Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Do we actually have another half, another Self?  The question actually can be answered on multiple levels.  The question is not meant to be 'tricky' but to hopefully encourage you to pause and give it serious thought.  Deep thinking is sorely missing in the common people. I do not look upon my readers as common people.  If they were, they would not take the time to read anything that I write.

The physical level is the first to be addressed.  Yes, it would be really nice to have a physical partner with similar dreams and energy.  Some people refer to a partner as a soul mate or the part that completes his or her identity.  I do not agree with that thinking although it is very special having the company of kindred souls who think and love deeply regardless of gender.  No one else can complete our sense of Self.  You are only being fooled if you believe this.

When we move to the loftier perspective of the mind, duality continues to exist.  We become aware that there is both a feminine aspect within our identity and a masculine.  The goal in Transformative Science is to unite the fields of energy into one unit of light and life.  Collective humanity continues to resonate to a consciousness of separateness, a consciousness that is fragmented.

I do not agree with any teaching emphasizing the higher Self located at a specific distance above us or on a faraway star or planet.  This thought projection only adds fuel to the existing belief in separation.  The Divine Self may feel as if it is located a great distance from us because we have denied Its existence and power.  The temporary personality, the lesser sense of self, is in control, which is laughable when you finally realize how you have been fooled.  There is only one genuine Power and Presence and eventually each soul awakens to the altering reality.  We awaken when we are ready to accept and live the truth of who we actually are.

The eternal and true Self has no desire for sex as humans understand unity.  The 'Self' is without sex.  The Self is not half of something seeking its complimentary half.  The Self is a complete whole that has and is basically ignored while the soul is experiencing the density of matter.  As we consciously advance in the area of Self-realization, we do experience the Divine face to face.  We feel and often view the Power and Presence behind creation simply by looking into the mirror or at one another.  Its radiance is everywhere in Nature.

Why not stop the dualistic projected image of the divine-true Self and draw out truth into the open?  Believe and trust in what is really you and realize it is not a separate being.  The true Self dwells as you.  Once you understand, accept and begin to live your real identity, you will manifest divinity in a visible and tangible way.  You are fully capable and can consciously spiritualize matter.  You are a higher reality and life.  Unity has been forgotten.  Yes, you are fully capable in experiencing divine unity of the Self and standing tall in a circle of the resurrected...a soul who is resurrected from spiritual ignorance.  It is time that the consciousness of oneness awaken in the body and mind of matter.

Whatever you can imagine can materialize...

Love, Light and Laughter,

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Friday, August 19, 2011



Do you ever take time out and deeply analyze where you are now in Mind and where you really wish to be?

Who is living out your life very day?  Is it the person other people see and expect you to be?

Or, is it the Real you standing tall and being his/her Self?

Do you ever take time to do a progress report on your soul evolution and how balanced you truthfully are?

Or, do you assume because you have the proper necessities and friends the world is okay?

It is never easy to squarely face your self.

To honestly face yourself is to live the best that you can be in any given moment not because someone else wants you to but because you feel it is right.

To be the best that you can be demands deep introspection, honesty, respect, love and a willingness to change.

I ask again, are your responses and reactions to life a reflection of what you expect others wish to see in you as you?

Or, are you actually being true to the Real Self within allowing It to gradually come out and play and be a genius and amazing Self?

Perhaps, what you judge as your best version of self is not an authentic version.  It may not be you at all.

Are you real?  Are you genuinely happy within?  Are you pleased in this very moment with all the ramifications of the individual called 'You'?

If not, what are you going to do about it?  You are the change maker, the alchemist, and not someone else~

Love, Light and Laughter,