Saturday, June 23, 2012




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The Human Dilemma

All the solutions the ego has come up with have failed.  Turn on the television, listen to the radio and read the newspaper.  There are still wars and cruelty.  Human beings all over the planet are not being open, loving and available to one another.  Isn’t it obvious that something different is needed?  One generation after another does the same thing over and over, expecting different results.  In my mind, this appears as insanity.  Although there are more and more of us waking up, in many ways this drama is the world that we live in.

The world needs harmony today more than ever before.  Our souls long for it!  Hopefully, those of you who read this already understand that government, any organization including the church or other people are  not going to give you harmony.

I’ve been saying for thirty years that humanity has a spiritual identity problem.  We must establish harmony with the self, with others, with the universe and with the Infinite.  Self-interest and I am not speaking of the inner self right now, is at the root of disharmony and the biggest enemy of man.  It is time more people make a commitment toward mastery over personal behavior.  When we are successful, we win for the universe because we tear down the walls of assumed division and ongoing falsity. 

Where is the collective evidence of the gentleness, mildness, respect, humility, modesty, self-denial, conscientiousness, tolerance and forgiveness toward ourselves and others?  Whether you are conscious of this truth or not, your thoughts are affected by the joy and gratitude of another.  True power is being true to the God Self, the spirit, and the true nature of all life.

We unravel suffering, heal and become amazing beings when we choose to consciously, visibly and tangibly actually be who we really are.  You will then understand and celebrate the truth of your being and the truth of others.  Genuine power will increase as well as your vitality. 

The appearance world often displays contrary evidence of genuine beauty.   Do you long for beauty?  Beauty is the harmony between unity, truth and goodness.  Beauty is experienced in direct relationship to our ability to hold together oneness, truth and the goodness patiently waiting to express itself in fullness and harmony.  Beauty is our real nature.  I recognize the beauty in you.  Do you see beauty within you?

Love, Light and Laughter,

Shirlee Hall
(All right reserved – June 2012)

Saturday, June 2, 2012




A soul living as a human sometimes experiences a lack of true love.  The pain is not caused by humans.   When we long for love and the love we long for is the love of the Beloved, it can be an almost unbearable feeling.  This love is not found in people, material things or positions of power.  The intensity and purity of this love comes from the Source that we have temporarily left.

There is a deep well or hole within that cannot truly be filled to satisfaction as long as we are a human.  This emptiness is filled in moments of clarity, illumination and peace but it does not linger in a normal day to day life.  It relates to survival. There are some humans who have an aura of peace and power but this projection is demonstrated in a specific setting for a specific reason.

To fill the emptiness is not consciously possible for long periods of time while in an active body.   People may emit an appearance of sublime oneness or blissful peace but it is primarily for the sake of the observer.  A soul that is connected consciously to the Beloved is always longing to return Home.

This is as it is because it is almost too much to bear.  What is almost too much to bear is the Presence.  When the Presence is fully known as the perceiver’s reality, it becomes difficult to keep the attention in matter.  It is a blessing in some ways that there are distractions because the loss of not being in the higher realms of light becomes too much at times.

There are deep impressions of many kinds.  Many of them are best not known.  Others when looked at fully with understanding can cause such inner turmoil that they are best left alone.  All souls are wounded regardless of how balanced and happy they appear. The very fact a physical form is being worn is a sign that there are wounds.

The worst wounds or impressions are from experiences when the soul has been deceived, temporarily lost its way, abandoned, forgetful and primarily not being able to express the fullness of who they really are…spirit in form.  It is a secret grief that only the truly awaken feel or understand.  The yearning to go Home is powerful but the desire to serve equals that vibration.   This is true suffering because the soul is pulled in two directions…upward and downward.

Love is sent when the pain becomes too great.  This love is magnanimous and comes in many forms.  Trust in this and know that your companions in the Light are always by your side.   Hold on…you are not alone.

Life, Love and Laugh,

(all rights reserved- June 2012)