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May the melodies of all souls who love join in a collective embrace where the internal bells are overjoyed as they ring in peace.  May our growing sense of planetary unity and interior freedom expand in delightful ways now and throughout 2012.

My gift to you...Thoughtful words spoken by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The seeker is he who is in search of himself.

Give up all questions except one: "Who am I?"  After all, the only fact you are sure of is that you are.  The 'I am' is certain.  The 'I am this' is not.  Struggle to find out what you are in reality.

To know what you are, you must first investigate and know what you are not.

Discover all that you are not--body, feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that--nothing, concrete or abstract, which you perceive can be you.  The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.

The clearer you understand that on the level of mind you can be described in negative terms only, the quicker will you come to the end.


May the peace and the divine presence of the Holy Spirit be with you now and forever more.
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Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Perhaps, more of us need to make friends with the moment, Now, and understand its real significance.  If consciousness is beyond time and space and our reality is actually consciousness, then there is no past and no future.  If we put aside all resistance and only focus on Now because the future never really arrives and the past lives in our cells, shouldn't we be able to tap into anything ever thought or created?

If there is no past and no future only Now and that all the divisions are constructs of a humans own making, then everything is happening here right now.  Accepting this, we could interpret our reality in a fresh way.

This way of understanding means Now is beyond time and space and conditions.  It means we can tap into anything or any one and be who we always dreamed of being in the year 2012.  What are we waiting for?

Totality is being wide awake and consciously being who we are.  All the experiences, forms, feelings, actions and more are simply different frequencies.  It is our choice as to what frequency we wish to experience.  It is also wisdom to understand that experiences are temporal.  We can freely choose to raise or lower our frequency and move in another direction with greater momentum.  The outcome depends on the octave we choose.  We are consciousness, which is beyond language.

The ever present Now cannot be described; it Is.  Having said that, it is limitless, timeless, undivided and whole.  The unawakened falsely assume otherwise.  It is everything and nothing.  Imagination makes everything possible.  What we can imagine...Is.

This means it is possible to tap into mind, form or an event in any dimension or universe.  The only thing that limits us is not realizing and acting upon the intuitive hidden power.  We have a choice.  In accepting totality, we know we never die.  Although matter changes into another form, we, the energetic perfection behind matter, continues living as Light.

Perhaps, 2012 will be the year we inwardly accept and outwardly live as the grander part of who we really are~

In gratitude,

Shirlee Hall

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For as long as I can remember I have been sharing firsthand knowledge of our true Self with others.  Inspirational messages calling souls to awaken, stabilize energy urging them to take action are given in the understanding that we are all one.  Around the world, other souls are quietly persisting in this same pursuit of love.

Light is expanding.  Do you feel it?  A shift is taking place.  Social networking and the endless possibilities born out of scientific discoveries are working toward self and social evolution.  Souls who fully understand are now speaking with one voice.

We are not separated from the Beloved, the God within, nor are we separated from God without.  We have been programmed to believe in the falsity of separation.  Those who believe in separation are easily controlled. Fear is their ruler.  Love rules those who realize oneness.

A bridge is being steadily built between the realms of spirit and the plane of matter.  Inner and outer evolution are happening whether we want it or not.  More and more souls are being led by the impulse of expanding light and pure love.  A new species is emerging and wholeness is the norm.  We desire to connect with all life.  The new species has a personality willing to allow the God Self to consciously live as a human, the inner and the outer as one active consciousness.

More and more frequently, I hear or read someones words that echo the pure love etched in my heart.  Many are sincerely striving to stabilize the truth of the inner identity and create a resonance with others.  Souls are slowly being liberated.

The spirit within must be set free.  It is the real you.  Accept it as your true identity and you will be liberated from fear, lack, limitation and suffering.  Be joyful!  Be grateful! You are not separated.  Separation is a false belief.  Invite your Beloved to be in charge, fall in love with the real you and together we will lift the frequency of planet earth and all life.

In gratitude and peace,

Shirlee Hall 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011



There is only One.  The One appears as the many: Mind, matter, the Self, life, love, heart and the Law.  This message is for deep thinkers and lovers of the Light who are ready to act.

When you look at the sky, what are your thoughts?  When you study the environment, how do you feel? Whether it be a train station, the woods nearby or looking out the window, what do you think about?  Do you notice that the sky is relatively orderly while activity in the environment is not? What do I mean by this? It behooves us to be aware and take a moment to stop, remember and look at where we are on the ladder of consciousness, our inner environment. With seven billion people taking up space on earth, deep thinking needs to become a daily part of the program leading toward a pleasant survival.  In ten or more years where will your energy be?  Will there be other life replacing your space here on earth?  Let's ground this thought for a moment.  While walking through the woods, have you ever speculated about the age of the trees you so quickly pass and what history they have observed?  Do you ever think that one day an entirely different set of characters will be walking on this great stage...Mother Earth?  I have also experienced startling visions of dramatic environmental changes.

The average person continues to remain occupied with things that are not essential to the soul's purpose, and refuses to live as a conscious being.  Many people are taking up space with the energy of self-centeredness and are, for the most part, involved with trivial things.  It is time to wonder about the space you are occupying and your role in the Universe and here on earth; the level of your consciousness and your contribution to the greater good.  One day, there will be an entirely new cast of characters struggling to survive.  There is a strong likelihood they will still be playing war games, be self-absorbed, arrogant, and striving to achieve more material wealth, ignoring the hidden spiritual treasure within.  True spiritual poverty has been the scenario for thousands of years.  What can we do to stop repetitive cycles?

A cycle of spiritual darkness is gradually closing.  The all too common scenario will not dramatically improve until we stop and ask ourselves, "What are we really accomplishing?  Are we being authentic? Are there enough of us who have chosen to make a difference on planet earth by remembering and renewing ancient vows, demanding to be our true selves in matter"?  Perhaps, you live each day mechanically.  This won't cut it.  It is your death sentence.  Our responsibility is to awaken, seek Light, expand the Light within, develop mindfulness and share with each other.  Are you mindful of a higher goal controlling your thoughts and actions in your day by day choices?

Life as we know it on planet earth is in jeopardy.  There are growing numbers of us who are doing our best to reawaken an interest in the power of the science of transformation, consciously using the power of mindfulness.  The authentic teachers are the heroes and heroines who take responsibility for their own awakening responding to the needs of the collective Soul.  We are all one in essence, but still are far removed from the Oneness required to consciously and fully merge into the Light of a high and pure reality.  It is time for right understanding and usage of the power of spirit, the substance and tool of the One Mind.  Carefully observe yourself.  Listen to your heart.  Pay close attention to your responses.  Is the real you standing up front and center?

Do you love the entirety of the package you call yourself?  Take the time to be who you really are.  You will uncover the hidden treasure and spread the wealth.  Authenticity is sorely needed.  No more masquerades. No more shirking the reason you are in matter.  You are here for a definite purpose.  Discover it, accept it, be it and live it!

In the presence of the Divine,

Shirlee Hall

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Saturday, October 29, 2011



I am becoming humanly what I am in Reality
My body is a temple for my soul
It is my church, perfect in its wholeness
I am the priest and my heart is the alter
My life is one of love and service

I am becoming humanly what I am in Reality
It is I who creates through desire and thought
I accept One Power vibrating as wholeness
I embrace truth and beauty as mind and body
In joy I accept perfection expressing Itself

I am becoming humanly what I am in Reality
In hope I live knowing that I am love incarnate
Awake, I offer my self to mastery

As light increases, I am blessed and thankful
I know who I Am and thus I become humanly what
I am in Reality~

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, October 8, 2011



People are experiencing so much personal pain right now.  Logically, we know we must guard our physical, emotional and mental diet to keep any semblance of balance.  It also helps to remember that this negativity will pass.  There is something else we can do to supplement prayer and meditation: We can take time out for playful moments.  We need 'lightness' to survive and nourish our heart with a fresh and childlike energy.

