Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Sun Message: BELIEVE

A Sun Message: BELIEVE



Since a child, I have believed in something amazing beyond words, a power, a Supermind, a Presence that is beyond religion, formulated creeds and far beyond the known universe. It is Cosmic and indescribable except for the Light of its finer body and magnificent creation of Nature as its outer body. It is not limited. Many times, a gentle voice, a sign or words written in the language of Light have reminded me of who we are and our purpose in visible form. The Light speaks true...

It is because of this illuminating love and authenticity that I remind you that the Light is who we are. We are co-creators with the magic and beauty of the Supreme One, God, as we purify the body, mind and soul. It matters not what we look like, our status in life or the environment in which we were born or now live. What matters is that we believe in who we are spiritually and take positive action as a result of our inner reality.

One of the earliest messages given to me is to remember to believe. Yes, belief and our creative potential is a gift of God. It is a universal gift available to all of us. We are connected as living lights. The ideal is to attain the fullest sense of what we spiritually are while living in the flesh. This is and always will be my mantra. Physics recognizes a Supermind. Watch your thoughts and feelings and allow your self to tune into that high and loving level of Cosmic consciousness.

Remember to dream and consciously create your dream as a living reality through your own determination, strength and energy. We are powerful. Let us remember our higher purpose. Through true love, we inspire and give hope to others in the coming year. Together, let us believe and create a reality of goodness and authenticity.
Love always,

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Makes Us Real

The Internet is one way that those of like-mind, lovers of truth, kindness and life are merging together to create an enormous thought form of love. It is actually a space of love, a newness that has been missing in many people's lives for a very long time. As this brighter thought form expands, it will pull us into its center, which is the Light of God. Hopefully, you have experienced being flooded with Light. It's appearance is usually sudden and happens in the most unexpected places. A great upward shift to the level of our higher consciousness is felt as beauty, wonder and love. At first, you will not be conscious of the vibration of Light all the time. Be patient. The Light will return again and again and one day it will remain a conscious presence in your mind and heart. It is seen as well as felt. There is an entirely different language and level of maturity associated with the Light.

I see the year 2010 as an interim, a transition period not only for spirituality but also for every aspect of human life. Many will speak from their hearts and express what they feel without any qualms. The awakened and caring ones have not had any real form of coalition. There is a small organization here and there, books that speak of a new life appearing, but soon something will happen that unites all of those who desire the same thing. What are the deep desires besides the obvious sense of security and love? Nobility, fairness, cooperation, respect, sincerity, truth, kindness and a genuine feeling for each other. The space of love is about loving Nature, nurturing life, surrendering and choosing to work with a Higher Power that is mainly unseen by the masses.

What will happen in the days ahead is that the unseen will gradually be witnessed through souls like in our circle and other circles all over the planet. The circle ever widens and this is exactly what will occur. It begins slowly. During the new year, it will suddenly grow in leaps and bounds. Why? Souls are ready for an opening, a place of hope, a space of love. We are tired of pretending that the physical body, personality and material objects are the end all of life. We desire to really know and live our true identity as spirit in form and understand real truth, not the lies that come with being duped by those in power. We desire to take greater steps removing falseness, the costume of pretence, the lies and betrayal that have separated us for thousands of years from the Source of our being...radiant Light.

We must do our best to be in shape physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. It behooves us to find within the greatest thing we can do. True understanding comes from an inner healing. True understanding is like a spring, always refreshed, always renewed and enchanted. True knowledge is always full of wonder. I believe in who we are and what we can now accomplish. We are ready. Love makes us Real. We ensure a year of goodness and a balanced future by the way we feel and live today.

Be expectant! Love makes it happen.

Love and Light


Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Message: Unfolding Your Wings


You have been released to try your own wings.
Know that in the trying you will hit dark lows and achieve high octaves of Light.
In the fluctuations of knowing and experiencing realize that you are the Knower and not
the experience.

Know that you have been given purity and only you can receive and live it.
Know that you have not yet received the full inner teachings of the hidden and the sublime
freedom of being.
This understanding comes when you have first tried your own wings, created your own nest of refuge and determined your own patterns.
Know that you are not alone. There are many who observe and love you.
Know that you cannot fathom the depths of knowledge and a higher love at this point in consciousness until you fly across the abyss of nothingness.
This means intense challenges, new ideas and life choices will be come your way. Everything will change if this is your course.

