Friday, October 29, 2010



It is time all souls recognize they must be in action what they are within the heart; the period of waiting is over.

It is not for you to judge what IS, but to allow that which IS to discern ITS messengers and message.

We of the Council of the Sun ask that all who have a deep longing within the heart demonstrate unconditional love through their human personality and make themselves known.

We of the Council of the Sun recognize who you are; it is time that you also recognize your role by living your original intention.

We of the Council of the Sun have great news for all those who have an understanding of  the subtle energy and its rightful use.

For you to receive the news, you must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument of receptivity.

Talk is not enough.  Good deeds are not enough.  Only total surrender of your heart to the One is enough.

A Master's demonstration is one of pleasurable love, a love that is rarely known by humans.

It is time that this unconditional love be demonstrated in Its fullness to the race of men.

Few have actively answered the CALL.  Look within your heart and remember.

It is in the remembering and being that you will finally be free.

In gratitude and joy,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, October 16, 2010



Dear children of Light.  We honor you in the Kingdom Worlds.  We have watched your pain and suffering far too long. You have taken it upon yourselves to clean the waste from your body temple and personal lives.  We applaud you for your steadfast preparation.

We wish to encourage you as the days draw closer to the Great Undertaking.  Your sense of anticipation, your desire to set things aright, your pace of unending activity will all come to a point, a point of sweet realization.

Satisfaction is knowing  and Being who you truly are.  No longer will you wear the mantle of confusion and distress. No longer will you be adorned in loneliness or pain.  You will have a new mantle to wear; a mantle of beauty recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

You have passed through the fires of alchemy.  You are fast approaching the still waters of understanding.  Be at peace for we are with you always.  You are now prepared for a different form of battle.  One that you know well; the battle of the soul.

You will lead as a front army of Light Beings drawing unto you the downtrodden and asleep.  You will spark the Divine Fire within the breast of those who remain hypnotized, unillumined and bring great joy and understanding to the hearts of many.  You will do the Great Work in total confidence with the knowing that only comes through the enlightenment gained through preparation.  You will be given that which is best for your own particular Self to create and use.  You will be given a new armor that is unapproachable except through love.

You will be love in action, love in form and love unconditional.  You will know when your moment of changing mantle occurs.  You will feel a lightness, a joy within your heart, a knowing that is Divine, and a love that transcends description. When this newness clothes you in Its splendor, you will have arrived as a true son or daughter of God.  The world lies in your holy hands.

You are the Blessed Ones, the Ones who have chosen to BE.  Be at peace and know we love you~

Council of the Sun

Humbly transcribed...

Shirlee Hall


Saturday, October 9, 2010



In our Circle of Light Class we have been studying the Laws of Spirit, which beautifully tie in with the Tree of Life, the Cabbalah, which is known as the Sephirotic Tree.

Tree of Life is the best system for transforming ourselves into completion.  I am not saying other systems are false but this ancient system is very profound and orderly.  The keys are within the system.  The Old and New Testament can be understood in the light of the Tree of Life.

We have referred to something of a perfection as a #10.  It is obvious that most of us were born with 10 fingers and 10 toes and that there are numbers that reach to 10.  The ten can then be made into endless combinations.

Experiencing a 10-10-10 day, month and year brings to our attention that we were designed for completion.  I thought you may be interested how the Cabbalists divide the universe into 10 regions or Sephiroth which correspond to the number 1-10.

Each region includes 5 distinct planes of being which apply to the 5 principles in man: spirit, soul, intellect, heart and physical body.  Divine Planes corresponds = human spirit and the region of the soul.
Leader of the angelic order corresponds to the intellect.
The angelic order itself = to the heart
A planet to the physical body

Each region is inhabited by an order of luminous spirits under the leadership of an archangel, who is directly subject to the Source.
Cabbalah says the Source, God, the Creator has 10 names, which correspond to 10 different attributes.
The God Source manifests differently according to the region.
God is one, but manifests differently according to the region.  Although there are 10 aspects, each aspect is equal.

There are 10 names of God, 10 regions-Sephiroth, 10 leaders of angelic orders:
Meatatron                   He who stands by the throne
Raziel                           Secret of God
Tzaphkiel                    Contemplation of God
Tzadkiel                       Justice of God
Kamael                        Desire of God
Mikhael                      Who is like God
Haniel                          Grace of God
Rahael                         Heal of God
Gabriel                         Power of God
Uriel                            God is My Light; or Sandalfon, who is seen as the force that binds matter to form.

There are 10 angelic orders
10 Cosmic bodies or planets, which correspond to our physical body.  Ancient knew of only 7.

Why did they call the Hierarchical Plan the 'Tree of Life'?  Because the 10 regions, Sephiroth have to be seen as an organic whole and can best be understood by comparison with a Tree.

#10 represents completeness, an accomplished Whole.  The word Sephirah means numeration.  All numerical combinations stem from the first 10 numbers.   From the 10 anything can be created~

I encourage you to continue researching this fascinating number as well as striving to do your best to become an accomplished, balance number then.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall