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Is there something higher? Do you allow yourself to be beaten up? Something is wrong if you allow that. You do not have to be a martyr. One way to gain control of your reactions and take a healing approach is build your strength by deliberately expanding a divine vibration.
Is there something higher? Do you allow yourself to be beaten up? Something is wrong if you allow that. You do not have to be a martyr. One way to gain control of your reactions and take a healing approach is build your strength by deliberately expanding a divine vibration.
I am assuming you would prefer to be strong, powerful and enlightened. The idea of being victimized by darkness does not have to be. When we are truly awake, we throw out a protective screen of Light. This is a spiritual response. Never fight evil or what I prefer to call darkness on its own level. Move your mind and feeling nature immediately to a higher perspective. It is on that level you automatically have a vantage point. Bombard the person, issue, whatever it is, including yourself…with the power of the One Radiant Light.
You will not only be protecting yourself but helping remove negativity and harmful elements out of the minds and hearts of the problem. We are not enlightened when we let ourselves be abused or persecuted when ill-treated. Also, it is not wise to pay back in kind. Choose to work with divine methods if you haven’t already.
Turning the other cheek is to send light and warmth offering the offender life. When we allow others to abuse us, we actually hurt them. How can they improve if their actions are validated? Give yourself in the coming year an expanded means to become wiser, more discerning and loving. You will gain spiritual strength. It is very important to know when to use the higher method, your inner strength.
Negativity attacks not only from outside sources but unseen sources. When you are feeling depressed, worried or discouraged, you attract energy that attacks. This is the time to remember your true identity as light temporarily using form. Feel and show your inner strength. Never let negative thoughts and feelings drag you down. Wage war on all attempts to harm your balance by turning on the inner light and specifically radiating a genuine power and presence. Put on your magic glasses, spiritual sight, speak words of power and you will be well-armed and quickly evolve as an invincible, strong and genuine loving being. Remember to give thanks to the Light!
In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

UPDATES: Please visit my new web site:
Also, newly released fiction book: ‘The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Intuitive Souls’.

January 2014 schedule: Sunday, January 5th, 1:00pm, Circle of Light Class and meditation in Bolingbrook, IL

We will begin a series where we examine through our magic glasses of truth links between quantum physics, astrology and the Bible. We will investigate how to use consciousness to travel through time and space, and how to tap the forces of intelligence that pervade our cosmos.
Friday, January 17th, 7:00pm, Sacred Breath Healing Workshop in Downers Grove

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Holiday News and Updates for Shirlee


Sunday, January 5th, Circle of Light local class and meditation
Friday, 17th, Sacred Breath Healing local workshop
Details: 630-202-3818   or

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       And   book     The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls
                              Book is on Kindle.  Can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
                              Approximately Christmas week.
          Or                Directly from Shirlee Hall

30 sec youtube link for new book:

“Although this wonderful tale style analogy is a thin book, its pages are filled with wonderment, profound ides, and lessons for living.  The contents will make you think.  The question of why humanity suffers is addressed through the thoughts of two characters: The Princess Shree and her mentor, the Unicorn.  Through this journey of one soul, in the physical form of one young princess elevating to queen in her physical world, awakening to her own desire to evolve spiritually, allows the reader to understand the self in an abstract environment, a mind expanding read!”

Are You Wearing Your Magic Glasses?    Our upcoming Sunday series class material…
Not everyone’s spiritual sight is active.  Our focus in 2014 is to remind and educate participants regarding the spiritual sight they already have and need to actually use on a daily basis.  I will be referring to our spiritual sight, sense, as putting on a pair of magic glasses.  The symbolism is a simple means to describe this unique and special gift that enables us to see life and everything differently.

Through these glasses you will see only the truth.  You will not be able to see opinions, prejudices, or beliefs.  I realize that there are only a few who are prepared to accept the truth when they see it.   If you choose to join us and before you put the magic glasses on, know this: almost nothing will be as you thought it to be.  You will see all truth, be tolerant of others and acquire a greater understanding.  You won’t see things as you used to ever again.  The magic glasses will help you to see everything as it really is.  If you live in the Chicago area, link your light with ours.  In wearing your magic glasses of truth, you also activate your inner youth. From that inner youth springs everything that is good for you.  The inner youth is YOU!

Blessings of Joy and Wonder

May Light and Truth
Beauty and Love be with you
Throughout the New Year

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall


Monday, December 9, 2013


This Friday is our Sacred Healing Breath Celebration!
Let me know if you are joining us.   We will be celebrating our INNER YOUTH and putting on magical glasses.

Update: website -  I will have a totally new web site for you to browse through in a day or two.   It is very different from all past ones.
The new book, The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, will be available as a digital book on Amazon in a few days and as a print book in about 10 days.  You can purchase it through my web site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at one of our gatherings. It can always be ordered at a Barnes  & Nobel store as well. Here is a photo of the cover.   A description below is partly taken from the Foreward written by Catherine Anne Clark.

