Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cosmic Soup-Hijacking Our Minds


It is time we recognize that we must be in action what we are within. The period of waiting is over. It is not for the ego to judge what Is, but to allow that which Is to discern Its messengers and message. To be at peace, we must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument. Talk is not enough. Good deeds are not enough. Surrender of the mind and heart to the One Power, Presence and Wisdom is enough. It is time that unconditional love is demonstrated in its fullness by the race of man. Look within the heart and remember. It is in the remembering that we will finally be free.

Yes, when we remember that cycles come and go, shifts happen and consciousness does change, understanding surfaces. Negative cycles gradually happen because people invented images of various gods and became attached to matter. Images are good when they are positive. This holds true for individual feelings and thought and collective energy. When the images we create are destructive, they become a virus and infect whoever comes in range of the projection. Moods are contagious whether they are positive or negative. The positive emotions are the more powerful and stimulate others to be cooperative. Create your own evidence of this truth and it will be obvious that goodwill is more contagious than negativity.

It has been scientifically proven that emotions are virulent viruses that infect others. Elements in our brains and bodies immediately begin to copy the source of imbalance. Remembering the power of emotional contagion, let's try and be alert and not allow someone else to hijack our state of mind. Focusing on negative news, movies, books, gossip, causes that work against the good and associating with someone who drains us adds to a negative virus. When we cannot avoid a negative contact, put up an invisible shield of Light and create immunity. Our peace, balance and understanding depends on remembering and being the inner spirit light that we truly are.

Why not spend some conscious time loving every part of your body and include the inner spirit? This is a surefire preventative. Scientists report that when atoms within a molecule align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously line up the same way. When we listen to deliberate lies and distortions from any source, a mood will change direction. Planting thoughts in people's minds has been done prior to biblical times. We do not need a heightened sense of aggravation. The Cosmic Soup will control our moods if we are not consciously alert.

Remembering and living our divinity in form is our responsibility. Both positive and negative evaluations are coming from a place of Ego. The ideal is to avoid swinging to either extreme and lovingly trust and focus on the Light, the Divine Presence, that is our true identity. With a positive intention both individually and collectively, we will start our own virus and return to the amazing energy and beauty, truth and power that we were in the beginning.

In love and gratitude,


Friday, November 6, 2009

Armies of Light


We are gathering together to fulfill a divine purpose.
A connection is being made with multi-levels of understanding.
It is a connect that will prove to be the lifeline of the planet.

Be strong in heart and join forces with the weak in spirit.
Mend sorrow and clear your path.
The days ahead will bring confusion and pain to many.

Make way for the armies of Light, true beings who care.
Our banner is Light, our ammunition Love and our words Wisdom.
Our numbers are greater than imagined.

You are not alone.
By answering the Call, you have made a commitment.
By preparing for battle, you are spiritually empowered.

It is time to take a stand and know your strength.
Although the battleground is not clearly defined, the message is to be steadfast.
You will understand when the moment of truth arrives~

In hope,