Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Egypt and Ancient Memories


There are many of us who clearly remember scenes from our past incarnations.  I frequently offer Egyptian workshops that deliberately arouse the art of remembering for not only ancient Egyptian life but also pre-history memories.

At a young age, the name Ptah would frequently cross my mind.  It wasn't until I was at the Field Museum in Chicago visiting the Egyptian section that I realized that the word Ptah was the name ancients used for God.  I attended classes at the Art Institute and often created oil paintings of ancient Egyptian life as well as the faces of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti.

Some have dubbed Akhenaten the "Extraterrestrial King because he possessed alien like features.  Akhenaten means "He Who Serves the Aten".  The Aten was the Solar Disk with rays coming down from heaven, a radiant and creative energy from God.  My attraction to Akhenaten and how he tried to apply the Emerald Tablet's principles throughout his reign has a great influence on the transformation classes and workshops that I have offered over the years.  I am not suggesting anything here...only mentioning frequent memories.

I naturally loved Ra, the first Pharaoh, who we considered our Father, the Sun God.  In the early 1980's, a new friend who was certified as a Rebirther with Rebirthing-Breathwork International offered me a free session where I willingly participated in the breathwork offered by the Great Immortal Babaji and given to founder, Leonard Orr.  The session was private.  After about an hour into the session something very real and remarkable occurred.  A powerful Voice boomed in my ear claiming, "I Am Ra!"   I found myself literally in Egypt.  I stood barefoot on the hot sand gazing in awe at the Great Pyramid.  The sky was a beautiful and a clear shade of blue.  The Sun, Ra's symbol, colored everything in a noonday brightness.

When I am involved in healing work, the power of RA, the intense energy of the Sun, frequently comes through me.  I had a deep connection with Isis, Osiris, a great immortal, who later taught Thoth and with Horus who also had the word of power.  Hathor, who was known as the Golden One, was the Sky Goddess and Horus, the Sky God.  Yes, Horus was also called Ptah, the name frequently visiting my mind.  The name Sekhmet has been whispered in my ear.  She was one of the gods of Memphis long ago.  But, it was RA, the first Pharaoh who I loved with a passion.

Many of us have seen visions of either one of the Eyes of Horus, representing two different schools of alchemy, or both symbols reminding us of a time when Egyptian yoga, reincarnation and its purpose and physical immortality were a possibility and our reality.

Throughout the 1980's, we published a Circle of Light newsletter.  The Golden One gave me messages from the Council of the Sun encouraging humanity to wake up and prepare for the days soon to come.  Not many listened.

The Sun has represented God to ancient peoples as a symbol of the Supreme Creator behind all manifestation.  Many souls still hold that image as their truth.  I remember many unusual experiences that would occur unexpectedly reinforcing my connection to the energy of the Sun.  I have been blessed by the arrival of luminous beings gracing some part of my home throughout this incarnation.  Sometimes, they arrive in what I refer to as Sun Ships.  One morning while doing a yoga practice, a very large bubble shaped transparent vehicle with three beings standing majestically within the sphere came floating silently through the walls into the space where I sat.  I was overcome with joy by their radiance and loving presence.

I could share many stories and I am sure you could as well.  When our third child was an infant, all of a sudden I had total recall of an Egyptian lullaby, which I lovingly sang to him.  Speaking of children, my dad frequently mentioned that when I slept as a child, he often heard me speaking in another tongue, which he did not recognize.  I still experience this communication.

I remember a woman's astonishment as she entered a room where I was offering the ancient energy of the Power of the One.  She claimed that the same force field/energy was present in the workshop room, as she had experienced it when visiting the Great Pyramid.

I do remember the ancient city of Heliopolis, the physical city and the etheric city, and the greeting that we used in the ancient school of Anu.  In fact, once when a small circle of women friends was visiting my current home I surprised them and myself by greeting them in a familiar and ancient Egyptian language.

We are playing new roles right now, living out a different script.  More souls are awakening and will continue to awaken to the truth that we are far grander than we appear to be and our inner knowledge and pure radiance is still available if we would only get the little ego out of the way.

I have mentioned a few of my memories to give hope and encourage you to deeply examine who you really are.  We have been on this amazing planet for a very long time.  Pay attention to your dreams, symbols, visions and intuitive flashes.  Trust in them.  Be grateful.  Look upon them as a higher reality filled with a long forgotten wisdom and higher love gently attempting to lead you consciously Home again.  Get past the world of appearance and understand that this is the time when the past, present and future are quickly becoming one on all levels of consciousness.

As I write, in this very moment, the dazzling almost blinding pyramid laser light is dancing upon the computer screen approving and encouraging me to share with my brothers and sisters of the Light~

Unceasing blessings,

Shirlee Hall

To reprint this, please ask my permission.  Thank you.

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