Friday, January 17, 2014


I have recently published my fourth book.  A young friend who has experienced a hospital stay for the last month suggested I write a sexy thriller.  She said that people want to escape life and not read the deep ‘stuff’ that I offer.  I did not express to her what I was thinking.

If you are reading this, you probably know what I know.  Escape is what humanity is very good at.  People escape by pretending they are not this or that.  It doesn’t dawn on them that they are an eternal spiritual being experiencing a temporary relapse in physicality.   Most of them haven’t a clue to begin with and when they finally realize that they have been involved in a charade, they freak out. 

Humanity is confused.  The evidence is found in promiscuity, alcohol, drugs, entertainment and every different type of posturing you can imagine.  When someone comes along with answers that actually work, application is judged as taking too much effort and time.  An instant fix, a savior, is preferred.  Evolution, spiritual evolution, doesn’t work that way.

Heightened awareness is one of the answers.  The odds are that you are honoring agreements that your subconscious accepted from before physical birth, in the womb and ever since you took your first breath.  Laziness, lack of attentiveness, habit and a careless attitude will keep you trapped in the spider’s web.

Humans are programmed.  Everything I write and speak about is with the intention to break the insidious programming.  It is really tragic.  If we do not awaken and become acutely aware of the patterns and blockages that we assume nothing can be done about, we are plagued every day with negative energy.  We can transform energy.  Scientists agree.  Uncertainties, bad diet, frustrations and all the other energetic reactions from worry and not accepting our true spiritual identity creates the failures and the ongoing illnesses of body, mind and soul. 

If you watch and listen to people carefully, you will begin to notice that some are already senile in their twenties.  Fear and the programming of the family, friends and environment have already made harmful inroads into consciousness.  You can be free of the destructive influences and totally change your energy and life. You choose and you are the doer.  There is a force in the universe and in you that will heal you.  Believe me, I am living evidence of this statement.  It is a vibratory force that you can learn to handle.  I urge you to become a master of your own energy.  Why continue trying to escape?  Eventually, you must face reality.  The Real is nothing magical or only available to the few.  You are extraordinary.  You simply have forgotten the truth of your being.

In gratitude and love,

Shirlee Hall


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