Saturday, February 18, 2017



One of the many definitions is that Satan is the origin of evil and the enemy of God.
Many of us are waking up to the fact that the duality we exist in has been leaning more toward the negative than the positive.   What some humans do not yet realize is that we cannot take anything for granted.  The stronger we become in God Realization, the more negation attempts to influence us.
It is becoming more and more obvious that negativity and in many cases an extreme expression of it is a dominant energy in all areas of human life.  The various religions have always taught the principle of Brotherhood, respect for our dear earth and all life.  Right now, there are forces brazenly undermining the foundation of all philosophies and religions.
The Dark Forces thrive in minds that are depressed, hateful and negative.  Thought forms create disasters, disease, and death.    Isn't it time all lovers of truth consciously look at what is actually happening and not allow negative people and devious power games to negate our spiritual awakening and success?
All masters, teachers, mystics, world’s greatest writer, poets, artists and genuine ministers of truth write and speak of the dark forces ongoing attempts to force us to give up our goal to actually achieve peace on earth and brotherhood toward all.  Right now, Darkness is being given too many opportunities to control and rule planet Earth and her unsuspecting life.
Don’t kid yourselves.  We are watched and watched carefully.  In our struggle to be fully conscious and genuine, our struggles are watched, our fumbles and falls laughed at.  Every setback we have pleases the dark ones.  These beings whether in the flesh or in a subtle body are shrewd and use power for selfish means.  They stand for everything that is the opposite of love, wisdom, and light.  Everyone who is sensitive and genuinely cares must master the senses and remain on high alert.
The more we awaken to a higher Reality others will follow.  Do not become careless.  A battle of will is going on and few suspect it.   Right now, it is becoming obvious that we are living in a den of thieves.  Although we have an army of Light to support us, their hands are tied regarding our reactions, choices, and acceptance of that which is false and harmful.
We are in the midst of a very serious battle, the battle between the forces of light and darkness.  All scriptures speak of the dark influences that delight in changing our mind, emotions, and bodies.  We are targets.  Seriously monitor your thoughts and feelings. Pay attention to everything!  Get involved and bring order into disorder.  When we allow the dark ones to steal our power, their power increases.  We are being targeted.  We are at war.  Come out of your bubble and face what is actually happening.

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, February 4, 2017



A new friend, a woman in her sixties, brought to my attention that she has lived in serious pain for most of her life.  When she was seventeen, she experienced a devastating farm accident.  Her spine was so badly damaged that surgery at that time was risky and she was informed that she could end up in a wheelchair.  She chose to live a life in pain. 
I listened to her story and asked for inner guidance.  An image of her as a Chinese man who had unmercifully beat the back of a serf crippling him flashed in front of me. Not knowing whether the woman believed in past lives really didn’t make a difference.  I simply told her that she had a very ancient memory in her subconscious that required forgiveness from her.  Memory is a judge, a sentence, and a jailer.  The reality of what she had inflicted on someone else was the cause of her constant suffering this life experience.
Without mentioning details, I simply suggested she go alone to her room, pray and forgive herself even though she had no conscious recollection of the cause.  She believed me.  It was that simple.  She accepted with trust what I shared and was free of the excruciating pain that was a daily part of her life for forty-five years.  The spontaneous healing occurred when she was sixty-two.  The beautiful woman continued to live to the age of one hundred and six remaining healthy and free of pain. 
Much love is sent your way,
Shirlee Hall