Although The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls is a thin book, its pages are filled with wonderment, profound ideas, and lessons for living.  You will have much to think about.
In this wonderful tale, the Unicorn is used as a powerful Voice symbolizing our inner divine nature.  The question of why humanity suffers is addressed through the thoughts of two characters; the Princess Shree and her mentor, the Unicorn.  It is the story of a soul awakening to her inner nature.  It allows the reader to understand the self in an abstract environment, a mind expanding read!
Princess Shree travels inside a deep fantasy forest to sit still and receive answers to the questions that weigh her physical being down, as she seeks to serve humanity to the best of her ability in preparation for her new role in life as the queen.  Finding her mentor, the story of life begins in a wonderfully playful fashion.
The beauty of this magical dialogue is that it shows the reader or seeker that the individual with a desire to serve and better all humanity can only achieve success through the manifestation of one’s own inner-peace, stating: “If you are at peace with yourself, that is the ultimate quest fulfilled”.
The wonder of this analogy arrives when it ends full circle allowing the reader to see that we can return to our origin balance and wisdom.  The choice has always been our own!

Be joyful and join us Friday evening...

Love, Light and Laughter,

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Friday, December 13th
7:00 pm




Bring your mat for the last part but mainly bring the 'real' and unlimited you who is ready to embrace the opportunity to live the gift that you are, face the challenges, reach the goal and is determined to succeed.  The adversary has been the personality.  Give yourself the greatest gift you will ever give...honoring the real you.

Love, Light and Laughter,
Shirlee Hall

Wednesday, November 27, 2013




May your Thanksgiving be amazing...
I am thankful that my new tale is ready to be printed.  The Three Persuasions explains Creation in its own unique way.  A unicorn and a princess are the two players.
  Both the authorized King James Version, Greek Septuagint, Latin Vulgate and the American Standard Version mention this ancient creature.  Chinese mythology and the Japanese have their version.  The predecessor of the medieval bestiary, compiled in Late Antiquity and known as Physiologus, popularized an elaborate allegory in which a unicorn, trapped by a maiden (representing the Virgin Mary), stood for the Incarnation.  Some religious writers interpret the unicorn and its death as the Passion of Christ.  The myths refer to a beast with one horn that can only be tamed by a virgin. The Virgin Mary and the unicorn are a basic emblematic tag that underlies medieval notions justifying its appearance in every form of religious art.  Only the virgin can tame the one horned beast.
Living as Light in form, humans are free to create their own reality. The ancient and wise Unicorn offers a heightened understanding opening the way toward merging in harmony with the natural laws and the unconditional love of the universe.

The Unicorn is a unique representative of a divine and breathtaking oneness. It is also a symbol of purity, strength, salvation, inward calmness and healing of wounds.  Princess Shree’s mentor, a magnificent unicorn, encourages the princess to turn toward the free flow of cosmic energy and lovingly share it with receptive hearts.
It is said that dreams are the playground of unicorns.   The playground of the Unicorn brilliantly maximizes the quality of life possible in wholeness and attunement with nature.    The tale explains three persuasions of a buried Dream. The Unicorn encourages us to be our best and possible nature regardless of the appearance world or a haunting sense of separation and loss.  The direct and ancient message is one of hope reminding souls of their inner greatness and waiting potential.
I had to share the excitement with you...
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I am grateful for our friendship
Blessings of Light and Love,

Sunday, November 17, 2013


CIRCLE OF LIGHT CLASS/MEDITATION: DEC. 1, 1 pm, "Have the teachings of Jesus been blindsided?"

TESTING...1, 2, 3

Every day more of us are linking our intention as shimmering light choosing to cooperate with the higher patterns of individual and collective evolution. My new and small book, 'The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls', will be available early December. I consider the tale a gem. It is a gem because it answers in a simple style long sought questions. The renamed tale will be available on my web site, Internet through Amazon and Barnes & Noble or directly through me.

I am a lover of the Sacred. Holiness is "wisdom" or "knowledge". It is intuition that gives us the creative power to put into words a direct knowledge of Truth. Whatever I share is based on a full, conscious, immediate and direct awareness. In other words, what may read as a tale or novel is in truth a conscious and individual way of sharing an ongoing transformation process...God communion.

Truth is truth. The teachings are universal. No one is superior or inferior. We are all equal and children of the One. We appear as different according to the development of consciousness and its interaction with the body-mind. Direct inspiration is received through pure intent. This explains why ancient teachings appear similar once individually understood. Progressive energy is to be shared locally, nationally, internationally and universally. The center of every dynamic truth originates from the same Source...the sublime heart of Truth. Because clarity is so sorely needed in today's world, I am thrilled with this new opportunity to humbly share a cosmic manifestation...The Three Persuasions.

