Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Love Makes Us Real

The Internet is one way that those of like-mind, lovers of truth, kindness and life are merging together to create an enormous thought form of love. It is actually a space of love, a newness that has been missing in many people's lives for a very long time. As this brighter thought form expands, it will pull us into its center, which is the Light of God. Hopefully, you have experienced being flooded with Light. It's appearance is usually sudden and happens in the most unexpected places. A great upward shift to the level of our higher consciousness is felt as beauty, wonder and love. At first, you will not be conscious of the vibration of Light all the time. Be patient. The Light will return again and again and one day it will remain a conscious presence in your mind and heart. It is seen as well as felt. There is an entirely different language and level of maturity associated with the Light.

I see the year 2010 as an interim, a transition period not only for spirituality but also for every aspect of human life. Many will speak from their hearts and express what they feel without any qualms. The awakened and caring ones have not had any real form of coalition. There is a small organization here and there, books that speak of a new life appearing, but soon something will happen that unites all of those who desire the same thing. What are the deep desires besides the obvious sense of security and love? Nobility, fairness, cooperation, respect, sincerity, truth, kindness and a genuine feeling for each other. The space of love is about loving Nature, nurturing life, surrendering and choosing to work with a Higher Power that is mainly unseen by the masses.

What will happen in the days ahead is that the unseen will gradually be witnessed through souls like in our circle and other circles all over the planet. The circle ever widens and this is exactly what will occur. It begins slowly. During the new year, it will suddenly grow in leaps and bounds. Why? Souls are ready for an opening, a place of hope, a space of love. We are tired of pretending that the physical body, personality and material objects are the end all of life. We desire to really know and live our true identity as spirit in form and understand real truth, not the lies that come with being duped by those in power. We desire to take greater steps removing falseness, the costume of pretence, the lies and betrayal that have separated us for thousands of years from the Source of our being...radiant Light.

We must do our best to be in shape physically, emotionally as well as spiritually. It behooves us to find within the greatest thing we can do. True understanding comes from an inner healing. True understanding is like a spring, always refreshed, always renewed and enchanted. True knowledge is always full of wonder. I believe in who we are and what we can now accomplish. We are ready. Love makes us Real. We ensure a year of goodness and a balanced future by the way we feel and live today.

Be expectant! Love makes it happen.

Love and Light


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