Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Message: Unfolding Your Wings


You have been released to try your own wings.
Know that in the trying you will hit dark lows and achieve high octaves of Light.
In the fluctuations of knowing and experiencing realize that you are the Knower and not
the experience.

Know that you have been given purity and only you can receive and live it.
Know that you have not yet received the full inner teachings of the hidden and the sublime
freedom of being.
This understanding comes when you have first tried your own wings, created your own nest of refuge and determined your own patterns.
Know that you are not alone. There are many who observe and love you.
Know that you cannot fathom the depths of knowledge and a higher love at this point in consciousness until you fly across the abyss of nothingness.
This means intense challenges, new ideas and life choices will be come your way. Everything will change if this is your course.

The completion of your flight will be determined by your responses to the opportunities your God Self presents and how you apply what has been lovingly shared with you.
No one can achieve the heights for you.
No one can teach you all they know.
No one can open your wings for you.
You must do it!
It is your choice.
Your move.
Your Light.
Your Love.
You as God acting in form.

Be aware that this is a very delicate period of your life. You must apply what you have learned in order to achieve your purpose in being.
The purpose is more than you consciously realize or are presently achieving.
Keep alert and vigilant.
This is a vigil for you as well as for me.

In love and thanksgiving,


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