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November 16th, Sacred Breath Workshop, Downers Grove, 7:00 PM
December 2nd, Children of the One advanced class in Naperville, 1:00 PM
December 14th, Sacred Breath Workshop
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A Noble Life
(A new excerpt taken from an inner page on my web site listed below)

The Children of the One work with universal principles. They vibrate in the invisible and luminous dimensions of Light and in the physical universe. The pure intention is to establish a Kingdom of God on earth. The principles we adhere to are unchangeable. They are love, wisdom, truth and sacrifice.

The Children of the One understand that the holy sanctuary is within. It is a temple of the Living God. The 'new heaven and new earth' apply to our inner life. The 'new heaven' offers higher ideals and perceptions and a heightened understanding. A 'new earth' indicates a change in attitudes and behavior. A keener mentality and an expansive way of living becomes the human reality when the head and the heart work together as one.

As Children of the One, we are a Great Family of souls receiving spiritual nourishment. Participation requires a willingness to actually live the will of God. Taking action evolves into a superiority of character and resonates to excellence.

Willingness provides nourishment and strength fed by a powerful radiant Light. Life has a greater meaning because we are working for the Whole.

As Children of the One, we bring the divinity hidden in man out into the open. Peace is our reality as we vibrate in harmony and become conductors of the One.

As Children of the One, we link our light and consciously expand as a living stream of connectedness. We accept and live our inner capacity for authentic power, light, beauty, joy, truth, love and the ability to create true peace. It is simple and real. We are participating in a tremendous work of love as we willingly ride the waves and magic of hidden dreams~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall
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