Friday, October 26, 2012


There is something that must be understood.  Good change, happiness, abundance, brotherhood and all the desires of the heart will eventually manifest if we gain understanding through an awakened heart and mind.  The understanding is the conscious realization that it is up to us to bring forth the change.  Now is the time to consciously live what we have been studying and talking about.  Heaven doesn’t really care one jot for what we are; it only cares for what we do with what we are.

What is important is the work we do on ourselves so that our weaknesses and strengths may be at the service of a high ideal.  It is the work that is important.  It is through our service that our potential is mobilized.  Be grateful for life and use it for the greater good.

Many people believe themselves to be alone, but in truth, we are linked to millions of other beings.  There is a hierarchy of life both in the worlds of matter and the subtle realms of light.  This is truth.  We are all linked, connected, to each other.  What is most important particularly during these changing times is that we be conscious of our link with beings of a higher order.  When we understand, accept and connect with this living current, it will flow through us establishing a conscious bond with a great healing and transformative power.

We can be a conductor of energies from above.  A genuine Brotherhood already exists in the worlds of Light.  It consists of Saints, Prophets, Initiates and great Masters of mankind.  It is also a consciousness of enlightened souls who are currently living on earth wisely and lovingly. 

This Great Universal Brotherhood extends far beyond our solar system.  When we resonate to the sublime energy with all our heart and mind, we help in our own simple way to carry out its plans here on earth. The true Universal White Brotherhood is the source of our light and strength.  While we are in the flesh, it is an inward life, an indestructible fortress.

Failure occurs when we cut ourselves off from the chain of these masters and great initiates.  It is up to us to maintain our ties with authenticity and a divinity that is a living current of truth and light.  The ties can be strengthened.   We can be safe.   Oneness is the only safe stronghold, believe me!  We are the children of the One.  Life is very hard for many people but, there is an invisible world of wealth and joy that we can share in if we believe that we are actually one great family.  It is through our awakening to the larger family that we find a real solution.  

Being small-minded is no longer an option.  I urge you to open your mind and heart and allow the idea of universality to guide you in everything you do.  In this way, you will benefit the larger family of souls who grace this earth as well as those in the subtle worlds who have sacrificed for the Great Family in the past.   All religions believe that human beings are children of the same Father-Source.  Life will take on a greater meaning once you decide to work for the whole world!

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Explanation of the name
Universal White Brotherhood
Personal Note:                 I feel there is a brotherhood far grander than a physical/material universe or description.  At the same time, there are brotherhoods existing on our planet with beautiful souls doing their utmost to live divinity in the flesh.  The below describes one community that is a perfect example of pure intention:   Shirlee
This name brings questions on regular basis from people who associate the term “White” with a racist connotation. The associated two terms “Universal” and “Brotherhood” should clear all ambiguities on the subject.
“Brotherhood” means that the teachings are offered to the entire community of human beings living on the planet whose destiny is to live together as children of the same creator: God.
“White” this term must be understood symbolically. It refers to the white light, the highest spiritual symbol, which is the synthesis of all colors (like all the different colors reflected through a prism). Colors that the mystic tradition considers being the manifestations of the soul’s virtues.
Extract of article 1 of the statutes of the association Fraternité Blanche Universelle:
“in the name ‘Universal White Brotherhood’ the term “white” does not in any manner refer to the color of a particular race.
Just like the white color is the synthesis of all the colors, the idea of “Universal White Brotherhood”, which is immaterial, encompasses all human beings without exception. It invites the realization of a fraternal, harmonious life on the entire planet, respecting each race, each religion, each nationality.”
“Universal”: the psychic structure of human beings, who are created in the image of God, enables them to rise and expand their consciousness until it reaches a universal concept of life.
Therefore, the name “Universal White Brotherhood” represents in itself a program. Its teaching is basically a psychology and a pedagogy allowing people to do a work on themselves and, thanks to this work, to feel that they are truly becoming brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of God, and conscious inhabitants of this immense of this immense dwelling that is the universe.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A LIVING STORY by Shirlee Hall

My lineage is one of healers. Although I was psychic and had visions as a young child and woman, my personal dream was to be a perfect vehicle, a transmitter, for the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. In order for dreams to materialize, we are expected to be responsible and take action. No one else can create our passion for us. Being a healthy woman with all that a normal soul would desire in life, I was not satisfied. Universal Studios offered me a contract as a young mother for acting and other very similar opportunities continually presented themselves as another choice. Deep down, I knew there was something else I was to focus on but did not have a clue. Country club living, travelling, a large number of good friends and the best of all, a good loving and beautiful family were not enough. Something was lacking. I was outwardly living the normal human dream and I felt incomplete.

