dream, believe in it and allow it to be realized as you, through you. I often look to birds for hope and inspiration. Ever since humankind began to think in spiritual terms, birds have symbolized higher states of being and angels. The Language of the Birds is also called the Language of Light, The Adamic Language, Language of Angels and the Green Language, which is believed to be the holistic language of Nature. As we awaken to our spiritual identity, we begin to experience an intimacy, a conscious connection with the Upper Worlds and our world of matter. Our promise is to link and work with each other and
Nature's forces and to explore the relationships between all the wonders of Her creation. A new kind of world is opening before us. Presently, the masses do not know how to live it yet.

We can heal our world and ourselves and transform it from the corruption and damage we have
created into a garden or a paradise. It requires that we be true to our promise. Using the symbolism of the Language of the Birds offers us the secret knowledge concerning the door to
Heaven, the third eye. We are here on earth to open the Divine Seal within. Do you ever stop and wonder why there are so many cultures with myths of human-like gods that came out of the
heavens to create, destroy and recreate humans? The Cycle has returned. We are the ones who must do it.

Do research on birds and you will find symbolism for a wide range of virtues and powers that we
need to attain to be bird men and bird women, in other words more like angels and Radiant Light. For instance, the eagle represents illumination of Spirit, healing and creation. The eagle teaches a balance of being of the Earth and not in it. The eagle is associated with all the energies of the sun-physical and spiritual. They are symbols of greater sight and perception. Have you rediscovered your inner child and awakened a higher sense of purity, passion, creativity, healing and spirituality?

We must learn to understand and utilize the things of the earth and keep grounded. To keep our promise, we must learn to swoop, to soar, to dive and to hover using the winds within our lives
for not only our benefit but for the good of all. It is time we develop our wings and be responsible through doing and being a mediator and the bearer of a new and greater creative force within the world. This force is a love that is pure, unconditional and active.

I ask that the Source of All heal all those who read this of any hindrances blocking their path toward wholeness~

In respect and love,



  1. Thank you for all your wonderful posts.

    "Be the change you want to see in the world" M. Gandhi

  2. Thank you so much for your Sun Message Shirlee. Your post is a perfect and insightful summary of my book, "The Promise of the Fifth Sun"

    In these times of great transitions and change, it is important to acknowledge the lessons of the ancestors. Some specific teachings are most critical. To remember that we each have our unique "tonalli" or individual divine spark that is never hurt or diminished despite the hardships and trauma we have endured. This is a teaching that should propel us to move beyond the illusion of the changing and fearful world (ollin). We are all sons and daughters of the Fifth Sun, the sun of evolving consciousness and enlightenment. We must remember that the world changes faster precisely because we are collectively closer to the quantum leap of human evolution which is occurring within the fertile soil of our minds. Let us remember to look within for evidence and communion with the divine. Let us remember to reach beyond our fears, extending our hand to those that appear different or threatening to us. They are placed in our path to teach us to go beyond the limited comfort zone we have established. Let us help each other without expecting payment or recognition, but to help because we believe in the true spirit of creation. That which is freely given is returned to the giver many times over. Most important, let us remember the cosmic lessons of our cosmic race. We are part of the ONE living in conscious awareness of the multiplicity in a universe where every manifestation is a direct expression of the eternal Creator. Let us live in full awareness and celebration of our unique expression of the divine. Thank you for your insight and generosity.