Friday, November 2, 2012


What I have been teaching for thirty years:


Everyone, regardless of race, religion, social position, intellectual ability or material means, is able to take part in the realization of a new period of brotherhood and peace on earth. This happens through the individuals personal transformation: growth in perfection and in harmony with the divine world. Whatever the topic, the focus is always on how one can better conduct life on earth. I teach like others before me and those living now have taught that to achieve a better life, one must have a high ideal. "... if you have a High Ideal, such as the bringing of the Kingdom of God on earth into the energy of earth life, you will definitely be attuned to heaven on earth.

The Science is given to us through firsthand experience with the Divine:

The Science of God Realization are the cosmic laws governing both the universe and the human being, the macrocosm and microcosm, and the exchanges that constantly take place between them.

This inner knowledge has taken different forms throughout the centuries. It is the "perennial wisdom" expressed through various religions, each adapted to the spirit of a particular time, people, and level of spiritual evolution.   The teaching incorporates aspects of esoteric Christianity that relate to finding the "Kingdom of God on earth" within the individual. It also embraces the Kabbalah and the universal aspects of all 'religions' past and present.

One of the essential truths of the higher science is that (in the subtle worlds) as well as here on earth all things are linked. Understanding this reality and committing oneself to the Kingdom of God on earth makes it realizable.

The real science is to form within ourselves, in the depths of our being, this Body that the awakened refer to as the Body of Glory, the Body of Light, the Body of Christ, the Buddhic  Body and other similar names.

This is why I have always emphasized expansion of one's personal Light and using Light as a tool for healing, compassion, education and good things.  I was born with the gift of actually seeing the Radiant Light with my spiritual sight, I definitely know of Its power and presence through firsthand experiences.   One on One is the only way to truly know what IS.

In gratitude and harmony,

Shirlee Hall


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