Friday, January 22, 2010

To Do the Great Work


Satisfaction is understanding and being who you truly are.
Discard the mantle of confusion and distress, loneliness and pain.
Adorn yourself in a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy.
You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.
You are now prepared for the battle of the soul.

You will do the Great Work in total confidence.
You will be given that which is best to create and use.
You will given a new armor that is protected through love.

You are love in form and in action.
You will feel a lightness, a joy within, a knowing that is Divine and a
love that transcends description.
The world is healed through your holy hands.

You are the blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Are You Waiting For?


This is an extremely important message during these times of unusual stress and change. One can stretch so far and something breaks. We must be aware that we have been waiting for too long for the real goodness, real joy and a real sense of love and compassion to manifest as abundance on planet earth. I speak to everyone including my own personality. Why wait for something that is actually the result of what we create ourselves through intense desire, feelings, thought and action?

There are millions of people who expect someone special to save them. We must save our self and only we can do it. Yes, there have been and still are amazing teachers available all over the planet who understand the game plan. There are many who have kept themselves hidden, so to speak, and are now surfacing to lend their energy in balancing the erratic energy of those who have not answered the Call and not yet awakened. It is wasteful to expect someone else to do for you what you are required to do for yourself. Every master teacher and every known religion has provided guidelines regarding what a true brotherhood and sisterhood really is. The
Universal Laws and Principles are ignored by millions of people existing on this planet. The time is past due for each and every one of us to awaken to who we really are and the purpose in existing in a flesh body during this unusual evolutionary cycle.

There are angelic and luminous beings who would be delighted to help, restore, guide and stand by us as we gingerly attempt to make the necessary adjustments for a better self hood, a balanced world energy and a good life. Instead, they usually are ignored or in contrast...adored.
What needs to be genuinely understood is our own sacred self who is totally capable of doing good and bringing justice, peace,k beauty, truth and more light stabilizing the planet, allowing and drawing forth the inherent goodness, compassion and beauty which already exists.

What we can do right now is accept the responsibility of the amazing truth that we are not only the physical body, the brain and emotions, we are importantly a precious eternal element, a very important part of the mind of God and the heart of God. This particle, spirit, light and essence is the higher and permanent identity that usually becomes lost in the shuffle. Spiritual ignorance tells us that we are primarily ego, the deluded personality, who is a dimwit compared to the inner sacred spirit. I speak bluntly because time is wasted, energy is lost and those shrouded in spiritual ignorance have darkened the lives and feeling nature of millions of humans leaving them in despair, lacking hope, sustenance and bereft of inner understanding.

We can do something transformation about the blackness and begin it right now. We can shake ourselves in such a way that a brighter reality is created which encompasses unconditional love, light, beauty, kindness demanding truth, not the delusion. This energy of genuine living power requires courage at first and soon it becomes the natural fiber of our being. We are god in form. The spark that is within us holds the package together. Although many people choose to remain oblivious, they still carry the sacred within. If they did not, they could not function as intelligent light in form. The spirit of the Supreme Creator sustaining our form, desires to fulfill its creativity as a full expression of perfection in matter. To fulfill the higher ideal and desire, the lower nature...ego-personality must be in some degree awaken to its identity and purpose.

The enemy is not knowing who we really are in the creation plan and not taking action when we finally tune into this truth. We must feel, think and be purity expanding to radiate a brilliant light and heal self, the planet and its myriad forms. The Sun will assist through rays of massive intelligence and natural healing and creative power. Our Sun is a perfect outward symbol of Divine Light, Love and Intelligence fully capable in nourishing physical life, the matter we cling to.

Why not embrace the Source, the Light that is behind the material Sun, that is the primary nurturer, the heart of our known universe? Allow its rays to embrace and comfort, love and provide wisdom that we can understand and use. Know that we are also a ray, a ray of unbelievable potential, beauty and power. Our ray includes sub rays to be used for the good of all. It may sound unbelievable to you only because you have not fully understood the significance of the manifestation of light in our sun, moon, stars, planets and every creation right here on earth including humanity. Too many are lazy and prefer to accept ignorance, lies and the falsity rather than accept the truth that everything shared in this article can be known from within.

Real power and presence has been provided through Nature and the higher vibrations of Light. There are endless manifestations to help the seeking individual to link mind, soul, spirit and light in the human experience. I do understand how at times it may feel like you are trapped in a flesh form in a world that has gone mad. The only point in pouring out my heart because I understand the feeling. What I offer you is firsthand knowledge. We do not have to feel trapped and limited. We do not need to continue to suffer and be deprived of higher knowledge. Wake up and be a soul who remains awakened. Assist our brothers and sisters awaken and encourage them to live as radiant beings, the power that is hidden behind the flesh image. This is authentic freedom. Genuine freedom is not in revolutions, political changes or persona's. True revolution is the one that higher Nature, the real us, fights and wins within the mind, heart and body.

In harmony,


Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Affirmation of Faith


I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
My body is a temple for my soul.
It is my church, perfect in its wholeness.
I am the priest and my heart is the alter.
My life is one of love and service to my fellow creatures.

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
I recognize that it is I who transforms my human hood into
spirit hood through thoughts, feelings and actions.
I recognize that there is a universal harmony and I
am an integral part of the Whole.
I accept God's loving grace and compassion and thus my
body becomes a sacred temple for the spirit of love to dwell.
In humble thankfulness, I look upon my mind and body as it
becomes perfect and energized in truth.

I am becoming humanly what I am spiritually.
In faith I live knowing that I am loved by God.
As I walk in newness and life, I offer my soul, mind and
body to a life of spiritual awareness and action.
As I grow stronger each day basking in the love of the
Light of God, I offer humble thanks for the many blessings.
For I truly know that God loves me and thus I am
becoming humanly what I am spiritually.

The above is an excerpt from my first book, Circle of Light,
published in 1982 under the name, Shirlee Dunlap