Adults and many children have forgotten how to play.  Do you ever question the purpose of play in your life?  Play is the reason for and the essence of an authentic life.  It is not only for children; it is for all ages.  Playfulness is like deep water from a forgotten place within.
When we experience magical moments of love and healing, ripples of joy rise to the surface. How long has it been since you have felt an energy that leaves no doubt in your mind that you are experiencing a heightened aliveness in the moment?

There is a great uncertainty accompanied by unexpected changes happening both within and without. It is vital that we make a concerted effort to honor ourselves.  Playfulness is an important aspect of honoring life.  Why not allow playfulness to take center stage once in awhile?  Such a gentle choice provides sheer joy as we explore new horizons and actually have fun, allowing free associations to happen spontaneously.  Eventually, through trust, effort and a deliberate act of relaxation, we restore a much-needed magic.

Everyone has an invisible and secret inner tree of life naturally existing as a result of the laws of creation.  As beauty and balance are viewed everywhere in movement, color and sound, we, too, can effortlessly enjoy special moments as an artist in living.  When we connect to our inner tree an untapped beauty and fullness emerges as a force opening us consciously to the essence within.

With the right understanding and imagination, we can honor our special tree by keeping it alive through creative action.  If we take time to honor individuality with the intent in achieving and sustaining stability and beauty, we consciously connect to the inner magic of Self and the abundance that Nature offers.  We will regain simplicity and actually realize that life is meant to be enjoyable.  Stress, particularly ongoing stress, separates us from our inner power.  In rediscovering our playful energy, we enhance creativity, health, genuine joy, and abundance and deepen our appreciation and know with a certainty what it means to be fully alive~

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Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Egypt and Ancient Memories


There are many of us who clearly remember scenes from our past incarnations.  I frequently offer Egyptian workshops that deliberately arouse the art of remembering for not only ancient Egyptian life but also pre-history memories.

At a young age, the name Ptah would frequently cross my mind.  It wasn't until I was at the Field Museum in Chicago visiting the Egyptian section that I realized that the word Ptah was the name ancients used for God.  I attended classes at the Art Institute and often created oil paintings of ancient Egyptian life as well as the faces of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti.

Some have dubbed Akhenaten the "Extraterrestrial King because he possessed alien like features.  Akhenaten means "He Who Serves the Aten".  The Aten was the Solar Disk with rays coming down from heaven, a radiant and creative energy from God.  My attraction to Akhenaten and how he tried to apply the Emerald Tablet's principles throughout his reign has a great influence on the transformation classes and workshops that I have offered over the years.  I am not suggesting anything here...only mentioning frequent memories.

I naturally loved Ra, the first Pharaoh, who we considered our Father, the Sun God.  In the early 1980's, a new friend who was certified as a Rebirther with Rebirthing-Breathwork International offered me a free session where I willingly participated in the breathwork offered by the Great Immortal Babaji and given to founder, Leonard Orr.  The session was private.  After about an hour into the session something very real and remarkable occurred.  A powerful Voice boomed in my ear claiming, "I Am Ra!"   I found myself literally in Egypt.  I stood barefoot on the hot sand gazing in awe at the Great Pyramid.  The sky was a beautiful and a clear shade of blue.  The Sun, Ra's symbol, colored everything in a noonday brightness.

When I am involved in healing work, the power of RA, the intense energy of the Sun, frequently comes through me.  I had a deep connection with Isis, Osiris, a great immortal, who later taught Thoth and with Horus who also had the word of power.  Hathor, who was known as the Golden One, was the Sky Goddess and Horus, the Sky God.  Yes, Horus was also called Ptah, the name frequently visiting my mind.  The name Sekhmet has been whispered in my ear.  She was one of the gods of Memphis long ago.  But, it was RA, the first Pharaoh who I loved with a passion.

Many of us have seen visions of either one of the Eyes of Horus, representing two different schools of alchemy, or both symbols reminding us of a time when Egyptian yoga, reincarnation and its purpose and physical immortality were a possibility and our reality.

Throughout the 1980's, we published a Circle of Light newsletter.  The Golden One gave me messages from the Council of the Sun encouraging humanity to wake up and prepare for the days soon to come.  Not many listened.

The Sun has represented God to ancient peoples as a symbol of the Supreme Creator behind all manifestation.  Many souls still hold that image as their truth.  I remember many unusual experiences that would occur unexpectedly reinforcing my connection to the energy of the Sun.  I have been blessed by the arrival of luminous beings gracing some part of my home throughout this incarnation.  Sometimes, they arrive in what I refer to as Sun Ships.  One morning while doing a yoga practice, a very large bubble shaped transparent vehicle with three beings standing majestically within the sphere came floating silently through the walls into the space where I sat.  I was overcome with joy by their radiance and loving presence.

I could share many stories and I am sure you could as well.  When our third child was an infant, all of a sudden I had total recall of an Egyptian lullaby, which I lovingly sang to him.  Speaking of children, my dad frequently mentioned that when I slept as a child, he often heard me speaking in another tongue, which he did not recognize.  I still experience this communication.

I remember a woman's astonishment as she entered a room where I was offering the ancient energy of the Power of the One.  She claimed that the same force field/energy was present in the workshop room, as she had experienced it when visiting the Great Pyramid.

I do remember the ancient city of Heliopolis, the physical city and the etheric city, and the greeting that we used in the ancient school of Anu.  In fact, once when a small circle of women friends was visiting my current home I surprised them and myself by greeting them in a familiar and ancient Egyptian language.

We are playing new roles right now, living out a different script.  More souls are awakening and will continue to awaken to the truth that we are far grander than we appear to be and our inner knowledge and pure radiance is still available if we would only get the little ego out of the way.

I have mentioned a few of my memories to give hope and encourage you to deeply examine who you really are.  We have been on this amazing planet for a very long time.  Pay attention to your dreams, symbols, visions and intuitive flashes.  Trust in them.  Be grateful.  Look upon them as a higher reality filled with a long forgotten wisdom and higher love gently attempting to lead you consciously Home again.  Get past the world of appearance and understand that this is the time when the past, present and future are quickly becoming one on all levels of consciousness.

As I write, in this very moment, the dazzling almost blinding pyramid laser light is dancing upon the computer screen approving and encouraging me to share with my brothers and sisters of the Light~

Unceasing blessings,

Shirlee Hall

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Saturday, September 10, 2011


People who live in two worlds are at an advantage because it becomes clear to us what works and what does not.  Living in such a way has been my reality since a young adult.  To be able to vibrate, feel, see, hear and travel in the dimensions of Radiant Light and know what is real and what is not may be at times a lonesome journey.  I normally have an even state of mind and am genuinely happy.  The powerful energy is sustained as a direct result of an inner peace and a strong yet subtle intimacy with the Sacred that is my dearest love, companion, healer, protector and guide.

