Saturday, October 24, 2009



The regeneration of any individual, organization or country begins only on the basis of its spiritual rebirth. People often ask me how to take positive action. I was trying to think of a well-known human example. My inner voice gently said, "Noah". Of course, Noah knew that changes were coming. He immediately began to prepare for natural changes that his neighbors mocked. This does not mean we must build an ark or collect two specimens of each plant and animal. It means we are to prepare and open our consciousness to a dramatic and unavoidable change. Not only did Noah prepare physically, he prepared mentally and spiritually. He willingly opened his consciousness to divine direction and a massive energy field of extreme intelligence and love.

It is time to live according to the laws of God the Creator. Spirituality is expressed with specific concrete actions. Noah could have chosen to refuse God's direction waving the conversation with his soul as utter nonsense. Instead, Noah was obedient to the intuitive guidance he received in the space of love and wisdom. Although he was mocked, he prepared himself physically, emotionally and mentally through a focused trust, faith, discipline, hard work and a genuine concern for life. He chose to be obedient and thus live for God. Noah was willing to listen and act. We have the same choice to take good care of our physical body and emotionally and mentally embrace whatever new challenge appearing on the horizon. The inner preparation is far greater than storing food, water or owning a gun. I know that it is not where we are physically located that will determine our survival, it is our vibratory frequency and state of consciousness that creates destiny.

Aspire to the conscious awareness of truth. Truth is limitless. We are co-creators. Let us take both individual and group action and use the power of an awakening consciousness to help write a new story that will benefit our spiritual evolution. Deliberately use your inner ray of light for self, others, nature, organizations and other countries by daily sending a charge of healing love. For centuries, we have been offered self-improvement tools. It is true that tools well learned will enhance emotional stability and self-mastery. Times have changed; we have entered a new cycle of evolution. We must intelligently use what we have acquired. As co-creators, running to workshops, reading endless books and looking for answers outside of the spirit within is not the way to exist successfully in a coherent vibratory frequency of heightened love. Let us together use what we already have. It is never too late. The more we accept in joy and love our divine and true identity, the less apprehensive we will be regarding the future. Our example, like Noah's, will inspire others to do likewise.

Shift the focus away from the material concerns. I am not suggesting neglect. What I am suggesting is a deliberate anchoring of the feeling nature and mind in an attunement that radiates a power, wisdom, kindness and love far exceeding dependency on matter. when we decide to act and BE who we really are, we become Noah. Regardless of the nonsense and pain in the appearance world of matter, we have opened a door to a Grander Reality that will provide what we need. Why? A sincere and loving heart and a mind with pure desire and intent is beneficial to the Earth and ALL Life.

In hope and love,


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sun Message "Who?"


Dear friend of Truth~

The walls are crumbling, the road is blocked and you sit and wonder what next to bear.
The time has arrived when the world knows not what to do.
It is the likes of you who will stand guard and watch.
It is now that the words of wisdom and love will be sent forth into a listening ear.
Eyes that are sore from strain and hearts waiting expectantly will receive the Word.

Who is to offer the gifts? Who is to sound the bell?
Who is to heal the heats? Who is to show the Way?
Is it the soothsayers?
Is it the crystal-gazers?
Is it the pseudo-spiritual?

It is the pure and unadulterated ones born of the heart.
It is those who have endured, prepared, listened, served and have awakened.
These are the children of Light.
They unabashedly love God.
They are strong and full of love.

In hope, harmony, light and love,