Sunday, June 26, 2011


It appears that the journey is a difficult one and the ego fulfills the appearance.  What is meant by this is a forgone conclusion.  If we believe that something is a struggle, it will be.  If a spiritual teacher lays out a list of do and don't's, we assume that we must follow them otherwise we won't be able to go higher than the top of a ladder.

Using the symbolism of the perfect number seven, imagine a ladder with seven rungs.  If we succesfully master each rung, when we reach the top we go into the Beyond, the 8th sphere of consciousness.  The result is our successfully achieving mastery over matter.  There are thousands of books written on how to achieve self-mastery, enlightenment and victory as an amalgamated soul.  Why do so few souls succeed?

From careful observation, I feel that few succeed because humanity is stuck in the belief system that spiritual achievement, mastery, perfection, fulfillment or whatever adjective we wish to describe victory must be a difficult task.  That is the way it is.  People die for their beliefs, are ridiculed, crucified, separated from their true spiritual identity, loved ones and home.   We conclude that it must be difficult to reach mastery.  Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Suffering is not required.  The typical human is so full of guilt and self-judgment that to free ones self from the shackles of the illusion become an impossibility, a mountain too steep and a dream not realized.  Rules put one condition after another on our plate that when not digested may cause additional imbalance and confusion.  As a result of mounting complexity, a seeker of enlightenment may feel the goal is impossible and the sense of anxiety, separation and loss of spiritual identity increases.

I am speaking to my self as well as you.  Could it be that we are the ones who make the journey difficult?  It does not have to be.  We could adjust our attitude.  There are no have to's....only a conflicted belief system.  If our belief system is not working, it is time to change it.  We do not have to follow the path of suffering.  We do not have to deprive ourselves of wealth on any level.  All we need to do is accept and believe that we are a projection of the Supreme One into multiple and intelligent forms.  It is up to us as individual units of Light to return to our original consciousness of clarity, beauty, purity, love and wisdom.  This will not happen if we continue to judge self harshly as we climb the rungs of the ladder.

Ask yourself what authentic means to you.  Ask yourself what is purity.  Ask yourself what is real happiness.  Ask yourself what does oneness really mean.  Ask yourself whether the Grand Designer of Life desires for Its creations to suffer.  Keep thinking, keep questioning and do everything possible to keep your mind and heart open.

You are far grander than you let on.  You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality.  You continue to judge your self harshly and believe that the journey must be hard, must take time and that suffering is a natural part of the deal.  It is not.  Could the judgment of struggle be of our own making?  Does the climb need to feel insurmountable?  I believe we have fooled ourselves...

My love embraces you...

Shirlee Hall

Friday, June 10, 2011



Scientists state that our planet is literally speeding up.  time feels to be passing faster.  In contrast, there is evidence that the Earth's magnetic field is becoming steadily weaker.  Intuitive people are also aware that they have the potential to increase personal vibration and achieve higher states of awareness.  It is becoming obvious that science and spirituality have a common ground and may compliment each other in the area of prophecy and earth changes.

The Photon Belt is a band of intense high frequency photo (Light particles) energy that passes through our solar system in a cycle.  The Earth enters the Photon Belt as our solar system makes a full revolution around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  We are already in the Photon belt although not yet fully and will remain in it for presumably 1000-2000 years.  Its passage will have an effect on Earth and Her lifeforms because time is compacting and accelerating.

Our star, the Sun, is in a 24000 year cycle with the Pleiadean Photon Belt.  As we move closer, our planet has become subjected to an increase in seismic activity and volcanism, traditional weather patterns are changing and a greater stress is affecting the ozone holes.  An increase in solar activity is report and so is a general stellar cooling.

Scientists state there are two signs, which at first glance appear similar to scripture, as we approach fully into the Photon Belt:

"All the stars will fall from the sky and the sky will be no more"...

1) Should earth reach the Photon Belt before our Sun does, the sky will appear to be on fire and there would be 3 days and 3 nights of blinding light, which would continue for 110-120 hours since it is a cold light with some radiation.  If this happens, we will need to remain indoors during that time.

2) Should the Sun reach the Belt first, there will be a similar period of immediate and total darkness, without the Sun rising. All molecules will become excited and atomic structures will change at this point in time and lifeforms will have a certain luminescence about them, creating their own light system.

Signs of the full entry into the Photon Belt are said to be strange lighting effects or colors in the sky, a perception of less day light - even in midsummer and a gradual darkening of the planet itself, with final entry into total darkness taking 15-20 minutes.