Something happened last week that I had not consciously planned.  I was aware of being out of my body and traveling at a speed beyond human recognition to a destination that I intimately refer to as my real home.  You may or may not be aware that there is an unspoken distance limitation to an out of body experience when still connected to a physical form.  It is unwise to go beyond a certain point in manifestation because the connection to the physical body can be severed.  I was approaching that point and was intercepted.  A discussion ensued where I firmly presented my intention.  A Being strongly urged me not to continue because of the commitment I had made during this earth cycle to the creatures of earth and to the energy of our planet.

With great sadness and reluctance I turned again to earth.  On the return journey I briefly met my mother in the realm of light closest to earth encouraging me to continue.  I cried periodically for two days after I reentered the energy of earth and the prison of flesh.  It was not the pending anniversary of 911 that triggered the sorrow but the fact that collective humanity hates and kills each under the pretence of Principle, is chillingly nonchalant in destroying lesser life forms and constantly abuses our precious planet.

Two days of grief aligned me with the sorrow that is felt by millions of people whose freedom throughout history has been stolen through ignorance, falsity, cruelty and negligence.  I understood what it felt like to be sorely depressed and not wishing to live in matter.  Many souls are experiencing severe depression and some are in denial regarding their sense of separation from the Source.  They smile on the outside but are dying a slow death within.  To pretend all is well when obviously it is not is a grave injustice directed toward the life of the Spirit.

I realize how my sojourn in matter has been filled with grace as my own story unfolds.  Firsthand experiences with the luminous ones, the angels and archangels, beings of purity, wisdom and mastery have been my earthly mainstay year after year.  Loving support has helped me understand and feel a genuine compassion for the people who are not yet awaken to the divine within them.  It is a direct result of this expansive and mystical view that I am able to connect from the heart center with people all over the world.

The workshops I create are unusual.  Eventually, the love and heightened energy lead the souls who attend to their Real Self, the important Self, which has been basically ignored or abused during the physical life experience.  The sacredness of the energy of the First Substance, the Holy Spirit, and the Luminous Beings that are in attendance never cease to amaze me.  They desire to help a humanity who has collectively lost the Way.

People ask what can they do to change old patterns.  it is time to change your mind, open your heart, be genuine and actually live as a magician who works moment by moment in the laboratory of an elevated consciousness.  It can be done.  Soul evolution takes more than faith; it requires an entirely different mindset that is a combination of science and love, discipline and action.

Do you resonate to what you just read?  Or, are you planning to continue living in the muck and mire of the illusion created as a byproduct of spiritually ignorant and dark manipulators directed at trusting souls for thousands upon thousands of years?  It is completely up to you.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Do we actually have another half, another Self?  The question actually can be answered on multiple levels.  The question is not meant to be 'tricky' but to hopefully encourage you to pause and give it serious thought.  Deep thinking is sorely missing in the common people. I do not look upon my readers as common people.  If they were, they would not take the time to read anything that I write.

The physical level is the first to be addressed.  Yes, it would be really nice to have a physical partner with similar dreams and energy.  Some people refer to a partner as a soul mate or the part that completes his or her identity.  I do not agree with that thinking although it is very special having the company of kindred souls who think and love deeply regardless of gender.  No one else can complete our sense of Self.  You are only being fooled if you believe this.

When we move to the loftier perspective of the mind, duality continues to exist.  We become aware that there is both a feminine aspect within our identity and a masculine.  The goal in Transformative Science is to unite the fields of energy into one unit of light and life.  Collective humanity continues to resonate to a consciousness of separateness, a consciousness that is fragmented.

I do not agree with any teaching emphasizing the higher Self located at a specific distance above us or on a faraway star or planet.  This thought projection only adds fuel to the existing belief in separation.  The Divine Self may feel as if it is located a great distance from us because we have denied Its existence and power.  The temporary personality, the lesser sense of self, is in control, which is laughable when you finally realize how you have been fooled.  There is only one genuine Power and Presence and eventually each soul awakens to the altering reality.  We awaken when we are ready to accept and live the truth of who we actually are.

The eternal and true Self has no desire for sex as humans understand unity.  The 'Self' is without sex.  The Self is not half of something seeking its complimentary half.  The Self is a complete whole that has and is basically ignored while the soul is experiencing the density of matter.  As we consciously advance in the area of Self-realization, we do experience the Divine face to face.  We feel and often view the Power and Presence behind creation simply by looking into the mirror or at one another.  Its radiance is everywhere in Nature.

Why not stop the dualistic projected image of the divine-true Self and draw out truth into the open?  Believe and trust in what is really you and realize it is not a separate being.  The true Self dwells as you.  Once you understand, accept and begin to live your real identity, you will manifest divinity in a visible and tangible way.  You are fully capable and can consciously spiritualize matter.  You are a higher reality and life.  Unity has been forgotten.  Yes, you are fully capable in experiencing divine unity of the Self and standing tall in a circle of the resurrected...a soul who is resurrected from spiritual ignorance.  It is time that the consciousness of oneness awaken in the body and mind of matter.

Whatever you can imagine can materialize...

Love, Light and Laughter,

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Do you ever take time out and deeply analyze where you are now in Mind and where you really wish to be?

Who is living out your life very day?  Is it the person other people see and expect you to be?

Or, is it the Real you standing tall and being his/her Self?

Do you ever take time to do a progress report on your soul evolution and how balanced you truthfully are?

Or, do you assume because you have the proper necessities and friends the world is okay?

It is never easy to squarely face your self.

To honestly face yourself is to live the best that you can be in any given moment not because someone else wants you to but because you feel it is right.

To be the best that you can be demands deep introspection, honesty, respect, love and a willingness to change.

I ask again, are your responses and reactions to life a reflection of what you expect others wish to see in you as you?

Or, are you actually being true to the Real Self within allowing It to gradually come out and play and be a genius and amazing Self?

Perhaps, what you judge as your best version of self is not an authentic version.  It may not be you at all.

Are you real?  Are you genuinely happy within?  Are you pleased in this very moment with all the ramifications of the individual called 'You'?

If not, what are you going to do about it?  You are the change maker, the alchemist, and not someone else~

Love, Light and Laughter,


Sunday, July 31, 2011



Long ago before the Great Flood a divine race existed.  The race of men and women lived the Laws of Spirit, were highly intelligent and expressed a selfless behavior as well as a clear understanding and the ability to control matter.  At the same time they lived, a more primitive human existed with a lesser consciousness and light, a consciousness that was sensual, selfish with limited intelligence.

Some beings from the divine and noble race became attracted to daughters of men from the primitive race and together bore children.  I use the word 'divine' to denote a more advanced consciousness.  There are numerous scriptural references to the two lines of creation and the choice to begin a new line, a line we today refer to as humans.

Many divine beings left earth before the onslaught of the Great Flood and the sinking of their homeland.  Some beings chose to remain and travel to farther regions to build new civilizations in other parts of the world.  Wherever they settled, pyramids were built and life flourished.  Those who remained continued to impregnate the existing, less intelligent and developed women.  As centuries passed, what remained of the pure and noble energy was sorely weakened.

I mention the long ago past because it very simply explains our DNA and the world today.  Humanity has not advanced high or far enough to be referred to as living divine humans.  Although the Light of God is within all, the majority are still expressing an energy of selfishness and sensuality.  We have passed through thousands of years of suffering because souls are basically existing in a spiritual draught.  Once in a great while an extraordinary example of a spiritual genius will bless us with grace and radiance leaving a guidepost to assist soul evolution.  Yet, how many followers 'walk the talk'.  Because of the lesser level of consciousness being in control, many of the authentic beings projecting Radiant Light, wisdom and unconditional love have fled, been ridiculed or killed for being an example of a living truth.

