Friday, October 26, 2012


There is something that must be understood.  Good change, happiness, abundance, brotherhood and all the desires of the heart will eventually manifest if we gain understanding through an awakened heart and mind.  The understanding is the conscious realization that it is up to us to bring forth the change.  Now is the time to consciously live what we have been studying and talking about.  Heaven doesn’t really care one jot for what we are; it only cares for what we do with what we are.

What is important is the work we do on ourselves so that our weaknesses and strengths may be at the service of a high ideal.  It is the work that is important.  It is through our service that our potential is mobilized.  Be grateful for life and use it for the greater good.

Many people believe themselves to be alone, but in truth, we are linked to millions of other beings.  There is a hierarchy of life both in the worlds of matter and the subtle realms of light.  This is truth.  We are all linked, connected, to each other.  What is most important particularly during these changing times is that we be conscious of our link with beings of a higher order.  When we understand, accept and connect with this living current, it will flow through us establishing a conscious bond with a great healing and transformative power.

We can be a conductor of energies from above.  A genuine Brotherhood already exists in the worlds of Light.  It consists of Saints, Prophets, Initiates and great Masters of mankind.  It is also a consciousness of enlightened souls who are currently living on earth wisely and lovingly. 

This Great Universal Brotherhood extends far beyond our solar system.  When we resonate to the sublime energy with all our heart and mind, we help in our own simple way to carry out its plans here on earth. The true Universal White Brotherhood is the source of our light and strength.  While we are in the flesh, it is an inward life, an indestructible fortress.

Failure occurs when we cut ourselves off from the chain of these masters and great initiates.  It is up to us to maintain our ties with authenticity and a divinity that is a living current of truth and light.  The ties can be strengthened.   We can be safe.   Oneness is the only safe stronghold, believe me!  We are the children of the One.  Life is very hard for many people but, there is an invisible world of wealth and joy that we can share in if we believe that we are actually one great family.  It is through our awakening to the larger family that we find a real solution.  

Being small-minded is no longer an option.  I urge you to open your mind and heart and allow the idea of universality to guide you in everything you do.  In this way, you will benefit the larger family of souls who grace this earth as well as those in the subtle worlds who have sacrificed for the Great Family in the past.   All religions believe that human beings are children of the same Father-Source.  Life will take on a greater meaning once you decide to work for the whole world!

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall


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