Monday, May 31, 2010


I wrote this piece over ten years ago.  It holds true for now and future days.  Many souls are troubled and for good reason.  Feeling like your world is crashing down around you, it is easy to turn away from what your heart feels and knows as its truth. Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty, I ask that you take a moment and return to your inner Self and remember and accept that you are not alone. We learn along the way that to let go of everything and trust must occur in order for us to find our way again.


You are self-completeness but you have forgotten
You have thought of freedom as something humanly gained
Freedom comes when you fully accept everything there is as you

You are the Creator living a human experience
True understanding is a state of full wakefulness as to what is
Your problem right now is the illusion of appearance.

You are fooled and must now treat the appearance as an illusion
It will disappear and a higher reality will come forth
The illusion is self created, not God created.

You are the mind, the heart and the hands of God
In your acceptance of this amazing truth, you are free
Free to act, live, love and know Self as God alive in form.

You are capable of a higher understanding
An understanding that will dissolve that which is not
All that appears as less than perfection is a created illusion.

You are struggling and forgetting that life need not be so hard
The struggle creates a problem where a problem does not exist
Relax, let go of the pain and appearance and set yourself free.

You are healing and  reclaiming your spiritual identity
Return to a state of simplicity, hope and trust
This is who you are, accept and watch the wonder unfold.

Copy Right 2010 by Shirlee Hall

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Believing Makes It So~


Do you ever stop and wonder who you were before you came into the flesh?
Do you ever wonder where you will go when you leave the flesh?
If you clearly understood, you would live your life in a totally new way.
You have certain inclinations that are leftovers from a long ago past.
You have other inclinations that are building blocks for a far distant future.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you really believe what wisdom teaches?
Do you accept that you are a spark of God, a light that is designed to expand?
If you clearly understood, you would not falter, judge, hate or be selfish.
You would stand tall with dignity and shun limitation.
Playfulness and spontaneity would unerringly guide you.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you believe in your own worth or do you continue to judge self and others?
Do you continue to doubt and look for excuses?
If you clearly understood, life would be very different.
Believing demands a positive, patient and persistent activity.
Love and knowledge nurtures; Action is the creator.
What do you believe in this moment?

Do you know that fear separates you from your own truth?
Do you know that separation is in the mind if this is what the mind believes?
If you clearly understood, fusion is your reality and not separation.
Believing can make it so when you remember your light and purpose.
In remembering, you forgive forgetfulness and embrace the journey.
What do you believe in this moment?

Shirlee Hall (copy right May 19, 2010)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Each Moment is Sacred

Human life is sacred but few understand this.  Every moment is an opportunity to be the fullness of who you are.  Because people do not fully understand the purpose of life, they do not live life fully.  Time is wasted thinking about things that are not enduring while that which is enduring is ignored.  Each moment is an opportunity to shine, yes, literally shine and be like the sun, the moon, the stars and be who you are as magical beings who have lost their way.  Yes, humans experience a glimpse here and there but the glimpses are fleeting. To keep the view clear and full of light, spirit identity must first be accepted.  When things go awry in life, they need to be looked at as temporary hurdles that will gradually bring you closer to your goal of total freedom in form.

Freedom comes only when you fully live in each moment  understanding it is sacred.  This does not mean that you should not indulge in pleasure but what is needed to be understood is that pleasure is in nature, in love, in simplicity and moments of congeniality and sharing, respecting and being freely who you are.

Few understand this and because of their ignorance about time and space, they continue to lock themselves into matter only to return over and over again.  What do they experience on their return journey.  They experience deception, more confusion, and more falsity until on day they awaken and in the awakening the tears will come.  The tears will keep falling until they no longer exist.  To reach that point of no returning to grief and tears, you must totally understand that you are beyond time and space; you are beyond anything you have imagined.

You are the dream in manifestation but you do not yet know it.  I say to you, embrace the dream, be it now. What is the dream?  It is about you, your spirit living fully conscious in matter, living fully conscious in form and not losing one iota of the magnificent spirit that you really are~

The moment is now, not yesterday or tomorrow...right now~

From my heart to yours...

All Rights Reserved) by Shirlee Hall 2010