Today, many of us are aware that we have entered a higher cycle of existence although the appearance world demonstrates otherwise.  A greater influx of Celestial Light is available for souls who have prepared for change and choose to transform themselves into a genuine son/daughter of God.  We are projections of the One Mind, God, the Absolute Power and Presence.  It is also impossible to describe our Creator using human language.  For the most part, individuals are incapable in believing that a projection, a seed, a living light of the Supreme One lives within each and every one of us.

As a result of our experiencing a serious spiritual identity problem, we suffer.  The average human lives by the law of the physical senses and the ego.  Few accept that h/she also has spiritual senses, a more subtle light body and a higher soul purpose living in matter.

Change is everywhere.  It is an energy we can count on, as are the cycles of soul evolution.  The more we individually achieve balance in body, mind and soul and accept our spirituality, the easier it becomes to expand our inner divine Light and use the outer Light for the good of All.  We are responsible for our own transformation.  As we take the initiative, Celestial help becomes available and suffering lessens.  Eventually, a united humanity will reflect the divine essence visibly and tangibly.  We can as individuals through remembering our origin, personal choices and living our potential achieve balance as a result of the greater influx of Light.  It is a moment-by-moment climb.  We have the power in our 'blood' to be victorious and return consciously Home.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall

July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011



People of all ages are asking this question.  We are witnessing a staggering number of signs indicating major changes are unfolding.  Life is becoming extremely uncomfortable on every level.  The world as we know it appears to be coming to an end.  Many people are in denial by pretending it is not happening.  Environment and global collapse is fast approaching.  Instead of being in denial, do something about it at least on a personal level.

If you desire relief regardless of the issue, stop and listen to your Self, the Real You.  Souls are in trouble because they have fallen prey to falsity.  Falsity is making itself known in every area of life all over the globe.  What is this falsity?  It is darkness, the opposite energy of Radiant Light.  It is true that Light is in the darkness but It cannot be seen nor felt unless you, too, are sincerely filled with love, goodness and compassion.  To be free of pain linked to the personal and impersonal changes, we must willingly strive to nourish a heart connection with the Light.  Light is sacred.  It is the Essence, the Substance and First Matter of The One.

We receive relief according to our consciousness.  Although many of us are suffering on some level, remember to pray for others who are experiencing the very thing that is troubling you.  For instance, if you need financial assistance whether short or long term, pray not only for yourself but all the other souls trapped in the same situation who deserve to live in dignity and peace.  Depression and sorrow is an effect of a serious cause.  Pills, alcohol, drugs, sex or food will not cure it.  The cause lies within both the collective and individual soul of humanity.

When depressed or filled with sorrow, it is common for an individual to think only of his or her self.  That is the very moment when your prayers are best used by reaching out to others who are in an identical predicament somewhere else on the planet.  You will be lifted out of your sorrow as you pray for those who are experiencing a similar grief whether they be a total stranger, friend or family member.

Thoughts are energy and a vibrant living power.  Your prayer may touch someone clear across the world who does not have the same faith as you but desperately needs to be touched with the selfless power of love that knows no boundaries...the Sacred Holy Spirit.

Through sorrow, depression, humiliation, lack and loneliness we eventually become genuine beings.  This is nothing new.  The great spiritual genius, Rumi, was once quoted as saying, "Welcome sorrow".  I have always thought it to be insane that humans must suffer to find themselves.  As sad and true as this has been, suffering is usually the trigger point leading toward spiritual and moral maturity.  We have been bombarded with falsity since we took our first breath.

Falsity is hardening.  Falsity is an ugly obstruction lodged in the subconscious part of the mind, which has choked the Light out of many souls.  This is what darkness truly is.  It is a lack of God's tangible Light living and working freely as us.  The radiant life of the Light is diminished and barely exists without the required nourishment.  If it is fed falsity and selfishness, it hardens, becomes crystallized and at some point must be identified and removed.

It is a proven truth that relief comes through faith, trust, prayer, meditation, deep thought and most of all...the action of love.  Relief comes to our body, mind and soul when we choose to go into the Silence, our inner laboratory and through imagination take action.  Use your mind for the good of all.  Put on your lab coat, enter the laboratory of the heart and you will eventually return to a state of mind where you are an authentic being.  Deliberately create Light where darkness is in control.  Make this your fervent prayer for yourself and for others.  Relief will come on the wings of Spirit~

Shirlee Hall

Sunday, June 26, 2011


It appears that the journey is a difficult one and the ego fulfills the appearance.  What is meant by this is a forgone conclusion.  If we believe that something is a struggle, it will be.  If a spiritual teacher lays out a list of do and don't's, we assume that we must follow them otherwise we won't be able to go higher than the top of a ladder.

Using the symbolism of the perfect number seven, imagine a ladder with seven rungs.  If we succesfully master each rung, when we reach the top we go into the Beyond, the 8th sphere of consciousness.  The result is our successfully achieving mastery over matter.  There are thousands of books written on how to achieve self-mastery, enlightenment and victory as an amalgamated soul.  Why do so few souls succeed?

From careful observation, I feel that few succeed because humanity is stuck in the belief system that spiritual achievement, mastery, perfection, fulfillment or whatever adjective we wish to describe victory must be a difficult task.  That is the way it is.  People die for their beliefs, are ridiculed, crucified, separated from their true spiritual identity, loved ones and home.   We conclude that it must be difficult to reach mastery.  Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

Suffering is not required.  The typical human is so full of guilt and self-judgment that to free ones self from the shackles of the illusion become an impossibility, a mountain too steep and a dream not realized.  Rules put one condition after another on our plate that when not digested may cause additional imbalance and confusion.  As a result of mounting complexity, a seeker of enlightenment may feel the goal is impossible and the sense of anxiety, separation and loss of spiritual identity increases.

I am speaking to my self as well as you.  Could it be that we are the ones who make the journey difficult?  It does not have to be.  We could adjust our attitude.  There are no have to's....only a conflicted belief system.  If our belief system is not working, it is time to change it.  We do not have to follow the path of suffering.  We do not have to deprive ourselves of wealth on any level.  All we need to do is accept and believe that we are a projection of the Supreme One into multiple and intelligent forms.  It is up to us as individual units of Light to return to our original consciousness of clarity, beauty, purity, love and wisdom.  This will not happen if we continue to judge self harshly as we climb the rungs of the ladder.

Ask yourself what authentic means to you.  Ask yourself what is purity.  Ask yourself what is real happiness.  Ask yourself what does oneness really mean.  Ask yourself whether the Grand Designer of Life desires for Its creations to suffer.  Keep thinking, keep questioning and do everything possible to keep your mind and heart open.

You are far grander than you let on.  You are far grander than what you currently accept as your reality.  You continue to judge your self harshly and believe that the journey must be hard, must take time and that suffering is a natural part of the deal.  It is not.  Could the judgment of struggle be of our own making?  Does the climb need to feel insurmountable?  I believe we have fooled ourselves...

My love embraces you...

Shirlee Hall

Friday, June 10, 2011



Scientists state that our planet is literally speeding up.  time feels to be passing faster.  In contrast, there is evidence that the Earth's magnetic field is becoming steadily weaker.  Intuitive people are also aware that they have the potential to increase personal vibration and achieve higher states of awareness.  It is becoming obvious that science and spirituality have a common ground and may compliment each other in the area of prophecy and earth changes.

