Wednesday, January 22, 2014


February 2nd, Sunday, 1:00 PM, a Circle of Light gathering class and healing meditation will be held at Chris Davidson’s home in Naperville.

Many years ago, I suddenly found myself in a healing ministry.  It began with my self, relatives, neighbors, teenagers and young adults.  The youth would gather together at our home in La Grange.  Sitting in a circle on the living room carpet, interchanges occurred that dramatically changed the lives of those who came by word of mouth. They came because they really wanted to know more about their true identity and how to live a life that was not controlled by other people’s programs.

How are you?  Do you feel peaceful, happy and in charge?  Do you feel you are emotionally mature?   Can you clearly identify your beliefs?  Are you willing to change your self from what others programmed you to be?   How do you view your life?  Are you really in control?   Do you realize that you can break cycles?   These are only some of the questions addressed then as well as now.

I feel it is time for the Circle of Light to open the door again to the youth.  Youth is also a state of mind.  It includes adults of all ages as well.  I know we are not on earth to suffer.  Many of you who will read these words have been studying metaphysics, various religions and teachings, books and teachers for years.  You are still struggling.  You are invited to join us either on the first Sunday afternoon of the month or for the 3rd Friday evening of the month at the very special Sacred Healing Breath workshop.  Both offerings deliberately focus on how to change our neural chemistry and stop all the non-serving activities.

Why not update your life?   Speaking of updates, my new book, The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, can be purchased through the newly created web site: or through Amazon or Barnes & Noble Internet or ordering through a store.

It is time to take action by bringing our understanding of the higher realms of Light down to earth in a whole new way.  You can contact me for details at

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

Friday, January 17, 2014


I have recently published my fourth book.  A young friend who has experienced a hospital stay for the last month suggested I write a sexy thriller.  She said that people want to escape life and not read the deep ‘stuff’ that I offer.  I did not express to her what I was thinking.

If you are reading this, you probably know what I know.  Escape is what humanity is very good at.  People escape by pretending they are not this or that.  It doesn’t dawn on them that they are an eternal spiritual being experiencing a temporary relapse in physicality.   Most of them haven’t a clue to begin with and when they finally realize that they have been involved in a charade, they freak out. 

Humanity is confused.  The evidence is found in promiscuity, alcohol, drugs, entertainment and every different type of posturing you can imagine.  When someone comes along with answers that actually work, application is judged as taking too much effort and time.  An instant fix, a savior, is preferred.  Evolution, spiritual evolution, doesn’t work that way.

Heightened awareness is one of the answers.  The odds are that you are honoring agreements that your subconscious accepted from before physical birth, in the womb and ever since you took your first breath.  Laziness, lack of attentiveness, habit and a careless attitude will keep you trapped in the spider’s web.

Humans are programmed.  Everything I write and speak about is with the intention to break the insidious programming.  It is really tragic.  If we do not awaken and become acutely aware of the patterns and blockages that we assume nothing can be done about, we are plagued every day with negative energy.  We can transform energy.  Scientists agree.  Uncertainties, bad diet, frustrations and all the other energetic reactions from worry and not accepting our true spiritual identity creates the failures and the ongoing illnesses of body, mind and soul. 

If you watch and listen to people carefully, you will begin to notice that some are already senile in their twenties.  Fear and the programming of the family, friends and environment have already made harmful inroads into consciousness.  You can be free of the destructive influences and totally change your energy and life. You choose and you are the doer.  There is a force in the universe and in you that will heal you.  Believe me, I am living evidence of this statement.  It is a vibratory force that you can learn to handle.  I urge you to become a master of your own energy.  Why continue trying to escape?  Eventually, you must face reality.  The Real is nothing magical or only available to the few.  You are extraordinary.  You simply have forgotten the truth of your being.

In gratitude and love,

Shirlee Hall


Tuesday, January 7, 2014



Our  CIRCLE OF LIGHT group meets one Sunday afternoon a month.  We also offer a Sacred Breath Healing Workshop usually the third Friday of each month.  If you live in the Chicago area and do not attend, you are missing an amazing opportunity to accelerate your conscious awareness in the area of true identity and the purpose of life.

What I share is direct experience with the divine.  The energy is open and everyone understands that they are always free to share as well.  For example, the Flower of Life symbol pictured above is an actuality.  It is a personal 'space ship', so to speak.  Some of us, like myself, actually see our own and the Merkaba of another soul.  This Sunday afternoon we are meeting in Woodridge.  We will be discussing Biblical Space Travel and at the same time, I will emphasize how this is naturally happening in what we comfortably refer to as the year 2014.

Another year is here.  Hopefully, you have successfully eliminated some of your old programs that were working against your soul purpose.  It is time to put a new disk in your inner computer.  The disk is just waiting to be filled up.  A subconscious mind which has erased the old negatives and replaced them with new positives is the most fertile ground for growth and higher achievements.

Understanding what you exactly are, where you have been and where you are headed involves the evolution of consciousness and a greater clarity of the cosmos.   There are links between the extraterrestrial and our physical universe.  Speaking from first hand experience and the knowledge handed down to humanity, our gatherings intent are to help redefine what we actually are.

You are invited to check out my newly published book, The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, and new web site listed above.  The new book is written as is reality disguised.

Safe traveling...

Shirlee Hall