Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Message From the Council of the Sun


In blogs, books and lectures for twenty-five years, I have mentioned that a hierarchy exists in the subtle worlds of Light. This is reasonable since there definitely is a hierarchy in consciousness here in the lower world of matter. The ideal is for us to purify our own consciousness enough, expanding the inner light and opening the mind and heart to be privy to divine messages, which are given by great and enlightened denizens of Heaven. These luminous beings are filled with the glory of God. Using the criteria of the ancients, such beings could certainly be called "gods". They also could be called the "angels" of God. Having been graced by encounters with Luminous Beings myself since early in life, I feel at this collective point of world change to occasionally share some of the messages with you. There are many councils within the Sun. Each with its own purpose and energy. It is the vibration that is noted.


It is said that there is but One life
and yet many exist.
In the many who exist, the One is found.
The One is all that Is and yet it is not seen
Nor can it be described.

The One is a riddle to the many and Love to the few.
The One is no other than your Self.
Yes, you, the Beloved within.
The Beloved is but the One
and so we stand.

We say to you, "Why all the fuss?"
If you are the One, why worry?
The One knows the Way
Why not be attentive?
The One is life. Why not enjoy it?

You are too serious in your endeavor.
Listen to your heart rather than your head.
Observe the moments of the day and
Enjoy the swell of the waves.
Feel the wind on your face and lift your eyes
To the heavens.

We speak of lightness to you.
It is welcome at this time.
You have struggled hard and need the
Balance of the Word...
To soften your burden and wear your wings again.

You have done well.
And have experienced many initiations.
The One is with you and without.
We applaud you. It is time to move on
To greater heights and sweet remembrances.

What now you say?
Is it the end?
Or must I continue to struggle?
No, dear in the WILL OF HEAVEN
And you will BE the hidden message~

In harmony and love,

Shirlee's Friends


  1. There's a lot of sense in that. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!! <3<3<3