The Photon Belt is a band of intense high frequency photo (Light particles) energy that passes through our solar system in a cycle.  The Earth enters the Photon Belt as our solar system makes a full revolution around the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way.  We are already in the Photon belt although not yet fully and will remain in it for presumably 1000-2000 years.  Its passage will have an effect on Earth and Her lifeforms because time is compacting and accelerating.

Our star, the Sun, is in a 24000 year cycle with the Pleiadean Photon Belt.  As we move closer, our planet has become subjected to an increase in seismic activity and volcanism, traditional weather patterns are changing and a greater stress is affecting the ozone holes.  An increase in solar activity is report and so is a general stellar cooling.

Scientists state there are two signs, which at first glance appear similar to scripture, as we approach fully into the Photon Belt:

"All the stars will fall from the sky and the sky will be no more"...

1) Should earth reach the Photon Belt before our Sun does, the sky will appear to be on fire and there would be 3 days and 3 nights of blinding light, which would continue for 110-120 hours since it is a cold light with some radiation.  If this happens, we will need to remain indoors during that time.

2) Should the Sun reach the Belt first, there will be a similar period of immediate and total darkness, without the Sun rising. All molecules will become excited and atomic structures will change at this point in time and lifeforms will have a certain luminescence about them, creating their own light system.

Signs of the full entry into the Photon Belt are said to be strange lighting effects or colors in the sky, a perception of less day light - even in midsummer and a gradual darkening of the planet itself, with final entry into total darkness taking 15-20 minutes.

The new energy, Photon, is a different energy source that will replace electricity in the new millennium.  It's a free energy source and nobody can monopolize it.  Its outer edge or belt has already reached Earth's atmosphere and is affecting not only earth but also many planets in the solar system.

The new energy is Light energy; it permeates the earth in waves.  It has the power to extend human life because it realigns the human body into a finer or more subtle light body.  Photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and confers the power of instant manifestation of thought.  It makes good sense for us regardless of our opinion or position in the Photon Belt to make a habit to maintain clarity and purity of thought by practicing daily meditation, being attentive and discerning and staying heart-centered.

Are prophesies based on science?  When more light bombards earth and its creatures, a shift occurs.  The Photon energy will be here with earth for the next 2000 years.  It is a predictable change in our planetary system.  It will occur regardless of what humanity does or does not do.  It makes sense that if more light is available, we will see changes in consciousness as well as natural disorders/changes.

The great circuit occurs every 26,000 years and is elliptical.  This great circuit is our solar system revolving around a great Star.  The Sun in turn rotates around the center of the Galaxy, which does contain a super massive black hole.  None of us have the conscious and Absolute knowledge of the Great Designer. What we can surmise is the evidence that when there are changes in the macrocosm, there also is the potential for changes within our microcosm.

This is one of the reasons insightful souls refer to the dawn of a new Era lasting approximately 2,100 years as the Aquarian Age because physical life will be bathed in a much greater influx of photons, subatomic particles, which enable our minds to increase both mental and spiritual ability.  As said, we have already entered the Belt, but not fully.  Could the full entry be what the year 2012 is all about?  Completing a 26,000 cycle according to the Aztec calendar occurs in December 2012.  It is the end of one cycle and the beginning of the availability of a new and greater energy that serve life in a grander way.

My comments are simple and made for a good reason.  Great leaps physically, intellectually, spiritually and in matter are achieved when we align ourselves with a higher Light and Energy.  Is this what the greater Photon activity is all opportunity to be fully who we are meant to be?  Think deeply~  why not take advantage of the Grand Celestial Bath?   I welcome comments.

In hope and gratitude,

Shirlee Hall

Friday, June 3, 2011



I would be very surprised if you have never had an experience where you feel like you are on fire, going through the gates of 'hell'.  Actually, to be burnt is a purification process when we look at it from a spiritual perspective.  It is what the alchemists refer to as calcinations.

I know firsthand that unpleasant experiences have had an influence molding my consciousness.  It has been part of the journey, the dark and the light.  Living in matter is not always easy.  The secret to being 'safe' is in becoming a conscious alchemist and choosing to deliberately work in the inner laboratories of the brain, body and heart.  Most people do not choose this method because they are led by the ego, are lazy, lack concentration, passion and belief.  Once they are severely 'burned', they may begin to question if there is a 'safe place' within.

A friend of many years called today thanking me for prayers.  Unknown to me, she had experienced cancer surgery three months ago and multiple organs were removed from her body including the cancer.  She called last week to tell me of her experience and how she is not yet mobile.  We made a remote healing appointment.  The nonstop excruciating pain in her one foot as well as the swelling vanished during the session.  She, too, mentioned how her painful and terrifying experience changed and lifted her consciousness opening her heart and mind to a greater understanding of spiritual identity and our purpose living here in matter.

In past classes that I have offered as well as the new ones, the focus is on the hidden "star in man".  I know that the Philosopher's Stone, another way in expressing the divine essence, is also a part of each one of us.  I know that through the science of love and mind we are destined to become a master of self and matter.

If you are going through calcinations right now, understand that it is a hard but effective way to remove all the negativity the ego has accepted, the illusions and defense mechanics, attachments to appearances, people and material possessions.  When we are in the midst of the dark night of the soul, it does feel like we are being pulverized.  Some souls experience the calcinations over a period of time being gradually assaulted.  Others are hit all at once and feel overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of life.

It is with great compassion and understanding that I urge you to look in the mirror and ask, what are the benefits of the fire and the surrendering of all the mental constructs that work against revealing and eventually being your true essence?  Surrendering the ego lessens the load.  Look into the pattern of your journey...  Are life experiences moving you closer to the One Power and Presence?  Are you being transformed in a way that you are finally gaining balance and a true sense of understanding, peace and oneness?

Our source of transformation is in the acceptance of the Spirit within and without.  Have you embraced yours?  Are your experiences drawing the energy of your body, mind and soul together into the greater and transforming power of the light of your Spirit?  Personal ego and the superego of society are the greatest threats to God Realization and personal transformation.  We have to get beyond them to really change ourselves and be whole and free~

Shirlee Hall

Friday, May 27, 2011



The mystics and alchemists, the prophets and the Great Masters all talked about how to work effectively in the Inner Laboratory.  Sadly enough, many of the great men and women who understood and lived their firsthand experience with the Divine hid their revelations in symbolism, myths, codes, furnaces, flasks, beakers, scientific formulas and more.  The enlightened had and have today one 'thing' in common.  The 'One thing' is the true knowledge of the magical Substance we carry within and available for use in the without once we are aware of what 'It' actually 'Is'.

I have mentioned elsewhere that I am in the process of creating a series of classes based on a wisdom that takes place within our inner laboratory.  It is a science of the Sun-Masculine Principle equally balanced with the science of the Moon-Feminine Principle.  This balance can be consciously manifested in both physical and material form.

Achievement is transformation.  Transformation is both through science and love.  Our goal is reached through passion, understanding, patience, compassion, deep thinking and a willingness to actually use the power of an amazing spiritual technology that works on all levels at once.

There is a way Home, a Front Door Method.  Once my friends and I are ready to broadcast our developing radio shows, the secret formula for transforming reality will be offered.  Living energy will manifest as a powerful gift for the future of soul evolution.  Mankind's future depends on a serious personal transformation in the mind from the lead of everyday self into the gold of a perfect spirit.  Pure intention becomes a living reality when our attention is in harmony with the higher laws of the universe.  I am here to help those interested to initiate alchemy within them.  This is our destiny.  Let us join our hearts and minds together.  We can do this...

