Friday, May 20, 2011



There is an Arabic saying, "If you wish to know God, you must know yourself."  As you learn to consciously identify with your divine nature, the greater is the joy of the soul.  Once you choose to seek pleasure of a higher order, you breathe to a new rhythm, the door opens and the power and presence of God brings out the perfection and beauty of the sublime life.  If there is a physical form, it stands to reason that there is a spiritual one.  There cannot be materialization without the energy frequencies which allow for materialization.  The physical form is connected to the energy of the Higher Self.  The typical human works and sees and feels only the common energy because s/he is caught within duality.  Those who are psychically and spiritually sensitive experience glimpses of higher worlds and intelligence emanating a Light that goes beyond the conscious parameter.

You have the innate ability to go beyond conventional space-time.  When you do, elevation to a higher vibration and an awareness of Divine Light occurs.  In one single moment, you become conscious that you are not alone.  You know with a certainty that there is an essence within and without that will enable you to co-participate with other dimensions and intelligences.  When you leave the myth and falsity behind and awaken to a higher reality, a quantum leap forward thrusts you into a new consciousness of Light.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are offered.  Finally, the joy of working directly with "whole Light beings" and angelic messengers becomes your reality.

Excerpted from Be: Embracing the Mystery by Shirlee Hall

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