Wednesday, December 7, 2011



Perhaps, more of us need to make friends with the moment, Now, and understand its real significance.  If consciousness is beyond time and space and our reality is actually consciousness, then there is no past and no future.  If we put aside all resistance and only focus on Now because the future never really arrives and the past lives in our cells, shouldn't we be able to tap into anything ever thought or created?

If there is no past and no future only Now and that all the divisions are constructs of a humans own making, then everything is happening here right now.  Accepting this, we could interpret our reality in a fresh way.

This way of understanding means Now is beyond time and space and conditions.  It means we can tap into anything or any one and be who we always dreamed of being in the year 2012.  What are we waiting for?

Totality is being wide awake and consciously being who we are.  All the experiences, forms, feelings, actions and more are simply different frequencies.  It is our choice as to what frequency we wish to experience.  It is also wisdom to understand that experiences are temporal.  We can freely choose to raise or lower our frequency and move in another direction with greater momentum.  The outcome depends on the octave we choose.  We are consciousness, which is beyond language.

The ever present Now cannot be described; it Is.  Having said that, it is limitless, timeless, undivided and whole.  The unawakened falsely assume otherwise.  It is everything and nothing.  Imagination makes everything possible.  What we can imagine...Is.

This means it is possible to tap into mind, form or an event in any dimension or universe.  The only thing that limits us is not realizing and acting upon the intuitive hidden power.  We have a choice.  In accepting totality, we know we never die.  Although matter changes into another form, we, the energetic perfection behind matter, continues living as Light.

Perhaps, 2012 will be the year we inwardly accept and outwardly live as the grander part of who we really are~

In gratitude,

Shirlee Hall

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  1. I love your post, in the ever present, NOW; I just want to be LOVE... It is my only desire, so I AM HAT I AM, LOVE........

    Love you