To be able to express faith as well as the testing is the same as trusting. There is no difference. Over forty years ago my trust was tested in bizarre ways. It wasn't until a few years passed that I understood the purpose of being tested. Although I could have easily made a fool out of my self, remaining attentive, having confidence and a steady conviction supported an inner belief in a higher guidance gently pushing me toward an unknown goal.

I relied on the truth of 'something' that I felt and heard and did not always see. The process of growth continued until I was ready for something far beyond what is heard, felt, seen or known through the physical or psychic senses. Every word in 'The Three Persuasions' is a pure and direct experience. The awareness of the tale may read as an impossible magic, unreasonable, or illogical to a few. If you are ready and understand the power of energy, a firm persuasion will evolve as you trust every step of the Way. Renewed hope and possibilities, clarity and unconditional love will nourish your yearning heart. Being tested challenges integrity, provides stability and unfolds as an enduring and tranquil love. Wisdom when realized creates beauty, a beauty that is longed for by the hearts of many~

I am thankful for your friendship. Have a Thanksgiving full of unexpected blessings~

Shirlee Hall I invite you to visit my new web site: © 2013 Shirlee Hall. All rights Reserved To remove your name go to

Monday, November 4, 2013


Friday, November 15th, 7:00 pm, Sohmar Massage School in Downers Grove - A new Sacred Healing Breath Workshop is being offered. The subject...RECEIVING THE HOLY SPIRIT.

SHIRLEE HALL who has served consciousness as a visionary, professional speaker, natural born healer, spiritual consultant, author of 4 books,inspirational teacher and workshop leader for over thirty years is available to help you move intimately into a permanent sense of wholeness, which embraces every aspect of life. For further information, feel free to call 630-202-3818 for details.

Sunday, December 1st, 1:00 pm - a Circle of Light class and healing meditation is scheduled.


In truth, purity cannot be destroyed. More of us are awakening to our true identity as pure awareness that has descended into phenomena and sustained by different levels of consciousness. We have a choice to continue with the imaginary or to force ourselves to awaken during an earth cycle that accepts spiritual ignorance as the norm. It is a huge challenge to be a rebel. We are surrounded by family and friends who have their unmet challenges. The environment is a stage that can either help or further delude us.

The classes and workshops under the umbrella of unconditional love and inner knowing are for your benefit. To rediscover the absolute purity of imperishable grace dwelling in the heart is an ongoing challenge.

Nothing is more important than direct experience with the Divine. Understanding does come through tenacious inquiry, love for the light of our true Nature and the gradual removal and actual destruction of the deceitful ego. To be successful, all of us must stop the illusion and remove ourselves mentally from the shell imprisoning the real. My intention is to prove that you can see, feel and be the Infinite in form. To be successful, all of us must keep hammering away at the hardened shell preventing the illumination and bliss that is rightfully ours.

You are invited to join us and be a rebel against slavery to concepts, abuse and attachments as we advocate for a supreme peace that only comes when we awaken to the Infinite Consciousness. It is time we stop being victimized by spiritual ignorance. Our classes and workshops are specifically designed through firsthand understanding and experience to help you be an expert in who you really are~

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall I invite you to visit my new web site: © 2013 Shirlee Hall.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My life has been blessed with angels who protect, guide, inspire and heal.  In fact, I’ve have actually been ‘saved’ at least four times.  The season for snow is fast approaching in the Chicago area.  The thought reminds me of an experience from the past where guidance was desperately needed.  My youngest son and I would occasionally cross-country ski together.  On this particular day of my story, a strong wind and dark clouds foretold more snow for our area.  Although I was hesitant about the weather forecast, my son enthusiastically urged me on.  We drove to a forest area of largely unmarked ski and hiking trails just outside Chicago.

Looking back, I remember we began our adventure in the early morning. Although the cold was already penetrating my skin after a couple hours of skiing, my son suggested we explore the trail further. I hesitated but agreed.  At first it was fun, but several hours later, I couldn’t find a familiar marking due to the falling snow.  I realized we were lost.

Without flare, matches, or whistle, and seeing no place to take refuge from the storm, I was very concerned for our safety.  I knew the temperature would plummet further as day turned into night.  I also remembered a recent newspaper report of a pack of wild dogs in the area.  Not knowing what else to do, I prayed out loud for help.  My son got down on his knees as well.

Suddenly, in the vastness of what appeared as an endless white landscape devoid of human activity or animals, two forms appeared in the distance. From their clothes we assumed one was male, the other female, but otherwise their features were indistinct.  They motioned us to follow them. We were stunned and grateful.  You see, during our entire adventure, we had not seen one human soul.

I was exhausted.  We had been trudging through banks of snow for hours.  The two motioning us to follow them never said a word.  This was strange.  In fact, they kept their distance.  For some reason, I didn’t think about it at the time.  I only wanted to be somewhere warm and protected.  My entire focus was on gripping my son’s hand, literally for dear life, and surviving. I remember falling a few times as a result of exhaustion.  I have never liked cold weather.

