Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sun Message "Who?"


Dear friend of Truth~

The walls are crumbling, the road is blocked and you sit and wonder what next to bear.
The time has arrived when the world knows not what to do.
It is the likes of you who will stand guard and watch.
It is now that the words of wisdom and love will be sent forth into a listening ear.
Eyes that are sore from strain and hearts waiting expectantly will receive the Word.

Who is to offer the gifts? Who is to sound the bell?
Who is to heal the heats? Who is to show the Way?
Is it the soothsayers?
Is it the crystal-gazers?
Is it the pseudo-spiritual?

It is the pure and unadulterated ones born of the heart.
It is those who have endured, prepared, listened, served and have awakened.
These are the children of Light.
They unabashedly love God.
They are strong and full of love.

In hope, harmony, light and love,



  1. wonderful and uplifting message thank you


  3. So beautiful, comforting and so encouraging. Thank you. Kristin Belle