Shirlee Hall
Circle of Light

Friday, May 20, 2011



There is an Arabic saying, "If you wish to know God, you must know yourself."  As you learn to consciously identify with your divine nature, the greater is the joy of the soul.  Once you choose to seek pleasure of a higher order, you breathe to a new rhythm, the door opens and the power and presence of God brings out the perfection and beauty of the sublime life.  If there is a physical form, it stands to reason that there is a spiritual one.  There cannot be materialization without the energy frequencies which allow for materialization.  The physical form is connected to the energy of the Higher Self.  The typical human works and sees and feels only the common energy because s/he is caught within duality.  Those who are psychically and spiritually sensitive experience glimpses of higher worlds and intelligence emanating a Light that goes beyond the conscious parameter.

You have the innate ability to go beyond conventional space-time.  When you do, elevation to a higher vibration and an awareness of Divine Light occurs.  In one single moment, you become conscious that you are not alone.  You know with a certainty that there is an essence within and without that will enable you to co-participate with other dimensions and intelligences.  When you leave the myth and falsity behind and awaken to a higher reality, a quantum leap forward thrusts you into a new consciousness of Light.  The gifts of the Holy Spirit are offered.  Finally, the joy of working directly with "whole Light beings" and angelic messengers becomes your reality.

Excerpted from Be: Embracing the Mystery by Shirlee Hall

Monday, May 2, 2011



When there are no tears left
No room for laughter
There I Am

When there are no thoughts
Or feelings to share
There I Am

When there is emptiness
And sorrow unexplained
There I Am

When there are questions
Unanswered and vague
There I Am

Come to me and relax
Let go of the game
There I Am

Come to the Fount
And drink with me
There I Am

Come to the Place
of no return
There I Am

Come to the Edge
And leap without thought
There I Am

The separation is over
And the battle is won
There I Am

The sorrow is felt
And the heart is wizened
There I Am

The eyes are opened
And the sight clear
There I Am

The veil is lifted
And the soul is free
There I Am

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, April 16, 2011



Many souls have forgotten their spirit identity.  With the Sun welcoming us to a new birth and seeds quickening to life all over Mother Earth, may we open our hearts to each other and embrace the Light.

Love is quickening Nature and may it do the same for humanity.  The Radiant Light of the Christ Consciousness is available.  Call it down not only to Earth but also to all creatures of Earth.  Let us together rise up from the darkness and cold and spring into the warmth and life force of the Sun.

Everyone could use some lightness and joy feeling once more the golden rays of hope.  Perhaps, that is why we have the bright yellow daffodils appearing as one of our first flowers of spring.  This is the season to lift our vision higher and cultivate anew a true faith, peace and love.  To feel renewed, we must dig deeper and plant a strong and lasting awareness in the heart and mind.

Each of us has within the same light as the Sun.  As we grow in the Light, we do not diminish; we expand.  This is the time of growth.  We are God's seed. let us together burst our shell of darkness and be free on wings of light. Yes, sometimes it feels as if we are being crucified.  It is in those moments of change and pain that we must rely on the power of the Christ within to lift us to greater heights.

If we lack Divine Love in our hearts, Wisdom cannot come.  Call on the Sun within allowing it to nurture, strengthen, direct and heal.  It is then that we blossom displaying our true majesty and beauty.  Celebrating spring and rebirth has been with humanity since the beginning.  It is similar to remembering the warmth of God's Heart.

To understand the risen Christ and rebirth, we, too, must live and rise in the Light as light.  Christ Love lifts our consciousness and we finally accept our true Self as spirit-light in form.  May the return of the Power and Presence of this magical season fill you with gratitude, hope, abundance and joy.

Shirlee Hall

Friday, April 8, 2011



Although belief has a great impact on what happens to us, we do not necessarily need to believe in angels to experience them.  The invisible planes and their variety of occupants are much closer than most people imagine. The conscious mind assumes there is a separation; there is not.  Once you have a one-on-one experience with angels, even departed relatives or friends or amazing luminous beings, the unknown  becomes known.  I have had my life saved four times by an invisible force and one time by two angels that were briefly visible.  Why not ask for help?

It is also possible to receive guidance, help, healing or simply an unexpected visitation. One of the most stunning visitation experiences occurred to me when I was alone and praying. I became aware of a large globe that looked like a vehicle of transportation...a chariot. It appeared to come right through the window and wall.  Within it stood three luminous beings.  Their combined energy was so overwhelmingly magnificent and good that I immediately fell to my knees with tears of joy filling my eyes.  I felt the room, including the floor, was holy ground. As magical and sacred as this experience was, many angelic happenings are very practical and lifesaving.

One of my favorite practical stories happened to several senior ladies I know.  They were driving on an isolated road in Wisconsin.  When a flat tire occurred, they were at a loss as to what to do.  Only a few minutes had elapsed and a young man appeared near the car asking my friend, Miriam, if she would like help with the tire.  Of course, she said, yes.  In no time at all, the spare was put in place.  Miriam turned her back to the man as she looked in her purse, which was sitting on the front seat.  Although the stranger never asked for payment for his services, she wanted to thank him in some way for his generous act of kindness.  When Miriam was ready to hand the stranger the money, he had disappeared.

What was interesting about this incident is that the ladies were stuck in an isolated area and no cars, buildings or activity could be seen anywhere.  It is safe to say that we need to pay closer attention to who walks unexpectedly into our lives.  The individual may be an angel in disguise.  Perhaps, you have already met an angel and did not recognize who it actually was.  I would love to hear your story. 

Very soon now my blogtalk radio show, Raw Spirituality, will be aired.  If you have had angel experiences or are a natural healer, would you consider being a guest and tell your story?

Love, Light and Laughter,


Saturday, March 26, 2011



I believe everyone desires to be free.  The trouble lies in not understanding what freedom is. In my opinion, I will tell you what it is not.  Freedom has absolutely nothing to do with manipulation of others, laws, events, countries or consciousness.  Freedom is sorely lacking in our court system, medical profession, schools, home or anywhere else for that matter on this planet.  I am speaking of the type of freedom that occurs and manifests through a realized soul, an awakened, spiritually balanced human being.   

There can be no 'Golden Age' until people wake up to the truth of who they really are and why they are on the planet.  Until we realize that we have an inner power to create a positive world within and consciously do something  good without, we are not free.  Until we realize that we have a higher purpose in our existence than we are presently demonstrating, we will not be free. Until we realize that we have continually given our power away to others with selfish intent, we will not be free.  Until we realize that we have the right to be happy, the right to be healthy, the right to be prosperous, the right to live with dignity, the right to be an individual making good choices, we will not be free. As long as we allow ourselves to be manipulated by the unenlightened, we cannot be free.  We must wake up to who THEY are and who WE are!  Yes, we are all one in the lofty sense.  We must also exercise discernment and understand that everyone does not have the same game plan.

Are you happy? What are your priorities? Do you really want to be free?  Are you willing to do what is necessary to be free? If you were to die today, are you satisfied with your life's contribution? Be responsible and stop complaining. We have created the cause and are now experiencing the effects.  Change your cause and you will change the effect. Everything is up to you and me.

The gift of freedom is waiting for us...

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Those of you who have not wavered, we applaud you
Those of you who have suffered greatly, we love you
Those of you who try, we honor you.