Night had fallen by the time we finally recognized a familiar sight…the shack near the spot where I had left my car. In that instant of recognition, our rescuers vanished as mysteriously as they had appeared…without a trace and without a word.  I repeat…no other people or cars were anywhere to be seen, only my car and a shack.  In that moment of isolation and loving rescue guided back to the car, I just knew that the figures that unexpectedly appeared in the distance motioning us to follow them were angels.  Who else would be out at night in a heavy snowstorm beside us? Obviously, only holy beings, guardian angels!

We both cried out to the sky words of deep gratitude and immense relief!  The next day, I
 revisited the ski rental shack and told the attendant our story.  She was stunned.  As a result of our foolishness, the park district placed an order for markers to be installed along a trail that would be safe for the experienced skier and the inexperienced adventurers like my son and I.

Always trusting,

Shirlee Hall

Monday, October 21, 2013


The intention providing life to what I share is to bring and support the light, love and wisdom of your true Nature into physicality.  You are the one who must discover your natural state.  You succeed by being earnest, questioning and fearless.  Together, we keep our mind and heart in harmony. We support each other and encourage a steady remembrance.
As light minded beings, we are a blessing to each other.   All blessings come from within.  We encourage meditation.   Meditation not only develops character, daily practice is a springboard to the source of life and a high consciousness.  Eventually, the high consciousness leads to full awareness, the purity of our natural state.
Our happiness comes from the inner and not the outer.  The outer tools, classes and workshops clear confusion and help you remember.  What is encouraged is clarity of mind and purity of heart.
There is immense suffering occurring all over the world.  It is within our power to end it. We begin by the healing of the self.  To be successful, we must have a constant and strong desire.  What you will discover is that there is nothing to discover.  You are what you are and that is all.  You are the pure awareness that illumines consciousness.  That consciousness is living as you and me.
It is up to us to purify the mind and body and create a well-ordered and useful life.  We do this by observing our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  We support one another as we sincerely strive to clear our vision and remove attachments in the mind.  Living in duality, we must watch ourselves continuously and discover our true nature.  Go within.
In our sacred workshops, we gently move into an awareness that is total, changeless, calm and silent.  We go beyond consciousness into awareness.  I speak of that which we were in our pure and original state…beyond time and space.
If you are devoted to your goal and live a clean and orderly life, your return to wholeness will be spontaneous.  This does not mean that you are completely free of desire or fear. It means that you are conscious of human nature and can easily manage it.  Self-control becomes second nature.  Why not be a true reflection of who you really are?
Shirlee Hall
Coming soon: a fairy tale for old souls, ‘The Queen and the Unicorn

Friday, October 11, 2013



I have written in a 48 hour period my first fairy tale, The Unicorn and the Queen. It is filled with ancient wisdom for people who are aware. If you feel moved to make a donation to help with the self-publishing, please visit the first page of my website, and click on the DONATION button.

The rough draft was recently read to a small group. They were stunned! I wish a camera had been available to capture the look of amazement on their shining faces. In the fairy tale, the Unicorn is used as a powerful Voice symbolizing our inner divine nature. Medieval people loved symbolism. It was only natural for them to equate spiritual truths with the things they saw in nature...plants and animals alike. The Unicorn is a unique representative of a divine and breathtaking oneness. It is also a symbol of purity, strength, salvation, inward calmness and healing of wounds.


It is said that dreams are the playground of unicorns. The playground of the Unicorn brilliantly maximizes the quality of life possible in wholeness and a willing attunement with nature. The tale explains three perspectives, kingdoms, existing in the collective buried dream. The direct and ancient message is one of hope and encouragement reminding souls of their inner greatness and waiting potential.

Years ago, I had a personal experience with a unicorn who suddenly appeared as I was writing at my desk. He was standing on his hind legs.

The fairy tale is divinely inspired and an offering that is an unexpected and joyous surprise for me. My other new manuscript, a novel, will soon be completed as well. The title of the novel is 'Visitor from Heaven'. It is personal and very unusual.

Both gifts of love encourage readers to willingly merge in harmony with the natural laws and the unconditional love of the universe.

You are invited to be a living part of the free flow of cosmic energy and share in its loving power.

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall I invite you to visit my new web site: © 2013 Shirlee Hall. All rights Reserved To remove your name go to

Thursday, September 19, 2013



We are actually inseparable from our True Nature.  Many souls are trapped into believing separation has taken place and that there is some place or level we must return to in order to be liberated.  Not so.  All we need to do is to genuinely wake up and be aware.  A simple reality and yet, we make it complicated.  Yes, consciousness is momentarily appearing as phenomena but the body-mind is not a permanent covering.  The ideal is to activate the higher consciousness, our true Nature, in the temporary body-mind and live in matter consciously uniting spirit and phenomena as one unit of harmonious awareness.

