Sunday, January 30, 2011



Now is the time when souls arise from the dust of ignorance
Awakening to a higher reality with great strength and faith
It is not a pleasant experience nor is it one of comfort
The common thread is freedom.

The pain experienced all over the world is an indicator
It is an indicator of what is to come
before the fresh air of purity can be inhaled as life
It must be prepared for.

The desire within soul has reached an intensity
The pace will not stop until change comes
Out of that change rises the phoenix of truth
The truth that can no longer be held in captivity.

It is time for all souls who care to be on alert
New energy is not welcomed by those of hardness
Be still and know and be love in action
Stop allowing the monster of darkness to control.

Light is struggling to break through
It can only do its healing work when you allow it
Be aware of the power of principle and love
Be aware of the power of selfishness and hate.

The two are at odds and the struggle cannot be hidden
All will be revealed as this is the moment of truth
You know what I am saying
What will you do about it?

All of us need not go into the streets and fight
We can fight on another level
Remove your own monsters within
And let out the light of compassion and love.

You have been warned and experienced this before
The cycle will continue until enough awaken
Be attentive, be in control and learn to master self
by doing your part, we all become whole~

Shirlee Hall

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