Thursday, December 31, 2009


Since a child, I have believed in something amazing beyond words, a power, a Supermind, a Presence that is beyond religion, formulated creeds and far beyond the known universe. It is Cosmic and indescribable except for the Light of its finer body and magnificent creation of Nature as its outer body. It is not limited. Many times, a gentle voice, a sign or words written in the language of Light have reminded me of who we are and our purpose in visible form. The Light speaks true...

It is because of this illuminating love and authenticity that I remind you that the Light is who we are. We are co-creators with the magic and beauty of the Supreme One, God, as we purify the body, mind and soul. It matters not what we look like, our status in life or the environment in which we were born or now live. What matters is that we believe in who we are spiritually and take positive action as a result of our inner reality.

One of the earliest messages given to me is to remember to believe. Yes, belief and our creative potential is a gift of God. It is a universal gift available to all of us. We are connected as living lights. The ideal is to attain the fullest sense of what we spiritually are while living in the flesh. This is and always will be my mantra. Physics recognizes a Supermind. Watch your thoughts and feelings and allow your self to tune into that high and loving level of Cosmic consciousness.

Remember to dream and consciously create your dream as a living reality through your own determination, strength and energy. We are powerful. Let us remember our higher purpose. Through true love, we inspire and give hope to others in the coming year. Together, let us believe and create a reality of goodness and authenticity.
Love always,

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