Throughout history, humans have been programmed, conditioned and mesmerized by false teaching promoting the idea of separation and bondage.   Not so.  It is a lie!  It is time to erase the confusing programming regarding what constitutes true identity.  Understand and liberate your Self from concepts.  Go beyond the intellect and awaken to a firm intuitive conviction as to what you actually are.   Intuitively realize how simple this is.  Truth is beyond the intellect.

Being born with the gift of inner sight and able to inwardly ‘see’ the reality behind appearance is obviously a blessing.  At the same time, you do not need spiritual eyesight in order to open your mind to wiser possibilities that will lead and eventually return you to pure awareness.  It does require a surrender of the intellect and the nonsense that you have accepted as truth.  Allow the highest part of your consciousness to help you discern the false as false.  It is then that the light of your consciousness becomes vibrantly alive in a reality that is true.

Focus on your highest consciousness, which is Pure Awareness expressing in matter.   Put doubt aside and accept that you have been fooled by concepts.  In an unexpected and spontaneous moment, you will finally realize an amazing truth you have consciously forgotten.   You are what you have been seeking. 

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall
September 2013 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013



Isn't it time to honor who we really are?  Eons of time have passed and yet, pain and suffering continue. Isn't it time to be serious and clean the waste from the body and mind accepting that you are far greater than ever imagined?  Wouldn't it be a relief and a joy to speak from your own direct insight and tell your own "story"?

Many people believe they will have ample opportunities to spiritually mature in future life experiences.    Perhaps, that idea is the mind's way of dismissing its fear of a body-mind death.  Whatever appears is bound to disappear. The death that is sorely needed is to lose the false sense of self.  The goal is to awaken to the eternal Self and be the I Am Consciousness fully awakened in form. This Self never dies.  Who were you a hundred years ago?  Who will you be a hundred years from today?  All questions will cease once you awaken to your highest consciousness.

Happiness is knowing  and being who you truly are...consciousness aware of itself.  Awaken and stop wearing the mantle of confusion, distress, lack and limitation.  Humanity thrives on heresy.  To be truth you must live as the authentic light that you originally were.  Awaken and you will no longer be adorned in loneliness or pain.  Awaken and you will have a new mantle to wear; a  pure mantle of beauty and understanding recognizable by its cosmic vibration.

Many are passing through the fires of alchemy.  You can be strong and confident in your authenticity regardless of what is happening requires direct insight. Through firsthand insight with your true Nature, you will approach the still waters of understanding and be your own savior.  A fierce battle is in our midst.  Serious challenges are one of the many methods to force us to realize that we already have freedom.  We do not have to acquire it.  Liberation is to acknowledge a faith and conviction that you always have been free.  You simply have forgotten assuming your body and mind was the real you.  It is not!

Humanity as a whole prevents the light, the God seed within, to live.  Prevention is laziness, doubt, fear, inattentiveness, self-abuse and failing to exercise analytical thinking.  The real you is timeless!  It already is unlimited and totally free.  It is the lack of inner knowing that has created shackles of bondage by self-limitation.  Go back to Reality!

Physical life is a dream that we can control through self mastery.  The greater your true understanding, the more powerful is your ability to serve others.  Be determined to achieve mastery of the body-mind and stop the suffering once and for all. 

What helps is to accept the I Am Consciousness and speak from your own experience. Love is the quality to BE.  Be one with your true Awareness which gave birth to the levels of creation and consciousness.  That is all you can do.  This is an ultimate state that you can consciously connect with. Why keep punishing yourself by perpetuating a damaging dream of separation and suffering?

You can be authentic love in action as your deathless Self...the I Am Presence.  You will recognize in a spontaneous moment of realization, when the changing of the mantle, occurs.  You will feel a lightness, an inexplicable joy, a divine knowing and a loving unity that transcends description.  Perhaps, you will experience a symbolic vision as given to me.  A radiant coat of light was ceremoniously offered. A question for you.  Who presented the radiant coat of light?  Was it the I Am Consciousness that is part of me and is yet Impersonal or another intelligence and luminous being? 

How would you explain the purple living light creating spirals forming a Circle yesterday?  Thousands and thousands of people see similar visions. Visions are symbolism but the point was well made and the moment realized. Light is Impersonal and available to all of us.  When the newness clothes us in Its splendor, we are becoming consciously awake.  It is what we authentically 'are' that uses visuals to 'break' through the hard shell of our conditioned nonsense.  'Experiences' are still phenomenon.  We must eventually move higher returning to the essence of our original 'face'.

Be at peace and know you are loved~

Shirlee Hall

Friday, August 9, 2013


"There is a circle of light that is far greater than any book or words; it is the circle of vibrant souls who are conscious of its purpose in living. They are the ones who take responsibility for their actions and respect life. They are the ones who strive for excellence and live in harmony. The Circle of Light is an invisible force that is living and breathing in the midst of all humanity. Each soul lives its truth in love as a spark of the great ring. It is an energy of love and wisdom emerging as a spiritual consciousness into all its beauty and light. It is our responsibility to reconcile the material and the spiritual, and have our feet on the ground and our head in heaven. This is empowerment."

