Saturday, April 16, 2011



Many souls have forgotten their spirit identity.  With the Sun welcoming us to a new birth and seeds quickening to life all over Mother Earth, may we open our hearts to each other and embrace the Light.

Love is quickening Nature and may it do the same for humanity.  The Radiant Light of the Christ Consciousness is available.  Call it down not only to Earth but also to all creatures of Earth.  Let us together rise up from the darkness and cold and spring into the warmth and life force of the Sun.

Everyone could use some lightness and joy feeling once more the golden rays of hope.  Perhaps, that is why we have the bright yellow daffodils appearing as one of our first flowers of spring.  This is the season to lift our vision higher and cultivate anew a true faith, peace and love.  To feel renewed, we must dig deeper and plant a strong and lasting awareness in the heart and mind.

Each of us has within the same light as the Sun.  As we grow in the Light, we do not diminish; we expand.  This is the time of growth.  We are God's seed. let us together burst our shell of darkness and be free on wings of light. Yes, sometimes it feels as if we are being crucified.  It is in those moments of change and pain that we must rely on the power of the Christ within to lift us to greater heights.

If we lack Divine Love in our hearts, Wisdom cannot come.  Call on the Sun within allowing it to nurture, strengthen, direct and heal.  It is then that we blossom displaying our true majesty and beauty.  Celebrating spring and rebirth has been with humanity since the beginning.  It is similar to remembering the warmth of God's Heart.

To understand the risen Christ and rebirth, we, too, must live and rise in the Light as light.  Christ Love lifts our consciousness and we finally accept our true Self as spirit-light in form.  May the return of the Power and Presence of this magical season fill you with gratitude, hope, abundance and joy.

Shirlee Hall

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