At the time, I did not understand the immensity of the inner landscape, the soul and light within. The real part of who I was continued to play hide and seek veiled by human flesh and the conditioning accumulated from birth. All I knew is that I seemingly had everything but there was much more to consciously remember, prepare and experience before I could feel fully alive. When we have a strong inner drive for something, regardless of what it is, the universe eventually will provide an opening. When the opening appears, it is our choice whether we walk through the door embracing the opportunity and consequently reaching a greater light of understanding and subsequent expansion of consciousness.

What happened to dramatically change my life and manifest my dream? It began with a choice. I chose to have minor surgery on my lower abdomen. A few days after returning home, I noticed the surgical area was swollen and red streaks were rapidly appearing. A fever quickly developed and the pain increased. This happened in the morning. I had just given my newborn son his 10am feeding. I decided to lie down in the bed next to him because the pain and the infection were obviously worse. The sensible action was to call 911. I was alone except for the infant. Instead of calling an ambulance, I placed my hands on top of the infected bare skin and immediately fell unconscious. I knew the time because of the feeding schedule. I passed out. One hour later I awakened to a sticky substance spreading underneath my hands. Remember, the hands were placed over the infection. To my shock, an angelic force, a higher power and presence had spiritually created two openings, one on each end of the six-inch length stitches. When I looked, the infection was draining without any human assistance; the red streaks, pain and fever had completely disappeared. I had chosen to surrender my physical life to a Higher Power and the result was an instant healing.

Being unconscious and alone for one hour was the first step in a journey that has been nonstop for over thirty years. What I did not know at that moment was the secret passion to be a healer of bodies and souls combined with an intense faith in God would create a situation that would catapult me into a miraculous dream life right before my eyes. From that day forward, I was a very different person. Please note that I do not recommend this type of surrender to anyone. It worked for me as a result of pure intent, faith, preparation and a very deep love for truth.

I quickly discovered that simply by touching others, they could be healed of cataracts, ongoing spinal problems, cancer, carpal tunnel, multiple scoliosis, tumours, earthbound spirits and much more. I write about the subject of healing in my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. The Holy Spirit uses me as a messenger of Light to help people in body, mind and soul. I began to recall the ancient wisdom teachings; the Universal laws of spiritual living that awaken inner knowledge and heal the soul. Spending long hours in silent meditation, the teachings appeared in visions of Light, radiant words hanging in front of me in mid air and words softly suggested to my listening ear. I began to write inspirational messages easily and joyfully. I daily witness God’s radiant light and angelic beings. My life has been physically saved four times by angels. Living in amazement and gratitude, I know with all my heart and soul that the grace received from ongoing firsthand experiences originating in a higher reality, or plane of subtle spirit, are available to any soul who surrenders, loves God and asks to be in service to the Divine. My dream of offering authentic service continues to manifest in a magical way.

Surrender is an attitude taken when we make a decision not to cling to habits, conditioning, false teachings, fear or any object, person, geographical area, whatever may be hindering our soul evolution. It is exchanging what doesn’t work and choosing a new option, which does work. This is why I always place firsthand experience as the true teacher.

Everything I experience is shared in purity and love, discernment and wisdom. As a result of a one-hour transformation, I became new, alive, fearless and full of hope with the opportunity to actively assist in the evolution of a greater humanity; I understood suffering as a severe spiritual identity problem that we alone have created. People for the most part have forgotten the inner power and the magnificence of their Light. The inner spark is a projection of the One Flame, the Power and Presence of our Creator that cannot be described. It can be felt, received, loved and shared. I call the step-by-step process falling in love with the Divine.

