Monday, December 9, 2013


This Friday is our Sacred Healing Breath Celebration!
Let me know if you are joining us.   We will be celebrating our INNER YOUTH and putting on magical glasses.

Update: website -  I will have a totally new web site for you to browse through in a day or two.   It is very different from all past ones.
The new book, The Three Persuasions - A Tale for Inquisitive Souls, will be available as a digital book on Amazon in a few days and as a print book in about 10 days.  You can purchase it through my web site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at one of our gatherings. It can always be ordered at a Barnes  & Nobel store as well. Here is a photo of the cover.   A description below is partly taken from the Foreward written by Catherine Anne Clark.

Although The Three Persuasions – A Tale for Inquisitive Souls is a thin book, its pages are filled with wonderment, profound ideas, and lessons for living.  You will have much to think about.
In this wonderful tale, the Unicorn is used as a powerful Voice symbolizing our inner divine nature.  The question of why humanity suffers is addressed through the thoughts of two characters; the Princess Shree and her mentor, the Unicorn.  It is the story of a soul awakening to her inner nature.  It allows the reader to understand the self in an abstract environment, a mind expanding read!
Princess Shree travels inside a deep fantasy forest to sit still and receive answers to the questions that weigh her physical being down, as she seeks to serve humanity to the best of her ability in preparation for her new role in life as the queen.  Finding her mentor, the story of life begins in a wonderfully playful fashion.
The beauty of this magical dialogue is that it shows the reader or seeker that the individual with a desire to serve and better all humanity can only achieve success through the manifestation of one’s own inner-peace, stating: “If you are at peace with yourself, that is the ultimate quest fulfilled”.
The wonder of this analogy arrives when it ends full circle allowing the reader to see that we can return to our origin balance and wisdom.  The choice has always been our own!

Be joyful and join us Friday evening...

Love, Light and Laughter,

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