Monday, November 19, 2012



I personally feel that A New Day will manifest when more of us answer the Call and catch the Vision by choosing to offer a greater Service.  Times are obviously changing and separate teaching is past.  What souls are crying for and may not consciously realize is the truth that  preparation through trials, lack and limitation have been part of our journey.  Our trust and patience has anchored us in the way of the Heart.

Many of us have been diligently aligning our movement with others and a sense of separation or of one church, organization and teaching being the only way is no longer accepted as our reality.    The New day requires we enter and participate in an energy that is best described as a Holy Brotherhood, an eternal army of those whose purpose is to establish love and righteousness in present time as lights of the One Great Light.

What we have given up has no value.  We who have prepared see the One Self in all humans as a glorious oneness.  I feel comfortable referring to us as the Children of the One.  We have found the One and as a result are inspired with a true Spirit of Service.    It is time for a full participation in the work of the Holy Brotherhood.  This means that we yield to the call of the Higher Self and hear the Voice of the One Source calling in our hearts.  We are required to be love in action.

All our work in the past has been but a preparation to usher in A New Day.   Living as Children of the One, a genuine brotherhood, can be a reality among humans.  Something is finishing now and something new and real is beginning.  It is a higher available frequency directly from the Source.

Humanity has grown very tired of contraction, fear and dread.  More souls are awakening.  When we open our hearts, change happens.  Yes, there remains disorder all around us but believe, dear friends, a fresh wind has begun to blow away contraction, falsity, control and expose selfishness and evil intention.

There is no reason to fear.  It is the end of a very nasty cycle and a new era, a New Day, is opening up to those who have with an expanded vision, faith and devotion opened their hearts.  Be a walking prayer, live in love and be who you really are.  You are the Light.  The Light cares and supports you.  Claim your birthright now and let us walk together and joyously participate in A New Day. 
In harmony,
Shirlee Hall

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