Sunday, August 4, 2013



I heard a wonderful story years ago.  It went something like this.  An elderly gentleman was walking down the street on a beautiful summer day.  When he passed someone, he would say,  "Good morning, Master".  He was usually ignored.  One day, a young man did listen and stop.  He replied, "Good morning, Master".  The elderly gentleman smiled and asked the young man, " Do you know who you are?"  The young man smiled and said, "Now that you have reminded me, I do".  The old man replied, "Then go and be it."

Do you know who you are? Do you trust who you are?  Do you love who you are?  Are you the person standing by the wall jumping up and down trying to see what is on the other side?  Are you the type who likes to make truth a mystery by it in a veil?  The typical personality creates a maze of a 1,000 steps.

It does not need to be difficult to pass from the thoughts of an ordinary person to the consciousness of a Christ.  Why continue to use the back door method where you constantly run around, behave and think like a robot seeking outside of yourself?  The seeker is the sought.  Being ruled by conditions, false beliefs and fears create a feeling of imprisonment.   The front door method will free you from the maze.  It requires choice and commitment.  Why not finally decide to be your true nature fully and completely?

Passion is required.  Accept that you were 'something' grander before you entered the flesh and will eventually return to that amazing nature after you discard the flesh.  Spend time in the Silence and listen.  Trust the inner Voice.  Develop an ongoing focus and a mind that demands truth.  You can break the shackles of physical existence.  Why not choose to spiritualize matter?    It is up to you to develop a firsthand acceptance and relationship with pure consciousness. The relationship will evolve like a human relationship.  The beautiful part is that your true nature will not deceive, desert or hurt you.  Love who you really are, the divine essence, the I Am of you.  The I Am Consciousness is your best friend.

Conscious union with the true nature becomes a reality through a steady and trusting effort.  Allow yourself to be a cosmic thinker.  You will move naturally from the darkness of ignorance to the light of understanding.  Why make the journey difficult?  Allow your true consciousness to lead.  Be who you really are and the mystery is solved.

In harmony,
Shirlee Hall   8-4-13

If you live in the Chicago area, we will be offering a Sacred Breath Healing Workshop in Downers Grove, August 16th, 7:00 PM
Our next Circle of Light Sunday afternoon gathering is September 8th in La Grange, 1:00 PM

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Details: email:
There are many cultures with myths of human-like gods that came out of the heavens to create, destroy and recreate humans. Are we really any different from them? Every time we make a choice to remember who we are, we create the living truth in our body, mind and soul.

We know very little about the beginning of time and the divine birth of humanity. What we do know is that the Hubble Space Telescope confirmed the existence of the shocking reality of 400 billion galaxies and growing. Each galaxy usually has tens of billions of stars. The logic of our mind tells us that there must be inhabited planets. Where it matters, humanity is underdeveloped. How many humans accept that they already have a shining, translucent, transparent, intangible essence keeping them alive? The essence is the super hero part. All the rest is a covering.

It took a great effort, mismanagement and the programming of untruths to get us to believe we are limited. When we are controlled, we are weak and limited. This is one reason that we must transform the subconscious which hangs onto generational patterns and false programming. The subconscious is like a hidden boss. It doesn't want the real you, the higher mind and spirit to gain control. It certainly seems to be doing its best to discourage humanity from making spiritual progress. We can make progress by deliberately opening another door and choosing to embrace our light and transform ourselves. It is okay to break patterns and jar the subconscious.
We are on a long journey to another Kingdom. To make it, we must walk through the door. If we gain wisdom, we can find the door and open it. Why not strive to be a cosmic emissary, the embodiment of the Divine Word? Imagine how life would be if we allowed the Great Wisdom to use us for creating and promoting life?

What we also need is a brighter language...a language of light. More of us must awaken to the transcendental Light and use it to physically live as illumined beings here in matter. Be an example. Expand and use both your mind and heart. Lack and limitation is our experience when we choose to ignore the mysterious light of our essence. Not using it is a serious mistake. There is a heavenly language. If more of us would decide to awaken, positive transformation and sharing the cosmic language as living lights will be our reality.
In love,
Shirlee Hall

If you are on Facebook, check out the Circle of Light group~

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Monday, June 3, 2013


You are far grander than you let on. You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality. It is your responsibility to open your mind and heart and make a persistent effort to wipe away all falsity. To move forward may require being an outlaw and going outside your safety zone.   Light is expanding. Do you feel it? A positive shift is taking place. Social networking and the endless possibilities born out of scientific discoveries are working toward self and social evolution. Souls who fully understand are now speaking with one voice, a voice that is open to multidimensional awareness as a divine being.