We who observe know your pain and loss
Free choice is your lot
We watch and notice your confusion and sorrow.

Hold on, dear ones, hold on
This is the time of alignment
This is the time when the awakened gather.

Do not grieve for those who have chosen unwisely
It is their choice
Keep your eyes and ears open and speak only truth.

We have warned you
We have silently helped you
We have continued to love you.

We cannot do more, only you can.
You are the ones who must care for life
You are the ones, not us.

We are always near
We assist if you give us permission
Only ask...

Shirlee Hall

Friday, March 4, 2011


A few years ago, a man came to me for healing help on his hip.  Moving my hands over his body, a rather startling thing occurred.  Seven of us had just finished our group meditation and the idea of an earth bound entity speaking to us was the last thing we expected.  My 'patient' began to address me in a very gruff and condescending voice.  The strange voice announced that he was a pawn of Beelzebub. (I was not familiar with this energy) The intruder attached to the patients energy field claimed that I was wasting my time trying to heal the hip and that I had no power over him.

Not experiencing fear, I asked the entity how long he had been attached to the patient.  The surprising answer was for a long time.  He went on to say that the man's pain and suffering increased his own power. I asked the intruder, "Do you remember any time when you were not in darkness?"  He proudly answered, "I am a pawn of Beelzebub and can not remember anything except what I feel at the moment."  He again announced that we were foolish to believe in the Light further stating that love is nonexistent.  According to the snarling voice, we were the ones deluded.  He flatly stated his intent as the intent of all the pawns of Beelzebub emphasizing how we are watched by them. They wait for humans to become depressed, angry, resentful, weak and fearful.  When we abuse our bodies and minds, we become easy prey for their manipulation.

I began to share at length with him about the Light and the unconditional love of God, which he claimed as nonexistent. Since I recognize only One Power and have been successfully guided through previous healing experiences, I told him that the Power of the Word was with me.  I chose to flood him with love. The other people in the room  willingly participated. Together, we directed love and the color pink to this (invisible) entity from the lower astral plane. He was removed from our friend's hip.

One of our clairvoyant friends saw the entity and watched his appearance change from darkness to light as the group projected unconditional love toward the pawn of Beelzebub. (the pawns description of who he was)  A feeling of gratitude swept over our group.  Everyone was reminded as to how we have a choice and create our own reality.  I told the intruder that he also had a choice.  He could follow the Light, having experienced unconditional love, or he could return to the darkness.

While still with us, I asked the entity whether he could come back and repossess our friend or another weak willed person.  Yes, was his answer.  Other pawns, earthbound entities, can easily attach or possess a human if the guard  is let down and  they forget about the soul, are harmful and ignore the divine purpose of life.

The intruder was healed and chose the way of the Light.  How do we know that?  We observed the change in his energy and the angels who came to support him.  What about you?  Remember to hold your shield high and carry the sword of truth with pure intent.  Forgive yourself for past weakness and insure that you remain strong now and into the future. During these changing times, it is vital everyone be watchful.

Blessings of love and light are sent to you...


Saturday, February 26, 2011



I pay close attention to my dreams.  Do you?  If we were to judge the disorder throughout the world from the appearance point of view, it would look very grim.  If we look at the changes struggling to emerge from a higher perspective, understanding tells us that disorder eventually brings forth order.

This thought reminds me of yesterday's dream.  Large eggs similar to ostrich eggs were placed on my property.  As I walked around looking at them, I noticed movement in some and others were still in the incubation stage. To my delight, here and there newborn chicks were breaking through their shells.  They did not have their feathers but they were alive and well.

We are like the newborns in many ways.  Collective humanity has been asleep to the truth of its spiritual identity.  Too many have forgotten the true meaning of freedom.  Yes, there are souls who have genuinely answered the Call to live freely as spirit in form but have chosen to wait patiently.  Other souls were born awake to their purpose and are in a unique way demonstrating an innate desire to establish freedom and equality.

We obviously do not have complete freedom in the human sense but, we do have the power to experience freedom in the spiritual sense if...we awaken to who we really are, spirit in form.  It is time to crack the shell, step out in wonder and accept our own amazing Self and demonstrate the freedom we desire in matter. 

Doubt brings failure.  Success involves being responsible and making an ongoing effort toward breaking open the shell of spiritual ignorance.  To fly, really fly, to experience justice and freedom, love and oneness, we must be first free in our minds.  The inner will eventually manifest in the outer.  This is how creation works.  Believe me, I know...

In harmony and hope,

Shirlee Hall

Fell free to share

Saturday, February 19, 2011



We have heard a great deal about change and destruction.  We are watching it. Change is part of life and turmoil continues to exist because our true spirituality for most people has long been forgotten.

As we move closer to our time of liberation, conscious oneness with God, there will be natural disorders as well as human disorder.  Behind the appearance of breakdown, is unity.  Behind the violence of spiritual ignorance is a slow awakening of an incomprehensible Force that will sweep this planet into a new period of understanding and unity.

Humanity is at a crossroad and many souls remain ignorant of the higher step in spiritual evolution that we are in the process of taking.  More people will change from a state of spiritual ignorance, despair, fear and lack to a higher and conscious experience of genuine Light, love and inner joy.  All life eventually evolves.

Enough souls have made a commitment toward stability and truth and are dedicated to consciously working toward a breakthrough in consciousness.  Each of us must be 100% responsible for our thoughts and actions. We have great changes ahead of us.  Much will occur to break up, dissolve and release the pollution held in negative soul and mind memories.  This is necessary.

We need to be healed at the core, the root of our dissatisfaction.  As there is change, an awakening within us, there are changes occurring in the outside world that we cannot ignore.  When the root cause is healed, ignorance of who we really are and our purpose on earth, the outer effects will reflect our inner healing. Yes, it feels like a fire but, it is a fire of purification.

We come into our own when we become conscious souls.  Put aside resistance and choose commitment, dedication and service.  Those who are reluctant to open their eyes, ears, heart and mind to the Supreme Absolute and our actual oneness as projections of God, will only continue to experience hatred, confusion and pain during this huge planetary change. We are all in 'this' together.

My message is one of love and hope.  It is designed to emphasize that it is never too late to wake up and be who you really are.  We are light, children of the One God Supreme, although many have forgotten this great truth and pursue false gods.  We are the world.  Together we can move forward in Grace to a brighter day, a day when every man, woman and child may receive the healing rays of peace and fully feel the Pure Love that is patiently waiting for our awakening.

In gratitude and respect,

Shirlee Hall

Feel free to share this message from my heart to yours~

Friday, February 11, 2011



Do you desire to be free and divinely inspired by the Beloved within? The following are suggestions that will help~

1.  Do not give your will away to mediums, friends, relatives or strangers.
2.  Make a plan for life according to the guidance of your intuitive Voice.
3.  When you pray, contemplate and meditate, ask for pure guidance from 
      the Beloved Teacher within.
4.  Recognize that you are on earth to live the fullness of the Eternal God
5.  Avoid negative literature, movies, television shows or commentaries   
     that corrupt the mind.
6.  Accept that the 'real' you is Divine and do not allow a lesser 
     consciousness to prevent you from fulfilling your destiny.
7.  Seek clear understanding and trustingly live priorities by realizing that
     you are the one who brings forth manifestation.
8.  Accept that you are a living and sacred light and to demonstrate love
     fully, you must prepare the way.
9.  Understand that loving the Source first also includes loving the Source
     within you.
10.Respect your body and use commonsense. Use your mind and become
      a deep thinker.
11.Daily meditate and develop a firsthand intimacy with the inner 
12.Realize that kindness toward others is kindness toward self for we   
      are all one.
13.Be aware that dimensions within dimensions co-exist. Things are 
      rarely what they appear to be.
14.Do your best to be a conscious thinker every moment. Who is acting,
      reacting or hopefully responding?
15.Understand that the stronger your connection to the Beloved within,
      the happier you will be.
16. Realize that only you can make your vibration strong and pure.
17. Know that I love for you...and desire your true happiness.
18. I bow to the Beloved within you~

In harmony and love,
Shirlee Hall
Valentine Message 2011  

Sunday, January 30, 2011



Now is the time when souls arise from the dust of ignorance
Awakening to a higher reality with great strength and faith
It is not a pleasant experience nor is it one of comfort
The common thread is freedom.

