Saturday, February 26, 2011



I pay close attention to my dreams.  Do you?  If we were to judge the disorder throughout the world from the appearance point of view, it would look very grim.  If we look at the changes struggling to emerge from a higher perspective, understanding tells us that disorder eventually brings forth order.

This thought reminds me of yesterday's dream.  Large eggs similar to ostrich eggs were placed on my property.  As I walked around looking at them, I noticed movement in some and others were still in the incubation stage. To my delight, here and there newborn chicks were breaking through their shells.  They did not have their feathers but they were alive and well.

We are like the newborns in many ways.  Collective humanity has been asleep to the truth of its spiritual identity.  Too many have forgotten the true meaning of freedom.  Yes, there are souls who have genuinely answered the Call to live freely as spirit in form but have chosen to wait patiently.  Other souls were born awake to their purpose and are in a unique way demonstrating an innate desire to establish freedom and equality.

We obviously do not have complete freedom in the human sense but, we do have the power to experience freedom in the spiritual sense if...we awaken to who we really are, spirit in form.  It is time to crack the shell, step out in wonder and accept our own amazing Self and demonstrate the freedom we desire in matter. 

Doubt brings failure.  Success involves being responsible and making an ongoing effort toward breaking open the shell of spiritual ignorance.  To fly, really fly, to experience justice and freedom, love and oneness, we must be first free in our minds.  The inner will eventually manifest in the outer.  This is how creation works.  Believe me, I know...

In harmony and hope,

Shirlee Hall

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