The spirit within must be set free. It is the real you. Accept it as your true identity and you will experience a heightened sense of comfort, abundance and healing. Be joyful! You are not separated from the Source. Separation is a false belief. Invite your inner Love and Wisdom to be in charge. Fall in love with the real you. We can lift the frequency of planet earth and all life. Compassion rules those who realize oneness.

Anything is possible. The goal is to proceed in a logical, orderly fashion and be able to verify what we share. At the same time, be conscious and choose to create harmony.. If we remain steadfast in our realization, a permanent conscious state of awareness will actualize. I have a deep faith in our inherent love, beauty and light. We are here for the purpose of raising life to a higher level of expression.

To be our true Self is to be alive in the deepest meaning of the word. The more we inspire and share with others, the more we are all blessed.  A sense of separation disappears and a genuine healing takes its place.  A new consciousness is emerging and wholeness is the norm. The awakened energy is a personality who is willing to allow the God Self to be in charge.  It is up to us to unleash the power within and be the healing we seek.  To fall in love is to be who we inwardly are. To be who we are is beyond mere words. It is an aliveness, an energy and a consciousness that heals and inspires. You are already home.  It is you~

Love, Light and Laughter
Shirlee Hall

Saturday, May 18, 2013


CIRCLE OF LIGHT class and meditation in La grange, 1 PM, Sunday, June 2nd.
SACRED BREATH HEALING WORKSHOP in Downers Grove, 7 PM, Friday, June 21st


We need to accept that we are significant; what we think and do forever echoes throughout the universe.
We need to accept that there is more to life than the daily toil of survival; the solution is to inwardly awaken.
We need to accept the truth that Divine Love and Divine Wisdom move creation in an ongoing symphony.
We need to accept there are subtle planes far reaching in thought and vibration interacting with us.
We need to accept that everything created is condensed light and connected.
We need to accept that we are dearly loved regardless of appearance or conscious awareness.
We need to accept that religions are limited glimpses of an unlimited Reality.
We need to accept that the journey does not need to be hard and long.
We need to accept that it is our sense of lesser self that is the judge.
We need to accept and achieve a strong balance between body, mind and soul.
We need to accept that the only enduring power is love and wisdom.

Love, Light and Laughter, Http://

Saturday, May 4, 2013


I've been talking, writing and demonstrating the authentic self for at least thirty-five years. Sure, I go up and down the levels of awareness just like you do. There are so many distractions in a culture that is not yet wide awake.

If you would like serious support, come check out our classes and workshops. Everyone I know including myself has been going through and in many cases still are stuck in patterns, denial, a mindset that doesn't work for empowerment purposes, sense of personality, powerlessness, disagreement either with the mind or heart or both.

People are experiencing ongoing pain from their attachments to other people, places and things. Pain can be used to set you free. Are you tired of not really sticking to a 'plan' of genuine awareness? The Circle of Light is a powerful and loving support group based on firsthand divine experience, the inner wisdom. Whether it is a Sunday afternoon class and meditation or a Friday evening Sacred Breath Workshop, the energy is all about the REAL YOU! We interact. Questions are posed in the classes and the group mind exchanges and expands the energy helping each other in dropping patterns and stopping falseness to run the show.

Have you reviewed your inner agreements lately? If not, do so. Are they working for or against your joy? Friends of the Circle freely share their insights, releases and how amazing it is to move levels upward as a result of making a choice to participate in the classes and workshops. Each class or workshop is intuitively designed, fresh manna, for the next gathering. At the April workshop, one woman mentioned how she actually experienced being cut free from serious attachments to family members. She was stunned as release and a sense of gratitude swept through her.

Our classes and workshops help you shift your perspective and see the potential that is already present beyond your beliefs. When your attachments have hold of your mind, the authentic within diminishes. Our purpose is to assist you to successfully correct the conditioning allowing a higher understanding to take its place. Result...accepting and loving yourself. Suffering actually stops. You will begin to see everything from a different angle.

How did you lose your authentic self? Perhaps, you have not. Does self-judgment have control of your choices? What is your definition of perfection? Where is your power? Where do flaws and defects originate? Do you have the ability right now to enjoy and be exactly who you are without judgment? Are you ready to take back control? These are only a handful of questions being discussed this month. The idea is to see your own perfection. Is the reflection in the mirror clear?

The days are passing quickly. Are you doing enough to honor you? When you cross over into the subtle planes, will you be satisfied with your journey? If you would like support and friendship with light-minded souls, know we are available either locally, through the Internet or phone.

You are worthy...