The new energy, Photon, is a different energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium.  It's a free energy source and nobody can monopolize it.  Its outer edge or belt has already reached Earth's atmosphere and is affecting not only earth but also many planets in the solar system.

The new energy is Light energy; it permeates the earth in waves.  It has the power to extend human life because it realigns the human body into a finer or more subtle light body.  Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and confers the power of instant manifestation of thought.  It makes good sense for us regardless of our opinion or position in the Photon Belt to make a habit to maintain clarity and purity of thought by practicing daily meditation, being attentive and discerning and staying heart-centered.

Are prophesies based on science?  When more light bombards earth and its creatures, a shift occurs.  The Photon energy will be here with earth for the next 2000 years.  It is a predictable change in our planetary system.  It will occur regardless of what humanity does or does not do.  It makes sense that if more light is available, we will see changes in consciousness as well as natural disorders/changes.

The great circuit occurs every 26,000 years and is elliptical.  This great circuit is our solar system revolving around a great Star.  The Sun in turn rotates around the center of the Galaxy, which does contain a super massive black hole.  None of us have the conscious and Absolute knowledge of the Great Designer. What we can surmise is the evidence that when there are changes in the macrocosm, there also is the potential for changes within our microcosm.

This is one of the reasons insightful souls refer to the dawn of a new Era lasting approximately 2,100 years as the Aquarian Age because physical life will be bathed in a much greater influx of photons, subatomic particles, which enable our minds to increase both mental and spiritual ability.  As said, we have already entered the Belt, but not fully.  Could the full entry be what the year 2012 is all about?  Completing a 26,000 cycle according to the Aztec calendar occurs in December 2012.  It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of the availability of a new and greater energy that serve life in a grander way.

My comments are simple and made for a good reason.  Great leaps physically, intellectually, spiritually and in matter are achieved when we align ourselves with a higher Light and Energy.  Is this what the greater Photon activity is all opportunity to be fully who we are meant to be?  Think deeply~  why not take advantage of the Grand Celestial Bath?   I welcome comments.

In hope and gratitude,

Shirlee Hall

Friday, June 3, 2011



I would be very surprised if you have never had an experience where you feel like you are on fire, going through the gates of 'hell'.  Actually, to be burnt is a purification process when we look at it from a spiritual perspective.  It is what the alchemists refer to as calcinations.

I know firsthand that unpleasant experiences have had an influence molding my consciousness.  It has been part of the journey, the dark and the light.  Living in matter is not always easy.  The secret to being 'safe' is in becoming a conscious alchemist and choosing to deliberately work in the inner laboratories of the brain, body and heart.  Most people do not choose this method because they are led by the ego, are lazy, lack concentration, passion and belief.  Once they are severely 'burned', they may begin to question if there is a 'safe place' within.

A friend of many years called today thanking me for prayers.  Unknown to me, she had experienced cancer surgery three months ago and multiple organs were removed from her body including the cancer.  She called last week to tell me of her experience and how she is not yet mobile.  We made a remote healing appointment.  The nonstop excruciating pain in her one foot as well as the swelling vanished during the session.  She, too, mentioned how her painful and terrifying experience changed and lifted her consciousness opening her heart and mind to a greater understanding of spiritual identity and our purpose living here in matter.

In past classes that I have offered as well as the new ones, the focus is on the hidden "star in man".  I know that the Philosopher's Stone, another way in expressing the divine essence, is also a part of each one of us.  I know that through the science of love and mind we are destined to become a master of self and matter.

If you are going through calcinations right now, understand that it is a hard but effective way to remove all the negativity the ego has accepted, the illusions and defense mechanics, attachments to appearances, people and material possessions.  When we are in the midst of the dark night of the soul, it does feel like we are being pulverized.  Some souls experience the calcinations over a period of time being gradually assaulted.  Others are hit all at once and feel overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of life.

It is with great compassion and understanding that I urge you to look in the mirror and ask, what are the benefits of the fire and the surrendering of all the mental constructs that work against revealing and eventually being your true essence?  Surrendering the ego lessens the load.  Look into the pattern of your journey...  Are life experiences moving you closer to the One Power and Presence?  Are you being transformed in a way that you are finally gaining balance and a true sense of understanding, peace and oneness?

Our source of transformation is in the acceptance of the Spirit within and without.  Have you embraced yours?  Are your experiences drawing the energy of your body, mind and soul together into the greater and transforming power of the light of your Spirit?  Personal ego and the superego of society are the greatest threats to God Realization and personal transformation.  We have to get beyond them to really change ourselves and be whole and free~

Shirlee Hall