Friends and friends of friends asked me to form a study group, which I did. The study group led to a popular organization called the Circle of Light. I shared firsthand experiences and what I remembered about the higher worlds of Light and the messages imparted to me. People were healed, inspired, felt hope and subsequently changed. Some students have gratefully awakened to the realms of Light and experience similar moments of bliss and beauty. During the years following a personal healing and transformation, I wrote my first book, which was also called, Circle of Light.

Some people assume that once we are on the path of Light, unconditional love, truth and service that life will be easy. It was not easy. A divorce happened resulting in estrangement from family members and a few friends. A deep human loneliness would occasionally come over me although the circle of likeminded friends expanded. Through the pain, I developed a stronger sense of discernment, patience, compassion, and power. I learned through discipline how necessary it is to persist in a state of mind ruled by the heart as pure intent.

Regardless of the nonsense that we are humanly passing through, we must remain focused on our ideal. When the spiritual senses are awakened, it is easier to move through all the changes. When we are open to the Celestial planes of consciousness, angels and luminous beings keep us safe, comforted and offer guidance. We are the ones who must believe, keep balanced and take action regardless whether abuse is hurled at us, losses occur in material areas or someone attempts to deceive us. Guidance has always said, “Be strong and keep your focus”! Even though we reach one goal, it is not the end of our journey. We keep moving forward attaining higher levels of consciousness. Whenever we are willing to stretch, it takes effort, mistakes will be made, feelings hurt and losses occur. Saying all that, I would never change a moment of the evolving process.

As a teacher and healer, I kept busy travelling and offering workshops that would inspire, educate and heal. Then one day, I inwardly knew it was time to remove myself from public work. I gave up the popular organization to two bright women, said good-bye to a very active social life and resigned from a job as an administrator for a wonderful ballet school. During the seven-year absence from public life, I also was a willing caregiver at my mother’s side. It wasn’t until I returned to longer periods of meditative silence and deeper study, that I consciously understood that previously I had not been honouring my Self. Sometimes souls who love to help others, forget about their own needs and yes, the dream. Even though I was heavily involved in service work, I had put another, higher and rare human dream aside. The dream I am referring to has two parts: self-mastery and bringing into the flesh, emotions and mind the total fullness and light of the higher Self.

Perhaps, you have read of the masters of the East who through discipline have transformed their bodies and live long lives fully in control of every cell of the body, mind and soul. Now, this does not happen through wishful thinking. The physical nervous system must be prepared for the type of transformation that I am talking about. I have had successful experiences controlling matter through intention. Why not control the cells? Why not bring the perfection that Jesus spoke of, ‘ye are gods’, visibly and tangibly into the flesh, emotions and lower mind? To regain our original mastery and beauty, we must honour who we are on every level of our being. Remember, Jesus told us that we, too, could do what he did and more!

Many people, particularly women, have a problem with self-esteem. To honour who we are is to accept, know without any doubt, that we are a spirit, a radiant light, temporarily living in matter. With a passion, I know we can bring heaven into earth tangibly. Intellectually you may know this. The magic happens when we feel and believe it as our truth. Nature shows us how everything is intertwined. My dream is to prove that we are children of God and not grovelling servants in the worst sense of the word. We are worthy!

During this period of intensity, love and service to family and self, I wrote my latest book, Be-Embracing the Mystery. When the manuscript was near completion, I intuitively knew it was time to return to teaching. Physically healing others was not to be the focus. I was to teach sincere students on how they could heal themselves and realize the power and presence hidden within them.

As I mentioned before, the dream does not end, only if you allow it to. A true passion for the good expands and reaches higher levels of creativity and joy. It is an ongoing journey. Everyone has a story to tell. The individual story cannot be separated from the collective story. We are all One. My story has as its foundation a personal connection with the Divine. The story of all souls is a spiritual liberation where we eventually go beyond the “closed structure” of the physical world.

An important step forward in not suppressing the spirit of your dream is to choose to make a commitment to seek, love and express your inner Self. I know as a fact, if given a chance, human beings can be magnificent. To evolve, changes are required. Some of the changes may be uncomfortable. We can regenerate ourselves and joyfully transform the physical into the holy and infuse the holy into the mundane. Conscious thinking and action are required.