Love, Light and Laughter,

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Thursday, April 25, 2013


PURITY is a state of being; it requires eons of time to consciously awaken in the thinking mind. It is the key to perfection in matter.
PURITY is compassionate understanding and is aware that each soul struggles for conscious realization in form.
PURITY is cleanliness of thought. It does not soil itself with negativity that separates; darkness dissipates or obstructs the energy of the soul.
PURITY is kindness and selflessness toward all life; the desire to willingly give love is the intention.
PURITY is patience in life, the battleground and school for souls. All worthwhile ideals take time to materialize.
PURITY is resting securely in the Unseen trusting we are loved and all will be as it should.
PURITY is the result of long preparation which paves the Way. We prepare the conscious mind for purity the honored guest.
PURITY is a joy and comfort that gives birth to understanding and gratitude. It is a genuine happiness that only those touched by the grace of SPIRIT comprehend.
PURITY is the true life. It has purpose, realization and freedom. Freedom is authentic as we are blessed with the embrace of unity.
PURITY is humility before holiness and creation. The Supreme Spirit cannot be comprehended intellectually. Love, power and wisdom is glimpsed through the intuitive and awakened heart.
PURITY is the final realization that we are purity itself, never separate, the one life, heart and mind pulsating throughout the Universe

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Do you wonder why there is such profound spiritual ignorance happening everywhere on our planet?    What happened to pure intent and the moral character great spiritual leaders advised us to develop? 

There is an explanation.  The Western World is not well versed in the ancient wisdom teachings of the East.  In ancient India, there were many sages living simple, contemplative lives in hermitages high in the Himalayas and along the banks of sacred rivers.  They sought to understand the fundamental truths of life – Why are we born?  How did the world come into existence?  How can we live a good life?  Because of their intense inquiry and deep meditation, they received God’s blessings and were able to discover the answers to their profound questions.

The ancient Vedic teachings predate Hinduism.  God revealed sacred truths to the ancient sages, and the sages composed hymns and texts in the Sanskrit language to express these truths.

Sincere seekers living in the Western World insist that the Golden Age is coming.  Eventually, a greater light filled epoch will arrive like clockwork but, not for a long time.  According to the ancient wisdom teachings, there are four great epochs.  The first three have already passed away.  We are now living in the fourth one, the epoch where evil and dishonesty has replaced the truth of the last three ages.  This age, Kali Yuga, is considered the most degenerated of the epochs.

During the Kali Yuga, the majority of humans have lost knowledge of the higher Self.  They have lost touch with Supreme Intelligence.  People are more preoccupied with the physical self than anything else.  Emphasis is collectively on the pursuit of gross materialism.  Natural disasters as a result of humanities abuse, war and crime, deceit and duplicity characterize this epoch.

According to the Vedas, the Kali Epoch began February 18th 3102 BC.  So far, roughly only 5112 years have elapsed in this current low cycle.  The darkness remains and will gradually diminish for earth and its inhabitants for an additional 426, 888 more years.  Although there are many imposter's writing and teaching and collectively people have fallen prey to delusion, there is always hope.

Hope is in the truth that the goal of creation is to discover unity.  We choose to transform ourselves and become purity.   Earth is where we deconstruct our baggage and gain freedom as a spirit in form.  The enlightened remind us to work out our own liberation.  Don’t believe things unless you can test their truth.  Then, if you discover any valid truth, offer it freely to the world.  The real power is within.  There are souls on earth who already have the purity of heart. Be an example.  Expand and hold onto that light.  For within is the source of all spiritual strength.

Take the time to understand the epochs.  The four ages symbolize the four phases of involution during which man gradually loses the awareness of his inner self and subtle bodies and eventually regains them.  The scriptures say that final emancipation is possible only in this age, the age of Kali.  This is why we are here!

Shirlee Hall
April 2013


Thursday, March 28, 2013


UPDATES: April 7th, Circle of Light class and meditation, 1:00 PM in Naperville, IL

April 19th, Sacred Breath Workshop, 7:00 PM in Downers Grove, IL

NEW! I am writing my first novel, The Riddle of Suffering! It will be an eye-opener~

NEW! My good friend, Jim Loftus, who is now offering a brand new web site: similar to what Guy Spiro used to offer in the Monthly Aspectarian. Check it out. Excellent!

This was the old wish for the aspirant on the path. It means that through constant striving toward the Light we might transmute the heavy cross of matter (earthly self and issues) into the fragrant Rose of the spiritual life. This is known by the awakened ones as the Earth initiation. The soul is ready to demonstrate more fully the Light of God in his/her actions on earth. It is one thing to intellectually understand and quite another to achieve inner realization and actually put it into action.

Wouldn't it be amazing if more of us would make a deeper commitment this Easter to live the Christ spirit? We can go direct to the heart of Christ. We have the power to do that. Every time you allow yourself to be filled with gratitude, compassion and live a higher form of love toward others, you are gaining a greater mastery over the ego and body.

Jesus came as a promise to what lies within us. Underneath the package we are wearing is the all-pervading spirit of love. Accept your daily karma. It is the bread which feeds your soul.

Jesus offered us His spirit, the essence of divine love. Drink from the cup he offered and your heart will be filled with both understanding and love. Love is the fulfilling of the law. Through love we are made whole.

In hope and harmony,

Shirlee Hall

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