Friday, October 29, 2010



It is time all souls recognize they must be in action what they are within the heart; the period of waiting is over.

It is not for you to judge what IS, but to allow that which IS to discern ITS messengers and message.

We of the Council of the Sun ask that all who have a deep longing within the heart demonstrate unconditional love through their human personality and make themselves known.

We of the Council of the Sun recognize who you are; it is time that you also recognize your role by living your original intention.

We of the Council of the Sun have great news for all those who have an understanding of  the subtle energy and its rightful use.

For you to receive the news, you must be prepared as a finely tuned instrument of receptivity.

Talk is not enough.  Good deeds are not enough.  Only total surrender of your heart to the One is enough.

A Master's demonstration is one of pleasurable love, a love that is rarely known by humans.

It is time that this unconditional love be demonstrated in Its fullness to the race of men.

Few have actively answered the CALL.  Look within your heart and remember.

It is in the remembering and being that you will finally be free.

In gratitude and joy,

Shirlee Hall

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