Friday, June 3, 2011



I would be very surprised if you have never had an experience where you feel like you are on fire, going through the gates of 'hell'.  Actually, to be burnt is a purification process when we look at it from a spiritual perspective.  It is what the alchemists refer to as calcinations.

I know firsthand that unpleasant experiences have had an influence molding my consciousness.  It has been part of the journey, the dark and the light.  Living in matter is not always easy.  The secret to being 'safe' is in becoming a conscious alchemist and choosing to deliberately work in the inner laboratories of the brain, body and heart.  Most people do not choose this method because they are led by the ego, are lazy, lack concentration, passion and belief.  Once they are severely 'burned', they may begin to question if there is a 'safe place' within.

A friend of many years called today thanking me for prayers.  Unknown to me, she had experienced cancer surgery three months ago and multiple organs were removed from her body including the cancer.  She called last week to tell me of her experience and how she is not yet mobile.  We made a remote healing appointment.  The nonstop excruciating pain in her one foot as well as the swelling vanished during the session.  She, too, mentioned how her painful and terrifying experience changed and lifted her consciousness opening her heart and mind to a greater understanding of spiritual identity and our purpose living here in matter.

In past classes that I have offered as well as the new ones, the focus is on the hidden "star in man".  I know that the Philosopher's Stone, another way in expressing the divine essence, is also a part of each one of us.  I know that through the science of love and mind we are destined to become a master of self and matter.

If you are going through calcinations right now, understand that it is a hard but effective way to remove all the negativity the ego has accepted, the illusions and defense mechanics, attachments to appearances, people and material possessions.  When we are in the midst of the dark night of the soul, it does feel like we are being pulverized.  Some souls experience the calcinations over a period of time being gradually assaulted.  Others are hit all at once and feel overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of life.

It is with great compassion and understanding that I urge you to look in the mirror and ask, what are the benefits of the fire and the surrendering of all the mental constructs that work against revealing and eventually being your true essence?  Surrendering the ego lessens the load.  Look into the pattern of your journey...  Are life experiences moving you closer to the One Power and Presence?  Are you being transformed in a way that you are finally gaining balance and a true sense of understanding, peace and oneness?

Our source of transformation is in the acceptance of the Spirit within and without.  Have you embraced yours?  Are your experiences drawing the energy of your body, mind and soul together into the greater and transforming power of the light of your Spirit?  Personal ego and the superego of society are the greatest threats to God Realization and personal transformation.  We have to get beyond them to really change ourselves and be whole and free~

Shirlee Hall

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  1. Thank you for your posting. What you has said in it. It is really true. When we have to walk on fire is when we start to appreciate the real things that laid within our heart. When we serrender to the circunstances, the ones have no longer power on US.
    The only way to really grow as mature entities, in body, soul and spirit is through fire which purifies our being.

    I have experienced some deep tribulations but when you surrender and embrace the situation, the love of THE GREAT SPIRIT sorrounds you.

    Miren Astelarra