The completion of your flight will be determined by your responses to the opportunities your God Self presents and how you apply what has been lovingly shared with you.
No one can achieve the heights for you.
No one can teach you all they know.
No one can open your wings for you.
You must do it!
It is your choice.
Your move.
Your Light.
Your Love.
You as God acting in form.

Be aware that this is a very delicate period of your life. You must apply what you have learned in order to achieve your purpose in being.
The purpose is more than you consciously realize or are presently achieving.
Keep alert and vigilant.
This is a vigil for you as well as for me.

In love and thanksgiving,


Friday, December 4, 2009

Glamour, Duality & Grace


For the majority of souls living on the physical plane, life is an ongoing struggle. If we already understand and accept our true spirit identity hidden in matter, the struggle can be very distracting and slow moving if we forget the reason why we are on earth and what we need to do to keep balanced and move forward.

Lack of understanding and the forgetting of spirit identity are caused by a veil of protection we wear when entering physical form. The veil is gradually removed through personal effort and maturity. When we fully begin to love who we are and respect the eternal presence, it becomes easier to understand, be compassionate and live in balance. While we are remembering and learning to be the wonder that we are, we live side by side with the glamour created through the influence of swindlers. The swindlers are people who selfishly desire and deliberately attempt to corrupt the innate goodness of man. Corruption has come easily for the most part during the last ten thousand years because influential people behind the scenes and sometimes openly have deliberately focused on hypnotizing humanity. It is common for humans to be distracted by everyday concerns. Distractions do not allow for any deep contemplation. It is when we lose our source of income, illness strikes and the many other forms of loss that appear that we must remain focused and remember the inner Essence and why we are here. The tendency is to give in to the negative energy and subsequently lose a much needed sense of peace. To heal the harm caused, a tremendous amount of love is required by us to correct the damage brought about through denial, resistance, lack of understanding and other forms of abuse.

Why does life have to be so hard? It is a constant challenge whether we are already enlightened or struggling to reach a higher level of consciousness. Living in dense matter is very different from the lightness and freedom experienced in the invisible realms of Light. Physical life is frequently a shabby imitation of what we once knew as our original pure selves here on earth. When we choose to descend and experience density, scientifically we are further away from the Center-God, at least in our conscious knowing nature. The earth, individual and collective consciousness, rhythmically passes through stage of awareness from the very dull to the brightest splendor. We are coming to the end of a dark phase that has been mainly accepted by the soul until recently. Earlier, there were always souls quietly hidden away who understood the cycles of consciousness and how the earth responds in kind. These souls know about the decrease in Celestial Light and in future cycles, the Light returning. During this particular space-time, many are beginning to experience an influx of Celestial Light. Souls are awakening to their plight, the robotic thinking habit, the rape of the earth and an increasing urge within to return to some semblance of our original pureness and wholeness.

A terrorist to me is any intelligence who attempts to corrupt goodness and truth. We can and have been a terrorist to our own bodies and families through unbalanced and selfish choices. Additional Divine Light as unconditional love and power is available during an upswing in collective consciousness. Radiant Light is slowly occurring in the hearts of humankind as well as exposing that which must be removed in order for peace and happiness to reign. The hidden is showing its face in more ways than one. Duality exists not only in matter but within the invisible astral-emotional states of mind as well as the lower mental field of consciousness. To be strong in the midst of duality, stop resisting truth and change, denial will not make it go away. Discipline yourself to stay with deep thinking, meditating, service and loving. It is possible to be free in density if we persistently try, dare and BE.

We earn the right to break the illusion. Start by cleaning up your own pollution in body, mind and soul. Recognize, listen, honor and love your inner essence. Allow it to come out as the brightness of the Sun. This is the time we have been waiting for and we are the souls who can do great things. Be willing to accept whatever the future holds as it is presented, without tampering with the desire of the inner Beloved. Learn to surrender the body and its concerns to the power of Good. Because of the strength of belief, acceptance and love, we will transform into the wonder and goodness that we innately are. Allow yourself to be happy. Act in love. Learn to accept the state of grace. It is similar to reaching the top of a Sacred Mountain. Learn to surrender to the grace of the universe and be at one with all planes of consciousness. Trust in God's protection. When we accept and surrender to the power of the One, healing and self-transformation occurs. We chose to be here. Let us do it right!

In hope and harmony,

Shirlee Hall