Believe in your self. Learn to love truth for its own sake. Allow your soul to BE. When you do, support will be offered and you will be able to move forward and manifest your dream. Fresh opportunities and new friends will appear in your life resulting in creating something good and beautiful for everyone who chooses to journey with you. Believe, dear friends, believe. The human experience is a means for the inner Self to express in matter. Be true to your dream. Be true to your higher Nature. The truer you are, the happier you become. Our evolution is the greatest love story ever written. Why prolong the journey?

Because we are creating our own drama, directing and acting in it either willingly or unwillingly, we attract to us others who honour their ideals. I was intuitively led to create a website and be active on Facebook. The result of listening and acting upon an inner feeling has introduced me to many people of like mind. One of them is a musician and artist named Dave Glenn Alley, who contacted me on Facebook regarding collaboration on an idea he had for a CD and workbook. He would create and provide the CD and I, the workbook.

Dave’s creative dream and work history began when he started drawing pictures in elementary school and playing in rock bands in high school. He was very intimidated by the prospect of being a starving artist during his first year in college. As a result, he switched his major to speech although Dave continued to draw. A speech curriculum led to volunteer work on college radio and later to a long career in broadcast radio from small town to major market work.

On a parallel line Dave also continued to play music in some pretty good bands, while becoming a better musician as a self taught bass player and keyboardist. He kept up with his artwork. Along the way, Dave felt more and more restraint in creativity and expression in the radio profession. Fortunately, he had started his own mobile disk jockey business by this time. He saw the opportunity to be creative in a fun way and help others through rewards parties for the public school system in this venture. Dave continued to draw pictures and play music, eventually building his recording studio dedicated to instrumental music.

Dave’s music became good enough to play in the day spa he jointly owns with his wife. Later, it was also juried into the artisan’s center (Tamarack). The real epiphany came when all of this came together. Dave realized how shallow and selfish the rock star dream could be and how appreciative people are when they are gifted with one of his art prints. Dave’s talents and gifts wound up making him a better person. Necessity is the mother of invention. Frustration with traditional meditation drove him to craft his own method driven by music and colour. With an eye for art and ear for music… this seemed to be a very natural fit.

At a philosophical level, Dave observed how our five senses have often led us away from center, self and God. The Living Totem technique simply provides a way for humanity to get back to those core basics. It’s like… if he walked down a sensory path of titillation away from himself. He came to the conclusion that he could use the same sensory formula in reverse to get deeper into himself than he had ever been before.

It has been proven that we can use the physical body, which is our closest and most natural vehicle, to connect with a deeper awareness of the present moment and ourselves. In “active” types of meditation, we quiet the mind, by allowing a free flow of energy and release.

Music is essential and we begin by centering ourselves in the body, with either open or closed eyes and releasing all the energy from within. We can shake, rattle and roll, do quick abdominal breathing, march, jump up and down, or whatever frosts your cookie. The benefits from energetic movement unite us with our inner being. These movements can be done for 10 to 15 minutes, and here we move into the fun part.

This next stage is of free flowing movement, especially exciting for those who dream of dancing like Michael Jackson. Be the walk or the dance; let it consume you, from your innermost being. Allow yourself to be human, creative, free and nonjudgmental. Get lost in the flow. Continue with eyes open or closed and you will experience an inner contentment. Get lost in the flow. After all this dynamic energy focused on the rays of the sun and the spiritual laws of the universe have stirred up everything, we rest for a bit in our imaginary Tree House, being the stillness in a relaxed state of being, a healing takes place. So put on some good tunes that Dave has created for the ‘Living Totem’ CD and study the significance of what you are experiencing in my new book, My Own Tree, and you will open the way for your own dreams to be materialized.

The technique works! If it worked for us, it will work for you. Dave’s dream is to be a successful musician and artist using his gifts in service. This was his intent when contacting me. As a workshop leader, teacher, author and healer for over twenty years, combining our vast experience and love for the evolution of humanity, we agreed to link our gifts in gratitude sharing ancient techniques in a new rhythm that will enable others to create balance and express an inner joy that makes us feel truly alive!

The magic of dreams is in the heart and its intent. To be alive experiencing the inner passion in the outer world brings heaven and earth together as a harmonious whole.

In love and gratitude,

Shirlee Hall
Author of a book “BE–Embracing the Mystery”