The pain experienced all over the world is an indicator
It is an indicator of what is to come
before the fresh air of purity can be inhaled as life
It must be prepared for.

The desire within soul has reached an intensity
The pace will not stop until change comes
Out of that change rises the phoenix of truth
The truth that can no longer be held in captivity.

It is time for all souls who care to be on alert
New energy is not welcomed by those of hardness
Be still and know and be love in action
Stop allowing the monster of darkness to control.

Light is struggling to break through
It can only do its healing work when you allow it
Be aware of the power of principle and love
Be aware of the power of selfishness and hate.

The two are at odds and the struggle cannot be hidden
All will be revealed as this is the moment of truth
You know what I am saying
What will you do about it?

All of us need not go into the streets and fight
We can fight on another level
Remove your own monsters within
And let out the light of compassion and love.

You have been warned and experienced this before
The cycle will continue until enough awaken
Be attentive, be in control and learn to master self
by doing your part, we all become whole~

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, January 22, 2011



If you were to put into words how you feel about the truth of your identity, how would you express your truth?   This is a fresher version of what I wrote in my first book, Circle of Light, in the 1980's.

I am humanly what I am spiritually
My body is a temple for my soul,
Perfect in its wholeness
I am the priest and my heart is the alter.

I am humanly what I am spiritually
It is I who entices spirit into matter
Through thought, feeling and action
A chosen life of love and service.

I am an integral part of the Whole
Unconditional love, truth, grace and light
My body is a sacred temple for the spirit of love to dwell
In acceptance and gratitude we embrace.

I am humanly what I am spiritually
I bask in the blessings of a sun lit life
Through desire and transformation, I am free
One Power, Presence and Wisdom

Dear friends, In truth, we are all making the same journey and are destined to be victorious!

In harmony,

Shirlee Hall

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Transformation...The Number Forty


The number 40 in the bible is symbolic of a period of testing.  Just as Noah's faith was put to the test of 40 days and nights of rain, the children of Israel being tested in the wilderness for 40 years, and Jesus fasting of 40 days before he began his public ministry, 40 is a number associated with transformation.   There are many examples.  Some of the stories shared regarding the number 40 apply to people like you and me.  The number 40 is often a symbol for a time of trial or testing, a period to see if we will keep our promises made to self, improving character and being faithful to our soul's purpose.  The 40th year of your life could be the year that you emerge from your cocoon or experience an amazing healing.  Perhaps, a blinding mystical vision will appear expanding your conscious awareness of the subtle worlds of Light.  A blessing in some form usually arrives after a period of forty whether it is days or years.  The inner lantern turns on and it feels like we are born anew.  We are different, life is different and it is a new beginning that has presented itself to us as a direct result of our leap of faith.

Transformation is directly related to consciousness.  Here is my story.  I had just given birth to a son on January 25, 1971.  While in the hospital, I opted for a simple elective surgery.  Everything went beautifully.  After I was home for several days, I noticed red streaks, swelling and discomfort in the area of the elective surgery.  A high fever soon developed.  I made a decision not to tell anyone.  Part of the decision involved surrendering my life to a 'Higher Power'.  You see, I studied the situation telling myself that I did not wish to return to the hospital and have the stitches opened, drained and repaired again.  The only alternative to normal action was to surrender my will to a Higher Will.  Although the results were an amazing success, I would never suggest another soul follow this particular example.  An inner readiness and deep trust must be in place within personal consciousness.

It was 10:00 A.M.  I had given the baby his feeding and decided to go back to bed instead of calling an ambulance.  Lying on my back, with both hands placed gently on the swollen, infected and painful area, I fell unconscious.  One hour later, I awakened to a sticky substance spreading over the skin of the lower abdomen.  Two small holes had been created on each end of the four-inch area.  The infection was draining.  When I realize that Unseen help had removed the infection, I immediately put rubbing alcohol over the area and slapped on a bandage.  I was healed physically.  But...something much greater had happened to me.

Although I had seen angels periodically since early youth, I was not a religious person.  After I was touched by holiness, comforted and healed, I was a totally different woman.  To experience a miracle in any form is definitely transforming.  I fell in love with the Divine, the Holy Spirit.  Experiencing the energy of unconditional love, real compassion and the power of Radiant Light is difficult to describe.  What I can express is the intense gratitude that I feel until this day 40 years later.  The sublime energy of the angels, luminous beings, whatever it was that transformed my body, mind, soul and heart became my best friend.

My personality abruptly changed.  Family members kept remarking that I was not the same person.  I will tell you how I interpret the instant change in interest, attitude, people and activities.  When a dramatic transformation naturally occurs in consciousness, a greater luminous light comes to live as us.  An eternal presence overshadows the feeling, thinking and physical nature.  A heightened awareness begins to guide, speak, understand, discern, create and heal with compassion, wisdom and a genuine love for life regardless of form.

It quickly became evident to my self and others that a healing and transforming love was correcting other people's disabilities, illnesses, attitudes and much more when they asked me for help.  Being a private and quiet person, the healing gift was only shared with family, friends and friends of friends when they asked.  Many new gifts of Spirit were given and continue to be given as hope, love, understanding and intuitive knowing showing participants that infinite possibilities orchestrated by a Higher and loving Intelligence is available to us.  the transformation is ongoing; it is not fixed.  We are like an ever-rising cake.  The only essence fixed is the spirit, our individual God part.  Even then, our Higher Nature needs a balance body and a mind with pure intent to fully express its power, presence and wisdom.

Some people assume that once blessed with the gifts of spirit that life is easy.  No so.  The more we are given, the greater our responsibility to be true to the Divine and do our best to be pure in thought, word and deed.  Receiving valuable gifts from a higher power or super consciousness presents one challenge after another.  In many ways, the last forty years have been years living in a wilderness.  Tests of patience, trust, humility, faithfulness, temptation, passion, fame, honoring the Divine within, learning discernment and respecting the needs of the body and nature all came into the equation.

Eyes that 'see' are a gift that is not in any man's power.  It is the spirit of truth within that is wise, sees and does the work.  Yes, I have been tried and tested for forty years.  There has been no transgression in the form of doubt, fear or a sense of separation...only an indescribable peace that lives within.  A covenant was established forty years ago and a result, grace rules.  Hopefully, I have passed a probationary period and an expansive life of greater service will present itself in magical ways during the next forty years.  I know with all my heart that the new and heightened waves of light energy will increase hope, harmony and the stability that arrives with deeper understanding.  Whatever is presented will have the mark of authenticity because it is dedicated to the evolution of the collective as well as individual soul.

Thank you for being who you are...

Love, Light and Laughter

Shirlee Hall