Wednesday, November 23, 2011



For as long as I can remember I have been sharing firsthand knowledge of our true Self with others.  Inspirational messages calling souls to awaken, stabilize energy urging them to take action are given in the understanding that we are all one.  Around the world, other souls are quietly persisting in this same pursuit of love.

Light is expanding.  Do you feel it?  A shift is taking place.  Social networking and the endless possibilities born out of scientific discoveries are working toward self and social evolution.  Souls who fully understand are now speaking with one voice.

We are not separated from the Beloved, the God within, nor are we separated from God without.  We have been programmed to believe in the falsity of separation.  Those who believe in separation are easily controlled. Fear is their ruler.  Love rules those who realize oneness.

A bridge is being steadily built between the realms of spirit and the plane of matter.  Inner and outer evolution are happening whether we want it or not.  More and more souls are being led by the impulse of expanding light and pure love.  A new species is emerging and wholeness is the norm.  We desire to connect with all life.  The new species has a personality willing to allow the God Self to consciously live as a human, the inner and the outer as one active consciousness.

More and more frequently, I hear or read someones words that echo the pure love etched in my heart.  Many are sincerely striving to stabilize the truth of the inner identity and create a resonance with others.  Souls are slowly being liberated.

The spirit within must be set free.  It is the real you.  Accept it as your true identity and you will be liberated from fear, lack, limitation and suffering.  Be joyful!  Be grateful! You are not separated.  Separation is a false belief.  Invite your Beloved to be in charge, fall in love with the real you and together we will lift the frequency of planet earth and all life.

In gratitude and peace,

Shirlee Hall 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



There is only One.  The One appears as the many: Mind, matter, the Self, life, love, heart and the Law.  This message is for deep thinkers and lovers of the Light who are ready to act.

When you look at the sky, what are your thoughts?  When you study the environment, how do you feel? Whether it be a train station, the woods nearby or looking out the window, what do you think about?  Do you notice that the sky is relatively orderly while activity in the environment is not? What do I mean by this? It behooves us to be aware and take a moment to stop, remember and look at where we are on the ladder of consciousness, our inner environment. With seven billion people taking up space on earth, deep thinking needs to become a daily part of the program leading toward a pleasant survival.  In ten or more years where will your energy be?  Will there be other life replacing your space here on earth?  Let's ground this thought for a moment.  While walking through the woods, have you ever speculated about the age of the trees you so quickly pass and what history they have observed?  Do you ever think that one day an entirely different set of characters will be walking on this great stage...Mother Earth?  I have also experienced startling visions of dramatic environmental changes.

The average person continues to remain occupied with things that are not essential to the soul's purpose, and refuses to live as a conscious being.  Many people are taking up space with the energy of self-centeredness and are, for the most part, involved with trivial things.  It is time to wonder about the space you are occupying and your role in the Universe and here on earth; the level of your consciousness and your contribution to the greater good.  One day, there will be an entirely new cast of characters struggling to survive.  There is a strong likelihood they will still be playing war games, be self-absorbed, arrogant, and striving to achieve more material wealth, ignoring the hidden spiritual treasure within.  True spiritual poverty has been the scenario for thousands of years.  What can we do to stop repetitive cycles?

A cycle of spiritual darkness is gradually closing.  The all too common scenario will not dramatically improve until we stop and ask ourselves, "What are we really accomplishing?  Are we being authentic? Are there enough of us who have chosen to make a difference on planet earth by remembering and renewing ancient vows, demanding to be our true selves in matter"?  Perhaps, you live each day mechanically.  This won't cut it.  It is your death sentence.  Our responsibility is to awaken, seek Light, expand the Light within, develop mindfulness and share with each other.  Are you mindful of a higher goal controlling your thoughts and actions in your day by day choices?

Life as we know it on planet earth is in jeopardy.  There are growing numbers of us who are doing our best to reawaken an interest in the power of the science of transformation, consciously using the power of mindfulness.  The authentic teachers are the heroes and heroines who take responsibility for their own awakening responding to the needs of the collective Soul.  We are all one in essence, but still are far removed from the Oneness required to consciously and fully merge into the Light of a high and pure reality.  It is time for right understanding and usage of the power of spirit, the substance and tool of the One Mind.  Carefully observe yourself.  Listen to your heart.  Pay close attention to your responses.  Is the real you standing up front and center?

Do you love the entirety of the package you call yourself?  Take the time to be who you really are.  You will uncover the hidden treasure and spread the wealth.  Authenticity is sorely needed.  No more masquerades. No more shirking the reason you are in matter.  You are here for a definite purpose.  Discover it, accept it, be it and live it!

In the presence of the Divine,

Shirlee Hall

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