Saturday, February 19, 2011



We have heard a great deal about change and destruction.  We are watching it. Change is part of life and turmoil continues to exist because our true spirituality for most people has long been forgotten.

As we move closer to our time of liberation, conscious oneness with God, there will be natural disorders as well as human disorder.  Behind the appearance of breakdown, is unity.  Behind the violence of spiritual ignorance is a slow awakening of an incomprehensible Force that will sweep this planet into a new period of understanding and unity.

Humanity is at a crossroad and many souls remain ignorant of the higher step in spiritual evolution that we are in the process of taking.  More people will change from a state of spiritual ignorance, despair, fear and lack to a higher and conscious experience of genuine Light, love and inner joy.  All life eventually evolves.

Enough souls have made a commitment toward stability and truth and are dedicated to consciously working toward a breakthrough in consciousness.  Each of us must be 100% responsible for our thoughts and actions. We have great changes ahead of us.  Much will occur to break up, dissolve and release the pollution held in negative soul and mind memories.  This is necessary.

We need to be healed at the core, the root of our dissatisfaction.  As there is change, an awakening within us, there are changes occurring in the outside world that we cannot ignore.  When the root cause is healed, ignorance of who we really are and our purpose on earth, the outer effects will reflect our inner healing. Yes, it feels like a fire but, it is a fire of purification.

We come into our own when we become conscious souls.  Put aside resistance and choose commitment, dedication and service.  Those who are reluctant to open their eyes, ears, heart and mind to the Supreme Absolute and our actual oneness as projections of God, will only continue to experience hatred, confusion and pain during this huge planetary change. We are all in 'this' together.

My message is one of love and hope.  It is designed to emphasize that it is never too late to wake up and be who you really are.  We are light, children of the One God Supreme, although many have forgotten this great truth and pursue false gods.  We are the world.  Together we can move forward in Grace to a brighter day, a day when every man, woman and child may receive the healing rays of peace and fully feel the Pure Love that is patiently waiting for our awakening.

In gratitude and respect,

Shirlee Hall

Feel free to share this message from my heart to yours~

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