Friday, May 27, 2011



The mystics and alchemists, the prophets and the Great Masters all talked about how to work effectively in the Inner Laboratory.  Sadly enough, many of the great men and women who understood and lived their firsthand experience with the Divine hid their revelations in symbolism, myths, codes, furnaces, flasks, beakers, scientific formulas and more.  The enlightened had and have today one 'thing' in common.  The 'One thing' is the true knowledge of the magical Substance we carry within and available for use in the without once we are aware of what 'It' actually 'Is'.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I am in the process of creating a series of classes based on a wisdom that takes place within our inner laboratory.  It is a science of the Sun-Masculine Principle equally balanced with the science of the Moon-Feminine Principle.  This balance can be consciously manifested in both physical and material form.

Achievement is transformation.  Transformation is both through science and love.  Our goal is reached through passion, understanding, patience, compassion, deep thinking and a willingness to actually use the power of an amazing spiritual technology that works on all levels at once.

There is a way Home, a Front Door Method.  Once my friends and I are ready to broadcast our developing radio shows, the secret formula for transforming reality will be offered.  Living energy will manifest as a powerful gift for the future of soul evolution.  Mankind's future depends on a serious personal transformation in the mind from the lead of everyday self into the gold of a perfect spirit.  Pure intention becomes a living reality when our attention is in harmony with the higher laws of the universe.  I am here to help those interested to initiate alchemy within them.  This is our destiny.  Let us join our hearts and minds together.  We can do this...

Shirlee Hall
Circle of Light

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